Eby's Landing- Kitsumkalum

Kitsumkalum, British Columbia, Canada

Located just south of Keith Ave. and Frank St. corner, per Floyd Frank's book, “My Valley’s Yesteryears”, along the Skeena River.
Front of store would be facing west towards the river I am guessing, to advertise his presence to passing sternwheelers.
Front of Kitsumkalum Hotel would have faced south, if that is the case. Or did the back of all these buildings face the river?
In picture below I see bush to the right, not the river, so I think they faced the river, which common sense would think is true.
When the GTP railroad went to the north of them, and the sternwheelers quit, and Littleton/Terrace became the center of the area,
Eby's Landing was basically not used or needed. It had a short lived life, but was essential in developing the whole area.

Description above fits the lot at 3107 Frank St today (2018)- Legal description- Lot A Plan PRP12983 District Lot 365 Range 5 Land District 14 Except Plan PRP14344
A barn and equipment sits on the property.
Remember this is Private Property, DO NOT TRESPASS without owners permission.

1911 Canada Federal Election, nicknamed Reciprocity Election, in front of Eby's Hotel (Kitsumkalum Hotel) at Eby's Landing.
Fred Button, Pr. Rupert, Photo No 370
Postcard courtesy Darren Rieberger
Trying to identify the men in the picture. If you know please contact me.
I think the tall thin fellow in the middle, with the moustache was Samuel Charles "Dad" Weeks,
Reason is it looks like him, and he owned the Kitsumkalum Hotel in 1911
I would bet Ed Eby is in there somewhere as well.

Many names, many different spellings for this area.
Kitsumkalim, Kitsumkelum, Kitsumkalum, Kitsum-Kelem and more I have seen
Originally called Eby's landing, during the Sternwheeler days.
Home of Edward Eby and his family, with their Log home, General Store c/w Post Office, and Hotel on the site.
Kitsumkalum Dominion Telegraph Station located here as well later on in a log building, the first home for Ed Eby, that was built on the property.
Located approx 2 miles west of what became Terrace BC
About 1 mile upstream where the Kalum River enters the Skeena River, where the First Nation community of Kitsumkalum sits.
Nearest School was the Kitsumkalum school 1 mile East.
Various floods have eroded the area away.

When the GTP came thru, Settlers there, legally appealed for a train station at this location, but the railroad claimed there was a 4/10 grade there, so not suitable for a station.
As it turned out George Little from Littleton, (Terrace today) had given the GTP, 40 free acres for a station, and Kitsumkalum folks claimed he sold lots to GTP officials at $5 ea,
so he used every trick in the book to get the station in Terrace, which worked. GTP officials claimed they put in a siding there to load freight etc. So they could stop for that, but not people?

ca 1909- they had a 5 1/2 mile trail from this location to Deep Creek
Also a 5 mile trail to Little Canyon from here.

1910 and 1911 ads were in the newspapers for a male teacher at Kitsum-Kalem School Public School, for term starting Jan 1912
signed George Dover, Secretary Treasurer of the Kitsum-Kalem School Board. $80 a month were to be paid.

It was 60 Miles from Port Essington by Sternwheeler and cost $6.75 one way to travel to Eby's Landing, ca 1907

Below the Canada Post Office Archives says the Official name in 1908 was Kitsumkelum

Post Office History

Office Name: Kitsumkelum
Electoral District: Skeena (British Columbia)

Established- May 1, 1908
Closed- Mar 31, 1924

Additional Information: Catch Post
Source: PSFDS03-(23296)
Item Number: 28303

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Edward Eby
see below
1908-05-01 1913-06-26 Resignation
William James Goodwin
see below
1913-09-01 1915-04-27 Resignation
Samuel Charles Weeks
see below
1915-07-01 1923-09-10 Resignation
William James Gillespie 1923-11-15 1924-02-16 Resignation

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Post Masters Genealogy and Bio

Edward Algier Eby
b- Sept 22, 1877 in Elmwood, East Bruce Co., ON
d- Aug 3, 1964, Bulkley Valley District Hospital, Smithers BC, age 86
Buried in Smithers BC
son of Cornelius, (alt Cornelious) Eby, b- jan 10, 1840, Waterloo ON,
and Elizabeth Allgeier (alt Algier, Algeier), b- Dec 28, 1844, in Germany, who were married Nov 24, 1867
Father was a carpenter when Edward was born

Crown Land Grant for Edward A. Eby

Edward came to BC, before 1901, German Nationality,he shows up in 1901 BC census below?
Came to Kitsumkalum Spring of 1907.
Edward was married to Mulvina (alt Lavina) “Vina” Olive Fayette (alt- Lafayette), Mar 12, 1904 in Victoria BC
b- Oct 24, 1882, in USA, age 18 in 1901, immigrated in 1895
d- Oct 2, 1956, Smithers BC
Parents: Paul Jasper Fayette and Mary Montour

Eby's Landing named after him
Eby St. in Terrace honours this family.
1901 he was a bookkeeper on Stubbs Island, at Clayoquot, Alberni, BC, staying with a carpenter, Jens Jenson
His future wife was in the same area, same house, at the same time, shown as a servant.
Mulvina's younger sister Ida Fayette, was with her in Clayoquot in 1901, on Stubbs Island, also shown as a servant.
He enlisted in WWI in Prince Rupert Mar 9, 1916, shown living in Terrace BC, occupation rancher. reg #704019

E. Eby & Company -Sold land in the Kitsumkalum area.

His brother Samuel Algier Eby was a General Dry Goods Merchant in Smithers,
b- Apr 15, 1887 in Elmwood ON, who died aug 12, 1959 in Smithers Hospital, age 72
family shown in Lancaster PA Mennonite Vital records.
Grandfather- Moses Eby, and Grandmother- Barbara Pannebacker,

Other siblings of Edward:

  • Nathaniel Eby, b- Aug 13, 1868
  • Emanuel Eby, b- Sept 30, 1869
  • Isaiah A. Eby- Feb 23, 1871
  • William Eby- Nov 1, 1872- Nov 13, 1873
  • Magdalena Eby- Mar 31, 1874
  • Rebecca Eby- Jan 22, 1876-May 5, 1877
  • Edward A. Eby- see above
  • Phoebe Ann Eby- July 22, 1879
  • Lydia Ann Eby- May 12, 1881
  • Cornelius A. Eby- Feb 5, 1884
  • Samuel A. Eby- Apr 15, 1887- see above
  • Elizabeth Eby- Oct 15, 1888

see Ext link below, for a picture of the area, and a great story of this area, by Floyd Frank
From the description, Rev Marsh, bought the hotel, rebuilt the building on the east side of Kalum just south of Keith Ave.
Today Kondola's store sits on that corner. (2017) if I have the right place, which I believe is in the photo below.

William James Goodwin
b- Apr 17, 1865 in Crewe, Cheshire, England (born Apr 17, 1873 in WWI attestation papers)
d- Mar 28, 1939 in Terrace BC, age 74
Buried in Kitsumgallum Pioneer Cemetery
He immigrated in June 28, 1886 on the Sarnia, to Quebec City, on his way to Victoria BC, age 21
1911 shown at Kitsumkalum, single age 45
Age 56, Single, in 1921 in Terrace, living next to Charlie Weeks
Feb 1929 he returned to England for a visit, address Box 14, Terrace BC
Returned a Veteran, Member of the 67th in WWI, returned to Vancouver May 2, 1917 on the Imperial Limited.
Shown from Kitsumkalum on the Skeena River
He was wounded by shrapnel at Ypres. recovered quickly and again got into action on the Somme, and at Vimy Ridge.
He enlisted in Prince Rupert, Jan 27, 1916, Reg # 703613, in the 102nd Batt
Shown as an accountant

Samuel Charles Weeks

William James Gillespie
can't find much on this fellow at all, if you can give me a clue, would be great.

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