Samuel Charles "Dad" Weeks

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Samuel “Charles” “Dad” Weeks

From History sign at Terrace Pioneer Cemetery

Dad Weeks
b- 1845 in NS (or New Brunswick?)
d- Nov 13, 1925 in Calgary General Hospital, Calgary AB
buried in Burnsland Cemetery, Calgary AB

He arrived in the Skeena area in 1904, settling in Kitsumkalum in 1905

About the quality of the land in Terrace, He was quoted as saying “We can Raise Anything, We can raise Cain, Stumps, and Man to Rejuvenation”.

Around 1907 he was going to plant 100 apple trees, hoping for a box of apples from each one in 3 years time.

He was married with a son, who both died before him

Other records I have seen him born in NB

He belonged to the Farmers Institute in Terrace, and had shipping number 1 for his produce.

ca 1909 he donated 1 acre of his pre-emption farm for the Kitsumgallum Pioneer Cemetery
part of District Lot 1745, Range 5 Coast District

Samuel Weeks Pre-emption Record
This lot ran from what is Highway 16 today, between Earle St and Frank St., up to the bench, including Spring Creek Subdivision. Prime land then and today.

Mar 1911 he sold 26, 1 acre lots of his land for $500.00 ea. in Prince Rupert.
He had 40 acres of his land cleared and ready for cultivation at that time.
He claimed 1/2 an acre would bring in more money than the cost of each full acre.
A J. A. Kirkpatrick, a clothing shop owner from Prince Rupert, bought 2 of the lots.

In 1912 he operated a store, somewhere between Eby's landing, Eby's store, and Kitsumkalum Lake. Probably up on the bench?
In 1911 he wagered a Mr. R. Angers, who supported the Liberal Part, on the result of the election,
As a result Mr. Angers had to “wheel” (wheelbarrow) Dad Weeks, from the Kitsumkalum crossing (Frank St. Crossing?)
Up the hill, to where his home was on the Kitsumkalum Rd. So imagine the store was located at his home,
And probably held the Kitsumkalum Post Office from 1915-1923 at that time as well.
This was actually Frank R. Angers, who possibly died dec 1, 1933 in Vancouver BC, age 60
maybe Charles Francois Real Angers?

1911 he submitted what they called World Quality Potatoes of the Dorchester Rose Variety, in Prince Rupert.

Nov 1911 he applied for a liquor License for his Kitsumkalum Hotel, Located at Lot 1, DL 1745, Range 5, Coast District.

Oct 1908- Newspaper ad, says this was a New Hotel, owned by E. Eby & Co. \\I think he sold some of his land to get the cash to buy this hotel from Eby. Or became his partner?
then apr 1911 I found another liquor application, for the same hotel, signed by Harry Berryman. (see bio below) So Berryman sold to Mr. West

1911 Canada Federal Election, nicknamed Reciprocity Election, taken in front of Kitsumkalum Hotel.
Fred Button, Pr. Rupert, Photo No 370
Postcard courtesy Darren Rieberger I believe that is Dad Weeks in front, with the moustache, but only a guess. Finding out he owned this hotel same year, I can be more sure it was him.

1918 directory shows him as Charles Samuel Weeks
Postmaster and farmer at Kitsumkalum
He was postmaster from 1915 to 1923
Postmaster archives says name was S. C. Weeks

In 1923 he shipped all of his strawberries to an Edmonton firm
He turned his ranch into the biggest strawberry farm in the area.

He had a nephew in Edmonton when he died.
As well as other relatives in NB

He left the area ca Sept 1924

1911 census shows him born in Nova Scotia
b- Apr 1848

1921 shows him born NS, age 68
occupation- fruit farmer
father- born in England, mother born in NS
Now for sure this is “Dad” Weeks,
but is there errors in where his dad and mom were born?
clearly not NB here.

son- Jack Weeks?
born in USA
age 27, b- Dec 1883 in 1911 census in Kitsumkalum
This is another weeks in the area, so was this his son?

1881 census shows a Charles Weeks
living in Dartmouth, NS,
Occupation Clerk
He is shown age 35, and here it says he is born in NB
now here his father is shown as James Weeks
shown born in NB, age 64, not England
He is shown as a painter
mother shown as Margret age 62 born in NB
they show a sister Sarah, age 25 in NB
Is this the right family? I am not totally convinced yet.

an 1891 census shows a Charles Weeks
age 46 in NB and both parents born in NB
Insurance Agent
here this fellow is shown married to a Bessie Weeks
age 43, parents born in NS
they show a daughter Margaret Weeks
age 5, born in NS
Newspaper article on his death says he had a son?
Is this him?

I think we need more clues to who he was.

If you have more clues, family member, would love to hear from you.

Harry Berryman
b- abt 1864, (age 67 in 1921), in NB
d- Oct 31, 1932 at Kennfalls Creek BC, age 60
buried in Royal Oak Cemetery, Victoria BC
1903- He lived in Port Essington BC when he married, occupation- Provincial Constable, age 32
He was appointed a Constable there in 1900, and worked at that job until 1911, when he probably left to Kitsumkalum to buy this hotel.
1907 appointed an Official Member of the Board of Directors of the Port Simpson General Hospital
1921 a foreman at Oceanic Cannery
son of William Berryman and Ellen Rudge
There is a Berryman Cove and Berryman Point in area of Kennfalls Creek BC, named after this family no doubt.
married Minnie Florence Stapledon, Nov 25, 1903 in Victoria BC

son- Harry Stapledon Berryman
b- abt 1906
d- Mar 30, 1968, West Vancouver BC

son- Jack Berryman


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