BC Postcard Photographers

British Columbia, Canada

Since I receive various postcards and pictures, taken by photographers that developed their own pictures,
I decided to add a page just for them, with their Bio and Genealogy info attached.

Note- this page is for photographers of photos on my pages only.
It isn't intended to be an index of all of them.
I've added a couple links below to help with others.

Alphabetically listed

James Dennis “Denny” Allen
b- Dec 26, 1880, Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire, England
Christened 1881 at Great Amwell, Hertford, England
d- May 21, 1966, Saanich BC, age 85

married Rosa Castles 1918 in Folkstone, Kent, England
b- Jan 25, 1883 in Elham, Kent, England
d- Aug 31, 1972, in Victoria BC
He had 1 son that I know of

Father- Septimus C. Allen
b- 1837, Hoddeson, Hertfordshire, England
d- 1921
son of George Allen- b- age 53 in 1851, in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
and Martha LNU, b- age 56 in 1851 in Calverley, Yorkshire

Mother- Sarah Dennis
b- 1841
d- 1896

Denny Allen Co. Stationary & Crockery Business

Nov 10, 1914 Dennis enlisted in WWI
next of kin, father, Septimus C. Allen, England
Reg # 77097

Photo example in Prince Rupert Archive Page 2 section

Fred Button
b- Dec. 15, 1877 in Saltfleetby, (pronounced “Sollerby”) Lincolnshire, England
d- Nov 21, 1962, in Lubbock Texas, age 84
buried in City of Lubbock Cemetery, Lubbock, Texas

Real Estate and Insurance Broker in Prince Rupert
F. Button Real Estate Business located at 336 2nd Ave.

Father- William Button
b- 1858, Saltfleet, Lincolnshire, England
(occupation Baker)(retired Miller in 1891)

Mother- Sarah Jane Goodhand
b- 1852, Waltham Lincolnshire, England (age 39 in 1891)
daughter of Robert Goodhand and Lydia Suddaby

Fred married Louise Eugenie Wood, nee Richelandet, July 6, 1904,
in St. Julian's Methodist Church, Newport Monmouthshire, England
b- 1867, Paris, Leine, France
d- 1954, at The Button Family Home
at 221 9th st, Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas, age 86
Louise married 1st- George Wood, July 1893, Newport, Monmouth, England
1891 Louise was a Deaconess, in Hanley, Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire, England
at the Hanley Salvation Mission.
She had a son George Beeston Wood, with her first husband,
b- July 4, 1895, Newport, Monmouth, England, shown age 12 in 1906
George Jr. enlisted in WWI, Apr 19, 1916 in Vancouver BC,
Reg # 688157,
Army, 2nd Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
His next of kin was his wife, Mae Wood, nee Sylvester, Cotton Dr. Vancouver BC
Occupation shown as an Actor, Married with one child.
He was invalided and returned to Canada.

1901 Fred Button was living in Kent, just outside London England.
Fred Button made his first trip in 1902 to Switzerland.
The family, Fred, Louise and George, immigrated to Canada in 1905,
All 3 shown in Lethbridge AB in 1906 census.
Button started to make postcards in Rupert ca 1909.
1911 Canada census both living in Rupert
Button residence, 814 Borden Street
Fred could play the piano, violin and mouth organ.
He travelled to Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and other locations.
In 1919 he did Methodist Missionary work,
with his wife in the Queen Charlotte Islands.
In 1924 he opened a store in Lubbock Texas.
“Uncle Sam's Cash Store”
He didn't drink or smoke.
He didn't tell people his age, rather he would say
“I'm as old as my tongue, and a little bit older than my teeth!”

Fred's siblings:
Robert A. Button- b- 1872
Grace H. Button- b- 1874
Florence L. Button, b- 1880, age 11 in 1891 in Saltfleet
Walter Button, b- 1882, age 9 in 1891 in Saltfleet
Ernest Button, b- 1884, age 7 in 1891, in Saltfleet
Annie L. Button, b- 1888, age 3 in 1891, in Saltfleet

Uncle to Fred, brother of William- Joseph Button, age 37 in Saltfleet

Photo Example in Prince Rupert Archive Page 3 section
He also numbered each picture

Perry Ebenezer Fisher
b- ca 1853 in Michigan
d- Oct 12, 1920, Seattle, King Co., WA, USA, age 67, 4 mo, 28 days of apoplexy
buried in Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park, Seattle, King Co, WA, USA

father- Almond Asa Fisher,
b- ca 1818, VT
d- Aug 23, 1898, in Seattle WA, age 81
buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Seattle
mother- Nancy Velena Stone
b- ca 1826 in NY

1860 and 1870-Fisher family living in Township 3, Contra Costa, CA, USA
Almond shown as a farmer.
1880 Perry was living in Farmington WA
1885- Perry was living in Spokane WA

Perry married Sarah A. Russell, 1875
b- 1850
d- July 29, 1918 in Seattle WA, age 68
buried in Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park, Seattle, King Co, WA, USA

They had a daughter- Nettie Mae Fisher
b- Sept 29, 1881, Lane Pine, Whitman Co, WA, USA
she married Orvis B. Joseph, of Bryant, May 9, 1900 in parent's home, Seattle, WA
They were to live in Bryant WA.

son- Fred S. Fisher
b- ca 1876 in CA
d- Aug 2, 1896, in WA, USA, age 20
buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Seattle

Perry was a Druggist in Spokane, and then Seattle.
1892 a druggist in business on Howell St. near the corner of 9th, Seattle WA
Mar 1900 he was in Broadway Pharmacy, Broadway and James, Seattle
I have one of his Port Simpson Postcards plus Port Essington card.
He is credited for some photographs in “The Apostle of Alaska” book, (link below)
He was also involved in ownership, of various mines in southern BC

brother- Orison Fisher
b- ca 1849 in Michigan

brother- Adelbert M. Fisher
b- Aug 1859 in CA, USA
d- 1929

Photo example in Port Essington page

became “Gowen, Sutton Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC”

RMS Niagara and RMS Empress of Russia, Vancouver BC
Pier A, Section 1 and 2
Great example of Frank Gowen's work.
Postcard contributed by Grant Walker, CA

Frank Henry Gowen
b- Nov 1, 1878, Sutton Benger, Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
(Marriage Cert. says 1877, but Birth Reg. in 1878)
d- Feb 3, 1946 in Vancouver BC, age 68
Trained as a Photographer in England, came to Winnipeg
then eventually on to Brandon MB,
about 8 years before WWI.
1911 census says he immigrated in 1904, living in Brandon.
He actually came to New York from Liverpool,
arriving Mar 20, 1905, on the SS Cedric, heading to Winnipeg MB.
His last residence was at Melksham, Wiltshire, England.
Occupation shown as Photographer
By 1913 he was taking pictures in Vancouver
When he died he owned a Novelty Store in Vancouver.
He was known as “The Official Stanley Park Photographer”

Father- Frank Gowen
b- Jan-Mar 1848, Trowbridge, Melksham Reg. Dist., Wiltshire, England
d- Jan-Feb 1905, Melkham Reg dist, Wiltshire, Age 56
Draper Outfitter, in 1881, age 32
Mother- Ariadne Mae Havell
b- Jan-Mar 1856, Maidenhead, Cookham Reg Dist., Berkshire, England, age 25 in 1881
d- July-Sept 1941 in Trowbridge Reg. Dist, Wiltshire, England, age 85
Mother, Father married, Jan-Mar 1875, Melkham Reg dist Wiltshire, England

Frank's Sister- Ariadne Belinda Gowen
b- Jan-Mar 1876, Sutton Benger, Chippenham Reg dist, Wiltshire, England,
age 5 in 1881

Frank married (1) Nellie Gertrude Hearn, Mar 30, 1907, in Brandon MB
b- Sept 1882 in ON
d- Oct 9, 1929 in Vancouver BC

daughter- Evelyn May Gowen
b- Oct 21, 1909 in Brandon, MB

married (2) Alma Millicent Salt, Sept 28, 1935 in Vancouver BC
b-Sept 17, 1908 in Brandon MB

Photo Example on my SS Prince Rupert page

Photos by McRae Bros. McRae Brothers Ltd. moved their Book and Stationary store from Greenwood to the Opera block,
Sixth St and 2nd Ave, near McBride St, Prince Rupert, ca 1909
Duncan C. McRae, Manager, Director
Duncan Cunningham McRae
marriage registration shows name as David Cunningham McRae
b- Jan 12, 1872 in Mooretown, ON
1901 shown as a bookseller in Greenwood City, BC
married Maggie Griffin Stooke, Sept 8, 1903 in res of George R. Naden, Greenwood BC
b- in Sonoma, CA, USA (age 39 in 1921)
she immigrated in 1886 (age 21 in 1903)
daughter of William and Hannah Stooke

daughter- Maggie Helen McRae- b- ca 1904, in Greenwood, BC (age 17 in 1921)
she married Henry John Bulger, Feb 22, 1928 in Pr Rupert.
Jeweller in Rupert
daughter- Mary Stooke McRae- b- ca 1906, in BC (age 15 in 1921)
daughter- Lois Agnes McRae- b- ca 1907, in BC (age 13 in 1921)
son- John Duncan McRae- b- ca 1915, in USA (age 6 in 1921)
He immigrated in 1916

father to Duncan, John McRae
mother- Mary

James C. McRae, President, Director
b- July 1860 in ON,
d- June 21, 1928, age 68
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert
shown as a merchant in 1911, single
Masonic symbol on headstone.

John McRae, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Director
b- Aug 1870 in ON,
d- 1935
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert
shown as retail stationary in 1911
wife- Lois Annie McRae, nee Oxley
b- July 1885 in England, in 1911
she immigrated in 1901 per 1911 census, 1887 per 1921
father- Thomas Oxley, lived with them in 1921, age 69
He was born 1851, d- 1922
He is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert, next to John

Alexander McRae- Director
Alec McRae
b- Apr 1880 in ON, shown as a merchant in 1911, single

George R. Naden- Director

Photo Example in Prince Rupert Archive Page 3 section

EXT link below I found after all this has rest of the McRae family story

I already made a web page for this man Ernest Joseph Rowley

Patrick Joseph “Paddy” Ryan

Made a separate page for this fellow
Patrick Joseph Ryan

Took photos in Port Essington, Skeena River, BC
In 1893 shown living at Claxton, Skeena River,
a rapidly growing town 12 miles from Port Essington,
30 Miles from Port Simpson,
and 30 Km SE of Prince Rupert.
population of 200 in 1893
Saw Mill and Salmon Canning

per EXT link below, the first Japanese Photographer on the coast.
1891 to 1901 he was working on the coast.
1901 he opened a studio on Powell St. in Vancouver.

Photo example in Port Essington page

Horatio Needham Topley
b- June 25, 1847, in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
d- Feb 5, 1910 Carlton, ON, age 63
buried in Ottawa ON

1871 -shown as a photographer, 105 York St., Ottawa, ON

Geological Survey of Canada Photographer
Department of the Interior- Inside Service
Land Grants Branch
Appointed Apr 25, 1887
May 22, 1889 he was paid $1200 / yr, working as their Photographer

brother to William James Topley below

he married Margaret Hannah Tassie in 1869 in Montreal, Quebec
they had a son Horatio Needham Topley Jr.,
b- in 1876 in Ottawa ON
d- 1934

Photo example in Prince Rupert Grand Trunk Pacific page

b- Feb. 13, 1845 in Montreal Quebec
d- Nov 16, 1930 in Vancouver BC, age 85
buried in Ottawa

Photographer based in Ottawa
lots of sites online with his story.

Son of John Topley (1818-1863) and Anna Delia Harrison (1825-1906)

he married Helena (Nellie) DeCourcy McDonogh, Aug 15, 1872, in Yorkville (Toronto) and they had two sons and a daughter.

Ernest Alfred Woods
b- Mar 25, 1882 in Carlton, Nottinghamshire, England
d- July 8, 1952 Vancouver BC, age 70
Immigrated in 1906 to Victoria
Moved to Prince Rupert, July 1907.
First City Clerk in Prince Rupert, until 1923
Occupation- Accountant
father- Henry Charles Woods, (Ernest Woods in death cert)
mother- Clara Woods, nee ?, both born in England
married- Elizabeth “Lizzie” Saunders, Dec 1909, Grantham Reg Dist, Lincoln, England
b- July 1885 in Waddington, Lincoln, England d- Immigrated in 1910

wife shown as Eleanor Leek, when he died
b- Feb 22, 1869 in England
d- Dec 23, 1961 in Vancouver, age 92
daughter of William Leek

2 daughters, Doreen Woods and Enid Woods

Photo example in Prince Rupert Post Office History

John R. Wrathall's Photo Finishing Shop 320, W 3rd Ave. ca 1940's

John “Jack” Richmond Wrathall
b- Dec 6, 1910, in Hazelton BC
d- July 28, 1995 in Prince Rupert BC
married Lorna Winnifred Christy, Feb 25, 1937,
in Knox United Church, Terrace BC
b- July 13, 1915, in Truax SK
d- Nov 20, 1989 in Victoria, age 74
daughter of Robert Daniel Christy, b- Perth ON
and Elizabeth Russell, b- Ottawa ON

son of W. W. Wrathall below, who was also a photographer who started his business in Hazelton BC

Photo example in Prince Rupert Archive Page 1 section

William Walker Wrathall
b- June 2, 1884, Hammersmith, London, England
d- Apr 11, 1957, Prince Rupert General Hospital, Prince Rupert, BC, age 72
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert BC
Occupation Butcher when he married
CNR Telegrapher until 1941.
Jan 1914 the Wrathall family moved to Prince Rupert from Hazelton.

son of Richard Parker Wrathall
b- Aug 7, 1851, Shipton, Yorkshire, England,
d- Jan 27, 1914 in Victoria, age 63
buried in Ross Bay Cemetery
and Alice Richmond
b- England
d- Feb 21, 1906 in Victoria BC, age 41

Father Richard was a butcher

married Lydia “Lynn” Haynes, Sept 20, 1908,
married at residence of James Haynes, Oakland, Victoria BC
b- Sept 8, 1887, Rickmanworth, London, England
d- June 17, 1953, Prince Rupert BC, age 65
daughter of James Haynes and Julia Jobbins
son- William Robert “Bill” Wrathall
b- July, 1909 BC
son- John Richmond Wrathall
b- Dec 6, 1910 in Hazelton BC
d- July 28, 1995 in Prince Rupert BC (see above)
daughter- Audrey Alice Wrathall
b- Dec 23, 1912 in Hazelton BC

sister of William- Olive Wrathall, born in Victoria, married Henry Hislop Little
son of Robert Elliot Little, and Ellen Hislop

brother- John Wrathall
b- Feb 22, 1891, Victoria
d- Mar 14, 1955 in Telegraph Creek BC
Telegraph man in Telegraph Creek
married Lucille “Lucy” Hankin, Aug 26, 1921 in Telegraph Creek
b- McDame Creek
daughter of Herbert Hankin and Nettie Dease

More as I track them down in my various pages.

More guys I don't have a pictures from, but might turn out interesting later on.

Jan 1914- Photographer Coffee came from Prince Rupert, to photograph Smithers and area. no sign of him in the Rupert directories.

1913- Panama Photo Studio- 613 Third Ave in Prince Rupert Donald M. Bain- Photographer

1913- A. M. Bain- Photographer, Alder Block, Prince Rupert

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