Paul Brodin & Oscar Olander

Kitsumkalum Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Paul Brodin and Oscar Olander
These 2 men were Partners in Mining in the Kitsumkalum Valley.

Pail Brodin left, unknown, Oscar Olander, right,
Prospecting Field Camp

Oscar Olander, Center, Maybe Paul Brodin on left, Unknown on right

Probably Oscar Olander on left, Paul Brodin on right.
Prospecting Field Camp
Unknown, Paul Brodin center, Oscar Olander right
Good Potato Crop

Kitsumkalum Lake

Paul Brodin in bow, Oscar Olander in stern
Canoe on Kitsumkalum Lake

Oscar Olander, right, Boy, Paul Brodine, 5 unknown

Aug 10, 1929
Fueling C-GATL
Repulse Bay NWT
West Coast of Hudson's Bay
Lars Johnson on pontoon of plane
Used aeroplane for prospecting.

Oscar Olander left, Paul Brodin on right
Canoe on Kitsumkalum lake

Paul Brodine, left, Oscar Olander, unknown

Paul Brodin center in smoke profile

Oscar Olander

Pictures above courtesy Cathy Wood, Great Niece of Paul Brodin, April 2013

From Cathy- My great-uncle was Paul Brodin and Oscar Olander's partner in mining.
We know very little about the venture but I believe they spent many years there probably 1920s to 1940s.

Pictures above were in a box:

They are in the original box (7 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches) Oscar Olander kept them in. It appears Swedish and a little of the correspondence is in Swedish.

There are two journals with day to day activities such as planting potatoes, it is raining (a lot of that), trapping, Natives got to his traps, going to the motherload and working in the tunnel. Lots of pictures, some from BC but some family and we think other places he has been

b- July 1, 1882 in Sweden
d- June 27, 1947, Prince Rupert General Hospital, Pr. Rupert BC, age 64
buried in Terrace Cemetery
Pole fell on his chest and crushed him
son of John Olander and ?
came to Canada 20 years before he died Permanent residence Terrace when he died. shown Single, Prospector.

June 10, 1905, in Roome, Polk Co, MN

1911 he was at Banes Corner, in Edmonton District, AB, working for CNR He immigrated from Sweden in 1906

Oscar Peak, visible from Highway 113 heading south, at the south end of Lava lave Lake, was named after this man. Lat-Long- 54°55'44“ N, 129°03'34” W

aka Paul Broden Jr. (death cert shows this spelling)
b- Jan 14, 1882 in Sweden
d- July 25, 1946 in Prince Rupert General Hospital, Prince Rupert, age 64
buried in Kalum Cemetery, Terrace BC
Will in Prince Rupert Probate
his home was in Minnesota USA before Terrace
Immigrated to US in 1893

1895 and 1900 in Aitkin, Kimberly, MN with his family

June 14, 1905 he was in Aitkin MN with his father and family
father- Paul J. Brodine Sr., Jan 1835, age 70, born in Sweden
mother- anna “Annie” Brodine, nee ?, Oct 1840, age 64 born in Sweden
Immigrated to US in 1893
Christian Brodine- age 24
Chris Brodin- Jan 1872, age 30, immigrated in 1893
John Paul Brodine- Oct 12, 1873, age 31, immigrated in 1891
all siblings born in Sweden

Paul Brodin came to Canada,
age 36, Mining Prospector,
US Citizen heading from Spooner MN to Fort George BC
value of assets $1,000.
arrived at port of Sprague MB, May 8, 1918
also came May 31, 1917, heading to Edmonton AB as a labourer
using the Port of Sprague MB.
I think he came as early as Oct 30, 1911 from MN to Moose Jaw
coming thru Port of North Portal.

Log cabin in pictures above could very well be the log cabin built at the head of the south fork of Falls Creek
about 5 miles by trail from Kitsumgallum lake.
Aug 9, 1920 the log cabin was built at the 5200 ft level, the logs were hauled about a mile.
Brodin and Olander were given a share of the BC claim, part of the Motherlode Group, for work performed.
note old mining reports say Paul's last name was Brodine.

Paul's Peak named after this man
Lat-Long- 54°54'34“ N, 129°01'58” W


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