Terrace- Terrace Calcium Products

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Terrace Calcium Products Ltd. Quarry

1988 the mine was changing owners to Equity Silver Mines
Located half way up West side of Copper Mountain

Claims Fir 1 to 10
Omineca Mining Division

Terrace 1 and 2 claims lay at the north end of where Terrace Calcium Products worked.

Limestone was used to treat the high acid water from other working mines
also for landscape decorative rock, and agricultural purposes.

They quarried 2,250 tons of limestone

Latitude- 54º 30' 41“ N
Longitude- 128º 28' 24” W

Elev 915 meters, 2900 to 3100 ft level

Terrace Calcium Products quarried the rock from 1969-1982
another article said it was mined on a limited basis

About 4 1/2 miles East of Terrace.
Tenure on the property was dropped Feb 1987
see link below

They accessed the quarry from the BC Tel Company Rd.
which serviced the Copper Mountain Radio Site.

Owner ca 1978
Box 207, Terrace
Lived at #66- 4625 Graham Ave, Terrace

Ernest C. Sande owned the Company
He formed it in 1967, but vandals put him out of business in 1983, by torching his facilities.

They used an Imperial Sawyer-Massey Jay Rock Crusher (8 by 40 in) and a Geoffrey No2 Lime Pulverizer.

It was a one man operation on a trial run produced 3 1/2 tons of Pulverized limestone (fertilizer grade)/hr

Ernest Cortland “Ernie” Sande
b- Sept 22, 1899, Artichoke Lake, MN, USA
d- Aug 23, 1990, in Terrace BC, age 90

father- John Kristensen Sande,
alt- John Christ Sande
b- Apr 5, 1865 in Sundalen Norway
alt - b- Apr 26, 1867 in Sunndal, More Og, Norway
d- Nov 25, 1949 in Terrace BC, age 84
Buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
In Canada for 40 years when he died.
John's father- Christ Sande, mother Anna

mother- Inga Ella Petterson,
alt- Inga Peterson
b- July 1, 1875 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN
d- July 23, 1925 in Hennepin, MN

Ernest married Edna Krog Aug 25, 1920, Minto, MB
b- Feb 25, 1900, in Whiterock, SD, USA
d- Aug 31, 1974 in Prince George, age 74
daughter of Peter John Krog
and Annie Elizabeth Elklund

Ernest Sande Came to Terrace in Sept. 1944
He operated a sawmill with 2 partners, McKinney, Ruckle and Sande Ltd.
Sande bought out his partners in 1946
He went into partnership with Clair Leon Morris Giggey.
This lasted for 7 years, until 1953 When he bought out Giggey, and formed Sande Lumber Mills Ltd.
He and his family operated this sawmill, until they sold out in 1965.

Sande Overpass, in Terrace, built in the location of his mill, named after this family.

Sande's Partners:

Charles Cecil Ruckle
b- Oct 11, 1901 in Grand Forks BC
d- June 28, 1967, in Kamloops BC
buried in Savona BC Cemetery

father- Francis “Frank” Henry Ruckle
b- Nov 15, 1870 in Limerick, Co. Limerick, Ireland
d- Apr 30, 1957 in Surrey BC, age 86
buried in Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster BC
Francis shown immigrating in 1885, farmer in 1911
Watchman, Fraser Mills

mother- Isabella “Isabel” “Bella” Margaret Ruckle, nee Wasson
married Sept 24, 1895
b- July 11, 1874, Newton Stewart, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
d- Feb 28, 1940 in BC
buried in Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster BC
She immigrated in 1892 per 1911 census
daughter of Joseph and Isabella Wasson

Cecil Ruckle married Della Haines, June 13, 1924 in Vancouver
b- ca 1905 in Aldergrove BC
d- ?
daughter of John Haines,
b- Ohio, USA
and Maud Young,
b- Vancouver Island, BC

5 siblings of Cecil:

Francis Henry Ruckle,
b- Oct 23, 1895 in Grand Forks BC,
d- 1978

Gertrude Annabelle “Gertie” Ruckle,
b- Oct 9, 1898 in Grand Forks BC
d- Jan 4, 1927 in Vancouver BC, age 30
buried in Murrayville Cemetery, Murrayville
she married a Shannon

Mabel May Ruckle,
b- Apr 2, 1900 in Grand Forks BC
d- Nov 8, 1984 in Surrey BC
married Claude Hamilton Harvie, Apr 5, 1922 in Vancouver BC

George Arthur Ruckle,
b- Sept 1906, probably in Grand Forks BC
d- Aug 24, 1937 at Fraser Mills, BC, age 30

Sarah Edith Elizabeth Ruckle,
b- July 1908 in Grand Forks BC
d- Apr 1989 in Maple Ridge, BC, age 80
buried in Maple Ridge Cemetery
married John Robert Blackstock

1901 and 1911 family in Grand Forks, Kootenay, BC
all children born in BC

1919 Francis Ruckle and his wife were living in New Westminster BC
Shown as a Shipbuilder there when his daughter Gertrude married in 1919.

Edward Ruckle and Charles Ruckle were Uncles of Cecil, and his Uncle Charles obviously his namesake.
All 3 Ruckle brothers came to New York,
on the SS City of Rome, arriving May 21, 1886.
leaving Queenstown Ireland, and via Liverpool England.
Charles age 20, Francis 18, and Edward 24.

Their parents Thomas and Jane (Clara?) Ruckle
Charles says Jane, Francis says Clara was his mother's name
Another document says father's name was Daniel, mother Jane.

1891 the Ruckle Brothers pre-empted 640 acres on the Kettle River.
In 1893 they surveyed their property and gazetted the survey,
taking in a piece of land in the north line, fronting Kettle River,
which was not included in their pre-emption.
Making 541 acres, and leaving out 67 acres
of hill land, on the other side of the river, at that time deemed worthless.
They fought a court case for this 67 acres later.
And lost it to a Miss Davey from Victoria.

Edward Ruckle
b- ca 1863 in Ireland
d- Aug 29, 1913 in Grand Forks BC, age 50

Charles Ruckle
b- ca 1861 in Ireland
d- May 25, 1938 in New Westminster BC, age 77

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