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Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Archive Pictures, Page 1

Lanfear Hill, McRae Cres. area, ca 1989
Courtesy Ron Anderson Collection

Aerial of Keith Ave BC Tel building, ca 1989
Courtesy Ron Anderson Collection

BC Tel, Keith Ave.
Courtesy Brian Wolfe Collection

Highway view near Terrace, ca 1989
Courtesy Ron Anderson Collection

Aerials from Copper Mountain
Courtesy Ron Anderson Collection

Hydro Building on Keith Ave
Courtesy Brian Wolfe collection

Nice aerial View of Terrace, Ferry Island, Bridges, from the south
Courtesy Brian Wolfe Collection

1. Terrace 1942
Picture above is taken looking to the south, from corner of Lakelse Ave and Kalum st.
On left is Sparkes Bros. store, (2013, Don Diego Restaurant)
further down on the left is the old Terrace Hotel.
(2013, Best Western Terrace Inn)
Building on the right is the Fish Tackle Store, The Northwest Sportsman (2013). Burnt down in 2016, now an empty lot (2017)
In 1921 Bank of Montreal came to Terrace, and eventually moved into this building on the corner.

Taken in 1942, the reason all the army guys on the street.

2. Postcard View (date Unknown)
East on Lakelse Ave. looking toward Legion and road to Old Bridge, from corner of Kalum St.
First 2 Buildings on left still exist (2017) first on left- It was the First BC Provincial Police Station in Terrace
2nd on left, when I came here was Totem Furniture, then Wilkinson Business Machines. It has recently been renovated again.

3. Postcard view of Lakelse Ave
looking east to Kalum St, and beyond.
On left, Meat market, and other businesses.
Kalum St, then the First BC Police Stn as above.
similar view as above, but shows the other business
buildings on the left, where the Scotia Bank is today (2013).

4. Postcard- Lakelse Ave- ca 1953/54 One of the more common postcard photos.
Men's Wear- Gerry Duffus
Later became Ev's Men's Wear.
Michael Joseph Gerald “Gerry” Duffus
b- Oct 19, 1911 in Peterborough, ON
d- Dec 23, 2008, at Terraceview Lodge, Terrace
Ex-Alderman in Terrace
Predeceased in April, 2005, by his wife, Marian.

Wightman & Smith Real Estate and Insurance, were in the Smith Block

Harry Smith- ca 1972

Herbert Morrison Wightman
b- Apr 13, 1911, Fort William, ON
d- Dec 1, 1973 at Nanaimo Regional Hospital, Nanaimo BC
lived in Qualicum Beach when he died.
Former Manager of Royal Bank in Terrace,
plus partner in Wightman & Smith, retired in 1970
Came to BC in 1925, spent 22 years in Terrace
Served in WWII, member of Legion Branch 13.
Flying Officer- Bomber Command from 1943-1945
Member of the Masons
son of Henry Herbert Wightman and Ellen Annie Ross
wife- Elise Ross “Betty” Wightman, nee Jack

4 Postcards/Photos above contributed by Grant Walker, Studio City, CA, with thanks!

NW corner of Lakelse Ave and Kalum St.
E. T. Kenney had Gas Pump and Hardware on corner,
Hardware later sold to Lloyd Johnstone (his son in law) and Clarence Michiel
Became known as “Johnstone and Michiel”.
Taxi next, owned by Howard Wilson, and then the Meat Market.
Photo and info courtesy McRae Collection, Terrace

Edward Tourtelotte Kenney
b- July 19, 1888, Clarks Harbour, NS
d- Sept 18, 1974 Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, BC, age 86

Clarence Wilfred Cleveland Michiel
b- ca 1908, USA
d- June 12, 1988 in Terrace, age 80
occupation- Teacher
son of Thomas Johns Michiel and Clare Busby, both b- ON
married Ada Fernie McGregor, July 15, 1930,
at home of bride's father, near Francois Lake BC
daughter of Sampson Donald McGregor and Pearl Lewis
School was named after him in Terrace, for years, until renamed, 2012?.

Lloyd Johnstone
son of Bruce Johnstone, see Lakelse Lake Valley page
Lloyd was Mayor of Terrace 1972-1973

Howard Wilson
He was building a house at Shames in 1924
His wife ran the dining room at the Tourist Hotel, ca 1924

Building the Old Skeena Bridge
Part of John Normandeau Family photo collection

E. Farr was the Superintendent, and Government Inspector on the concrete work on Original Skeena Bridge in Terrace, Jan 1924
Piers were completed on Monday, Feb 25, 1924.
Hanson & Shockley, Prince Rupert, were the Contractors
Steel work was expected to start in May 1924.
Edward Farr was a masonry inspector for the railroad.
Edward Farr
b- Oct 23, 1854, Skul Co. Cork, Ireland
d- July 15, 1937 in Burnaby BC, age 83.
He was a Mason by trade.
He served in WWI, Reg. #1048930

E. H. Shockley- shown as a contractor in Rupert in 1924
Ernest Harold Shockley
b- June 4, 1881 in Wymondham, England
d- July 10, 1955 Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC
son of Richard Henry Shockley and Elizabeth Hartland
Ernest married Grace Maude Kett
b- Apr 21, 1881 in England
d- June 22, 1967, St Paul's Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 86

Olof Hanson his Construction Partner?

J. Coughlan was part of the firm in charge of the superstructure, came to Terrace in Oct 1923 to check the job over.

George Moore a construction worker, was injured on building the bridge, June 1924, after getting hit by a belt flying from a drive wheel. He was taken to Hazelton Hospital.

Terrace from top of Lanfear Hill
Part of John Normandeau Family photo collection

Old Photo of Terrace ca 1941
courtesy Grant Walker, July 2013


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