Lakelse Lake Postcards

Lakelse Lake, BC, Canada

Lakelse Lake Postcards

All postcards below donated by Darren Rieberger, Brentwood Bay, BC, Oct 2017, with thanks!

1. Hot Springs, at Lakelse Lake BC,
Once owned by Ray Skoglund, now by Bert Orleans.

2. Lakelse Lake Hot Springs,
Feeder Pool and All Weather Pool in the Background.

3. Lakelse Lake View, Fancy House shown on right side.

4. Lakelse Lake Hot Springs,
Building and some people shown in this one.

5. Trumpeter Swans on Lakelse Lake
Lakelse Lake from Copper Mtn
6. Lakelse Lake from Copper Mountain

7. Lakelse Lake, with Unknown man and a boat

8. Lakelse Lake
With a boat on the shore, and another at anchor

9. Beaver Dam, at Lakelse Lake BC.

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Old Skeena River Bridge
Lakelse Lake Area Postcards

All postcards above donated by Darren Rieberger, Brentwood Bay, BC, Sept-Oct 2017, with thanks!

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