Skeena River

British Columbia, Canada

The 2nd longest river in BC, after the Fraser Fiver.

First “White” explorer here was a Mr. Whidbey of Captain Vancouver's staff, in July 1793. He only went as far as the Ecstall River.

First Nations name for this river was K'shian, alt- Kshi-en, native meaning “Water of the Clouds, per “Skeena river of destiny, by R. Geddes Large (link elow)

Skeena River Photos

From Lookout off Highway 16, a short distance West of Terrace
Views of Skeena River
all taken 2005 by myself

Please Check out some Terrace Pictures below

New Bridge in Terrace from Thornhill to Ferry island
Dudley Little “New Skeena” Bridge
opened ca 1975
Actually 2 bridges built, photo above first part described below
One from Thornhill 4 way stop, on Yellowhead Highway 16, to Ferry Island
Other from Ferry Island to Terrace, joining with Keith Ave. (Highway 16)
Official opening by NDP MLA Frank Howard.

Old Bridge in Terrace, from Thornhill to Terrace
Old Skeena Bridge
opened July 1925
Located at Little Canyon on the Skeena River
Metal Rivet- Connected Pennsylvania Through Truss, and Deck Truss Construction types used.
Before this bridge, a small Car Ferry went from Thornhill Creek, to Ferry Island, then across a one lane wooden bridge to the Terrace side.
The Railroad bridge, built ca 1953, in the foreground in this picture, was added later, to complete the railroad to Kitimat when Alcan was built.
Last spike to Kitimat, July 8, 1955.
The old Skeena bridge was completely renovated in 1953, when the railroad bridge was constructed beside it.
When I came to Terrace in 1969, it had a wood planking deck, which required changing quite often, as the wood would deteriorate,
and I remember driving on nail heads after a while.
Highways then installed an Iron Wood deck, and it lasted many years.
Last addition a few years ago, was a metal grating deck.
The curved bridge was also widened at this time.
when the New Bridge was built I lived in the trailer court, which was where the Tom Thornhill memorial is today.
I believe it was called “Riverside Trailer Park”.
The owners rented small cabins/motel units as well.
It was one row of trailers, with the backs facing the river, and the fronts facing Queensway.
My trailer a 8ft by 30ft was located where the cement pillar holding up the new bridge, is today.
We were only given a short time (1 month?) to move our trailers.
The land was expropriated by the Government, and we were gone.
I called a tow truck, and had mine moved across the old bridge, and into “The Motel” Trailer park on the opposite side of the bridge.
I remember them hauling even this short of a trailer, was a chore, and there wasn't any clearance going around the 2 bends.
I wasn't sure if it was going to make it, but others were hauled in this way.
My trailer sat in “The Motel” with the back to the ball diamond.
No more trailers for me, ever!

Skeena River 30 miles west of Terrace BC, ca July 1988
photo courtesy Ron Anderson, Terrace

Photo from a Historical Info stand, on Grand Trunk Pathway, Terrace BC

Skeena River Postcard, ca 1941 Note train along river, smoke from engine visible

Mountain Range, Terrace Postcard, ca 1941

Skeena River View from the Train

High Water, Old Skeena Bridge Before the CNR Railway bridge to Kitimat was added

Archive Postcards above courtesy Grant Walker, Studio City CA

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