Kitsumkalum River

British Columbia, Canada

Kitsumkalum River
aka: Kalum River, Kitsum Kalum River, Kitsum-Kalum River, Kitsumkelum river, Kitsumgallum River, Kitsum-Kalem river

At the mouth of the Kitsum Kalum River, lies the Coast Tsimshian (Sm'algya̲x) Village, originally the Winter Village of the Gitsumkalum Band.

Today the name the First Nation People use here is Kitsumkalum.
This is one of the reasons I do not research First Nation History, as there is numerous spellings for each of these area, and not knowing what that means,
and not wanting to disrepect, or dishonour one person from another, it is easier to leave it to them.
I added a wiki link below that covers the area, and even that appears to be wrong in some cases, but I don't know for sure. so best not to write anything.

The name of the river officially is Kitsumkalum River.

Mouth of the river location- Latitude - Longitude 54° 31′ 13″ N, 128° 39′ 41″ W

The mouth of the river enters the Skeena River, on it's right Bank, (North at this point), West of the Terrace City Boundary.
Back in early 1900's Eby's landing was located on the East Side of the Kalum, along the Right bank of the Skeena River.
The small community of Kitsumkalum was formed around this area as the white settlers entered the area to farm.
This all happened when the GTPR entered the area.

Today the City of Terrace operates Fisherman's Park, Boat Ramp on the east bank of the river, just off Highway 16.

A CNR train bridge, and highway 16 bridge cross the river.\

North on the river is Kalum Lake, Mud Lake red Sand Lake and more.

Shown as Kitsumgallum River on this map
1925 map of Resources near Terrace
drawn by Fred Nash, BC Land Surveyor
Credit: Library and Archives Canada

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