Patricia Bay- Catalina Graveyard

Patricia Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Patricia Bay

aka: Pat Bay
aka 2: The Catalina Graveyard, in 1952

Patricia Bay extends East from Saanich Inlet, and forms part of the shoreline of North Saanich, BC

Pat Bay Air operated out of Patricia Bay ca 2012
I am sure other airlines do as well.

These photos show the recycling involved in old plane parts, required to keep these old planes flying for years past their regular life.

Grant Walker, and his brother Ayce, were involved, in the removal of spare parts.
their father Bud Walker, took the photos below.

Parts would have been used in Associated Air Taxi planes and possibly other airline planes as well.
The factories the planes were made in, were closed down years before.
Today airlines are searching for DC3 parts, etc.
Only way they can keep them flying, is old parts.
I'm sure each part is thoroughly checked before use today.
Back then makes you wonder!

Grant's mother and children

Brothers- Ayce Walker and Grant Walker

Consolidated Canso A # 9705 on tail section.
Delivered to RCAF Sept 8, 1941
Flew with RCAF Squadron 116, and then 117.
Aug 2, 1946 went to War Assets for sale
Ended up in Catalina graveyard, Pat Bay

FP 293 on this part of a Consolidated Catalina MKIIB
Plane flew with #9 RCAF Squadron out of Bella Bella, on anti-submarine duty.
Squadron disbanded Sept 1, 1944
Plane ended up at Pat Bay

Dozer pushing the Catalinas

Pictures above taken July 1952 by Thomas Raymond "Bud" Walker father of Grant Walker, CA, USA

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