Nass River

British Columbia, Canada

A Branch off the Portland Canal and Observatory Inlet, the first village at the mouth of the river, was called Nass Bay.

Nass Bay
Lat- 54˚58'00“
Long- 129˚54'00” Location of the Arrandale Cannery

Nass River shown on this map, arrow pointing to Aiyansh, First Nation Village that was located on the River.

Historical Native spelling was the Naas River

Home of the Nisga'a First Nation People, whose name translates to “People of the Naas”.

Gingolx (Kincolith) and Laxgalts'ap (Greenville), located on this river. These are First Nation Villages, and leave their history for them to record.

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Nass Bay

Arrandale Cannery http://digital.lib.sfu.ca/pfp-17739/naas-bay-mouth-naas-river-bc-arrandale-cannery


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