BC Tel- Plant- Terrace- Satt

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Satt stood for Strowger Automatic Toll Ticketing, System

The SATT equipment added Toll Ticketing functions, which enabled Direct Long Distance Dialing, and billing,
without going through an operator for each long distance call.
When the GTD5 electronic switch was installed, it made this equipment obsolete.
The SATT equipment was located in half of the Toll Room, in the upper area of the Plant Center on Lazelle Ave.

  • Lyle David (later went into Const, then moved to Kelowna)
  • Tom Wishlow was one of the early ones. (became a Supv. down south)
  • Scott MacKenzie (later became a Tech, moved to Vancouver area?)
  • Knox Hambly (reporter for the Busy Back)
  • Bob Cook
  • Martin McCabe (left in 1980 to Trrc Eng)
  • Mark Grant
  • Bill Armstrong
  • Dave Stickle
  • Tom Bates (ca 1969)
  • Stan Cook (was CO but think he became Satt later?)
  • Len Weidenbruch (one of the better Arm Wrestlers in the area)

They had a female SATT operator also, a First for BC Tel in Terrace at least, Sandy Carlson

Sandy Carlson as first female SATT enployee

Guy George Rushton was the Supervisor in 1969, to about Aug 1976.
Guy was one of the Good Supervisors from that era, and since.
He was genuinely a nice guy.
I played many a floor hockey game with him, and would list him in my top 10 Supervisors for sure.
His daughter Debbie Scarborough also worked for the company.
Guy later married an ex clerk from Terrace, Anita Shelton.
Guy passed in the Vancouver area. RUSHTON _ Guy George. Born April 4, 1933 at St. Catherine, Ontario. Passed peacefully after a lengthy illness April 16, 2004. Wife Anita, children, Debbie, Michael, Andrew and Elizabeth, their mother Mrs. Betty Kofed, stepchildren Randy and Lanita, brother Deane and eleven grandchildren will miss him dearly. Guy worked for many years for Bell Telephone then transferred his talents to BCTEL where he was employed as a manager in Data Services. He retired at age 59 to happily indulge in his love of gardening. Guy achieved his BA with honours in history in his 60's then set upon fulfilling his desire to travel. He taught and toured in Southeast Asia for six months then two years later toured Europe extensively for four months, interspiced with trips to Mexico and USA. Guy had many friends, was close to his family and was proud of their achievements. During the last year of his battle with cancer the time and caring of FV Home Support was of immeasurable assistance and comfort. Especial thank you's to our “Angel On Wheels” nurse Robyn; also to the other nurses and aides who were so helpful and kind. Robyn gave a hug a day - and more - which brought rainbows of solace when tears were near. No service by request. Rather, Guy asked that there be a gathering at his home of friends and family a month after his passing. This will be held May 15th from 1:00 to 4:00 at 2895 Townline Rd, Abbotsford. A donation to the Cancer Society or to a charity of your choice would be appreciated. A fellow of strong political views, Guy created many a chuckle, vigorous “fireside chats”, numerous frowns and made friends in every walk of life. We will miss “the rants”, the kindness, the stimulation and the loyalty of a good man.

Last Satt Supervisor was Gerry Bakker. Gerry came out of retirement in 2005 to work for Telus, during the four month Labour dispute with the TWU. now deceased.

Will add more names when found.

Knox Hambly was the FIRST Male Operator in Terrace, hiring on in Jan 1977.


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