Hazelton Area

Hazelton Area, British Columbia, Canada

There are 3 Hazeltons in this General Area,
Plus an area called “Two Mile”,
and a Native Village called Hagwilget (Wet'suwet'en Village of Tse-kya, a sub group of the Dakelh (Carrier) people), between Old Hazelton and New Hazelton.

Old Hazelton- The First and Original in this area
South Hazelton- The Second in the area.
New Hazelton- The Final Subdivision

part of 1915 map showing all 3 Hazeltons from Library and Archives of Canada “Indian Village” shown on map is actually the Hagwilget Village

Map shows Location of Ellison as well.

North of Old Hazelton lies the Kispiox Valley with villages of Glenvowell, and Kispiox in there.

Original settlement of Old Hazelton was on the North bank of the Bulkley River, where the Bulkley meets the Skeena River.

South Hazelton, or South Town on lot 851, was developed when the GTRP, came thru the area.

New Hazelton, or New Town, was developed at that same time. There were some major lawsuits on lot sales in these newer communities, due to the railroad.
Speculators and the railroad fought a battle for profit.


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