South Hazelton

South Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada

South Hazelton BC alt- South Town

Unincorporated Area
Cassiar Land District

Latitude - 55° 14′ 0″ N
Longitude- 127° 40′ 0″ W

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In 1914 it was connected to Old Hazelton by Stage Road and Ferry, 1- 1/2 miles

Located West of New Hazelton on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway

South Hazelton, or South Town on lot 851, was developed when the GTRP came thru the area.

J. E. Beaucamp was Station Agent at a Temporary Station
Canadian Express Company
Nov 1912

Post Office History

Name of Office: South Hazelton
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)

Office Opened- Aug 1, 1923
Office Closed- Oct 15, 1924
Office Re-opened- Sept 8, 1936

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
William John Sanders 1923-08-01 1924-03-31 Resigned - closed
William Sidney Sargent 1936-09-08 1937-09-08 Death
Mrs Barbara Sophia Sargent 1937-09-20 Acting
“ ” 1937-10-08 1960-01-15
John H. Sargent OAS 1960-01-16 1965-11-01 Resignation
John Eigeit Aantjes 1965-11-26 Acting

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First Postmasters- William John Sanders
b- Oct 8,1865, in ON
d- Jan 12, 1936 at his home, South Hazelton, from heart problems
Came to BC in 1900, He was a bachelor.
Funeral was held in United Church in South Hazelton
Rev. D. W. More conducted the service.
He was a strong conservative all his life.
Had a married brother, Samuel Sanders, living in Regina SK
He was Justice of the Peace, Notary Public,
and Issuer of Marriage Licences in South Hazelton at various times.
There is a William J. Sanders buried in Royal Oak Burial Park, Victoria
1901 he was living in Rossland BC, Merchant, (General?)
1911 in Copper City, age 45, shown as a real estate agent
1912 he was shown as part owner of the South Hazelton Townsite, and Fiscal Manager of the GTP Railroad.
William had his fingers in lots of places it seems.
Aug 1, 1923 he was appointed Post Master in South Hazelton
resigned in Mar 31, 1924.
He was alive in 1926 in Hazelton.
Hazelton had a very troubled beginning with the arrival of the GTP.
Settlers wanted New Hazelton to be the Station location.
But GTP owners wanted to own the land where their stations were, to make money on selling the lots.
Looks like Mr. Sanders was heavily involved in this.
He was Sergeant-at-Arms of the BC Legislature
He resigned Dec 1911
Part Owner of Lot 851 which became South Hazelton
He was fiscal agent for the GTPR in 1912
Owned lot 852 in 1912 it was up for auction, for lack of paying taxes
Nov 1923 he took over the operation of the South Hazelton Hotel
until the settlement of the P. J. Jennings estate.

William Sidney Sargent
b- Vermont, USA, age 38 when he was married
d- Sept 8, 1937 in Essondale, age 61
son of William Sargent, Mechanic,
and Nellie Pratt
married Barbara Sophia Ericksen, Mar 2, 1914 in New Hazelton BC
b- Mar 9, 1886 in Norway
daughter of Eric Johan Erickson, Steamboat Post Master,
and Christiania Henricksen

Beautiful photo postcard, near Hazelton
CNR freight on a siding, and passenger train passing.
courtesy Grant Walker, CA

There has been many history books written about this area.
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