Old Hazelton

Old Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada

Hazelton BC
alt- Old Town
alt- Old Hazelton
alt- Historic Hazelton
alt- Historically called “The Forks” where the Skeena River meets the Bulkley River

Village Status

Cassiar Land District

Latitude- 55° 15′ 21″ N
Longitude- 127° 40′ 32″ W

Portion of Map from Library and Archives Canada Site, link below

View of Old Hazelton

1915 Town Insurance Plan map from Library and Archives Canada, see link below

In 1916 it was connected to the Grand Trunk Railroad, by Stage road and Ferry, 1- 1/2 miles

1916- Headquarters for the BC Govt. Omineca Land and Mining Division

Old Hudson Bay Post and Trading Centre

All trails in the area, left from Old Hazelton
Omineca Placer Gold Mines, Groundhog coal Fields, Upper Naas, Skeena River, Northern Middle Interior, and the Kispiox Valley.

Old Hazelton was developed in 1866, when the Collins Overland Telegraph came through this area.

It was known as the Pack Train Capital of Canada
It was the end of the line for Sternwheelers, that plied the Skeena River from Port Essington to Old Hazelton. Many Prospectors, Trappers, Ranchers and Land Speculators, came into this area.

Old Hazelton is situated directly adjacent to a Native Reserve to the East.

This view above is from Government St looking South East on Omineca St

John Arthur Clark King Sealy

New building on that corner now (2014)

Portion of picture above showing hotels

Other hotel, shown on map above, Hazelton Hotel, Located on Government St.,
Owned by Edward Courtenay Stephenson
b- Dec 1864, Stratford Upon Avon, England,
d- Sept 19, 1913 in Hazelton, age 49
shown as a store keeper in Victoria in 1901
his brother Rev. F. L. Stephenson was in Victoria Sept 1913
sister, Mrs. G. H. Brown
Edward was sick for some time in Wrinch Hospital.
Edward sold the Hotel, ca May 12, 1913 to
Royston Gordon “ Roy” Moseley
b- Nov 19, 1876 in Virginia USA
d- Sept 16, 1945 San Francisco, CA
immigrated in 1887
I show him living in Prince Rupert in 1916 as well.
in 1921 in Stewart BC
1910 he is in Otter Creek, Alaska
son of Pierson John Moseley (alt- Pearson) and Susanne “Susan” Tidy
married “Nettie” Moody, May 17, 1914 in Christ Church, Vancouver BC
b- Kansas USA, age 26 when she married
daughter of Amos Fraser Moody and Charlotte Baldwin
spouse shown when he died, Melva Jones

A fire Feb 24, 1910 destroyed the 3 story Hazelton Hotel
Owned by Thomas Oleson,
leased to Walter Bornes at the time.
it was a loss of $20,000.
fire started by an overturned lamp in the lower smoking room.
Many residents were burned, but seems all lived.
Walter Bornes came into the Bulkley Valley in 1901 buying furs.
He lived in Victoria at that time.
Walter Bornes
b- Sept 5,1867 in Germany
1940 he was living in Seattle WA

Then Nov 6, 1932 the Hazelton Hotel burned to the ground. It was one of the oldest buildings in town at the time
Peter Carrigan was manager at the time.
It was built by R. Cunningham and Son.
Mrs. R. S. Sargent purchased it a few years years before it burned.

R. J. “Black Jack” McDonnell (alt MacDonnell)
owned the Ingineca Hotel in Old Town.
Known as the “King of Saloon Keepers”

Jean Caux, aka- Jean-Jacques Caux, nickname “Cataline”
became a famous Mule Pack Train Operator here and in BC.
ran Pack trains from Yale, Ashcroft, Quesnel to Hazelton.
Anywhere the miners went, he went.
b- ca 1829 at Oloron-Sainte-Marie in Béarn, France,
(shown age 56 in 1891 in Clinton BC)
d- Oct 22, 1922, in Hazelton BC
buried on the hill, near Old Hazelton, age 93
Prior to1882 he was in partnership with Sauveur Buc in Cassiar area.
Caux & Buc, Dissolved Apr 12, 1882
1887 in Ashcroft directory, shown as a Packer
He married twice, both Native ladies.
married 1st, Lucy Mary,
had a daughter- Clemence Caux, 1879-1953
married 2nd- Amelia C'eyxkn “Jailken” York, 1855-1933
they had 2 daughters and a son
daughter- Rhoda Ji-ji-wat-ko Dominic 1876-1953
son- William Benjamin York, 1878-1970
daughter- Clara 'Kesutetko' Dominic, 1881-1974

William Douglas Jardine
b- Sept 1858, Scotland
d- Feb 22, 1912, age 54
Immigrated in 1891
Accountant at the Hazelton Hotel
He was the accountant for Cataline.
also for the Omineca Hotel
member of the Kamloops and Omineca Masonic Lodge.
Brother- John Jardine was MLA for Esquimalt.

Post Office History

Name of Office: Hazelton
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office Opened May 1, 1899

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Richard Strong Sargent 1899-05-01 1927-08-11 Dismissal, political partisanship
Cooper Horace Wrinch 1928-03-24 1945-03-29 Resignation
Miss Edith Violet Cooper 1945-06-01 Acting
Mathew Arthur Myros OAS Oct 10,1895 1945-07-22 1948-03-05 Resignation
Charles Lucas Batham 1948-04-16 Acting
John Kenneth Miller OAS 1949-02-28 Acting
Beverley Harold Hobbs 1949-05-15 Acting
1950-05-15 1950-09-21 Resignation
Harry Compton 1950-10-23 Acting
1951-10-23 1957-11-06
George Arthur Davey 1957-11-07 Acting
Bernard Lawrence Hindle 1958-12-18 Acting

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Post Master Bios and Genealogy

Richard Strong Sargent
b- June 22, 1873, Georgetown, PEI
d- Aug 3, 1944 in Hazelton BC, age 71
He arrived in Hazelton in 1891, Manager Hudson Bay Company
1901, shown as a store keeper in Hazelton age 27, single
son of J. P. Sargent and Elizabeth King
married Emily Agnes Barbeau, Sept 11, 1911, Catholic rectory, Prince Rupert BC.
b- Minneapolis, Ellipen, Minnesota, USA, age 31 when married
d- July 8, 1969 in Wrinch Memorial Hospital, Hazelton, age 89
daughter of Joseph Barbeau and Mary Garske

Cooper Horace Wrinch
b- May 18, 1903 in Hazelton BC
d- 1969, age 66
Drug Store clerk when he married
son of the famous Hazelton Doctor
Horace Cooper Wrinch, b- Essex England
and Alice Jane Breckon, b- Bronte, ON
married Briseis Gladys Margarita Rock, Oct 6, 1927, United Church, Hazelton
b- Cloquet, Minnesota, USA, age 20 when she married
daughter of Adolph Rock, and Sarah Hay
They had 4 children

Mathew Arthur Myros
b- Nov 15, 1895, Krakuw, Poland
d- Apr 15, 1974 in Hazelton, age 78
Enlisted in WWI, Jan 3, 1918 in Winnipeg, MB
Reg # 2378926
General Store Manager in Hazelton, when he married
son of Mitchel Myros and Justyna Dubchack
married Inez Maud Smith, Jan 26, 1926, St. Peter's Church, Hazelton
b- June 1, 1896, Moodyville BC, age 29 when married
d- June 13, 1951 in Vancouver BC, age 55
daughter of Charles Victor Smith and Agnes Edith Smith
They had a son, and he died in 1963
Matthew remarried Dorothy Mildred Lee

Government Agent- Stephen Hamilton Hoskins
b- May 9, 1869, In Ware Reg Dist, Hertfordshire, England
d- Aug 18, 1959 in Duncan BC, age 90
Immigrated ca 1890
1921 Government Agent in Smithers, married with 3 sons
son of Edward Hamilton Hoskins, and Hannah Ann O'Brien
married Margaret Hilda Hoskins, nee Ward, Apr 21, 1903 in Fernie BC

Mining Recorder- James E. Kirby

District Chief of Police- Alexander Charles Minty
b- ca 1870 Aberdeen Scotland, age 48 when he remarried May 13, 1918
Apr 1914 he left Fernie to come to Hazelton
Chief Constable, Prov. Police in South Fort George in 1918
son of Thomas Minty and Isabella Minty, nee ?

Road Superintendent- W. J. Carr
District Forester- R. E. Allen

Indian Agent- R. E. Loring
First Indian Agent for the Babine Agency
Served until 1921, replaced by Ed Hyde.
Lived in the Dominion Hotel in Victoria, until he went to hospital.
Richard Ernest Loring
b- July 9,1852 in Germany (alt ca1849?)
d- Oct 7,1934, in Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, age 86 (85?)
Immigrated in 1883 or 1882?
widower in 1911
wife- Margaret Loring, nee ?
b- Mar 15, 1855 in Victoria BC
8 children listed in 1901, born from 1872 to 1894

Indian Constable- H. Hamblin
Game Warden- C. Burrington

District Headquarters of the Dominion Telegraph Service- E. R. Cox Manager

Newspaper- The Omineca Miner, A. R. McDonald, Manager and Editor

Union Bank of Canada- H. H. Little, Manager
Henry Hyslop Little
b- May 19, 1885, Barrie ON
d- Aug 17, 1972 in Victoria, age 88
son of Robert Elliot Little and Ellen Hyslop
married Olive Wrathall, Jan 5, 1914 in Prince Rupert
b- Victoria BC, age 20 when married

General Stores-
Hudson Bay Store
R. G. Cunningham and Son
C. V. Smith
W. H. Holland
R. S. Sargent (see PO history above)
Frederick Ernest Willett (corrected per his granddaughter)

Ruddy and McKay- Livery, Ford Agency, Blacksmith shop

J. Macaulay- Blacksmith shop

Pool Room
Galena Club
Drug Store- Dr. H. C. Wrinch, Up-to-Date Drug Store

H. A. Duhamel
W. H. Burken

S. J. Martin- Provincial Assayer

Interior Lumber Company Sawmill

Undertakers- Stephenson and Crum

Dentist- Dr. Badgero

Chartered Accountant- A. E. Player

Fur Buyers- Tom Elliot and Co.

Mrs. Glassey
L. Jackman

There has been many history books written about this area.
some links below

Ext Links

Hazelton Pioneer Museum and Archives

'Ksan Museum

Gitxsan/ Gitanmaxx

1915 Fire Insurance Map link

Jean Caux

Story of the first car to travel to Hazelton
A medal to commemorate this event was returned to Hazelton, Nov 2013,
P. E. Sands, (bio below)
great photo of car, and drivers
But as it turned out it was faked

Perley Evans Sands
b- Nov 25, 1874, Naples Maine
d- June 25, 1934 Seattle, King, WA, USA, age 59
wife- Cora E. Sands, nee Johnson, married Nov 4, 1896 at Baltimore
Perley's father- Charles Sumner Sands
mother- Ellen M. Robinson
both parents born in Maine


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