Hole in the Wall

British Columbia, Canada

aka: Hole-In-Wall

58 mi from Rupert,
Telegraph Station,
At the mouth of Exchamsiks River.

1. Named after a high cliff in this area, with a stream emerging out of it.
Area named during Sternwheeler days, not after the Railroad Tunnel.

2. A friend in town, Pierre Le Ross, tells me his father told him it was named by the railroad gangs working here.
Both sides of the valley had high mountains that looked like a wall on each side.
But at this spot, they looked across the river and noticed a valley, or a hole in the “wall”.

3. Then I found an old 1911 book online, that claimed the Cascade Mountains followed the Skeena for 60 miles,
and the only break in this Range, was at this spot, so they named this spot “Hole in the Wall”.
Only problem is they don't say if the break was on north or south side of the Skeena.
But the picture in the book shows the North side.
(Cascade Mountains?- I think this Mountain Range is called the “Coast Mountains”, or “Coast Range” today)

So it appears #2 and #3 are the real versions. a break in the wall of mountains at this point.

Hugh Birch Dominion Telegraph Operator here in 1910, before he moved to Kitsumkalum in 1911, then to Terrace to become long time operator there.

Michael Richard Grimes
b- Sept 10, 1863 in Hollow Glen, Quebec
d- Dec 10, 1929, Farellton, Quebec, age 66
buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa ON
age 47 in 1911
Dominion Government Telegraph Operator
son of John Grimes and Ellen Mulvihill
married Isabella Hickey
had 4 children, 2 sons, 2 daughters

Couple Civil Engineers, a Concrete Inspector, and Labourers
were at this location in 1911 for the tunnel here on the GTP.

C. W. “Charlie” Mitchell
b- ?
d- aft 1935
Dominion Telegraph Operator here, ca June 1918
went to Hazelton, June 1918 to join Yukon Telegraphs there.
He was also in Quesnel.
1929 in Niton Alberta

1918 was the last Telegraph Operator at Hole-in-Wall. Mr. Mitchell was the last operator from what I can find.

Richard Connelly
b- 1858, age 62, in Ireland
d- May 17, 1929 in Prince Rupert, age 71
Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert BC
Immigrated in 1906
CNR Watchman

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Hole-In-The-Wall Provincial Park


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