GTPR- Stations

This Section lists all the Stations, Creeks, Lakes etc, starting from the West End of the line, at Prince Rupert BC, to Fort Fraser BC in the Mountain Section.
All Mileage is Railway mileage.
Some stops below were discontinued as the years went by.

Feb 1911, Alfred Erwin McMaster, GTP Agent in Prince Rupert, released a list of Station names to the press.
Names of new Stations from Prince Rupert to Copper River, The First 100 miles of the GTPR.

Names were picked in the head office, usually by Mr. E. J. Chamberlain and Mr. W. P. Hinton.

Edson Joseph Chamberlain

William Pittman Lett Hinton

They then submitted all names to their Telegraph staff, who had the final say,
As the names had to be short, capable of a distinct transmission on the Telegraph Lines.

All station buildings were built using the standard GTP “A” plan
A neat Station building with provision to house the Agent, and for the usual handling of Passengers and Freight.

Overview Map  University of Toronto

GTPR- 1-Prince Rupert to Exstew

Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad

Map overview

Prince Rupert

  • (Mile 1746.1 from Winnipeg)
  • *Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
  • Prince Rupert Station (in 1911 list) starting point for all railway mileage shown below.


  • Railway Point
  • Latitude- 54º 15' N, Longitude- 130º 19' W
  • Named after Rt. Reverend William Ridley, D.D.
  • Ridley became the Bilmor Station, shown on a 1959 map.
  • Name rescinded in 1974

Kaien Station

Latitude- 54º 15' N, Longitude- 130º 20' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1740.7 miles from Winnipeg
5.4 miles from Prince Rupert
“Kaien” supposedly means “Bog” in the local native Tsimpsean language.
Another source says it means “Wolf”
It was a name given to the Island in Tuck Inlet time immemorial.
Adopted by the Geographic Board of Canada in 1905
Tuck Inlet named after Samuel Parker Tuck, Provincial Land Surveyor, in 1892, adopted on Admiralty Charts in 1896.
Oldfield Mountain, on Kaien Island, named after Capt. Radulphus Bryce Oldfield R.N., H.M.S. Malacca, who was here in 1866-1867.

Watson Island

Railway Point

Zanardi Rapids Bridge (Tidewater)

Six spans, length 645 ft, It was completed in July 1910.
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1739.6 miles from Winnipeg
6.5 miles from Prince Rupert
named after Charles Zenardi, per one source, who was Inspector of the Wharf at Prince Rupert.
Spelling was changed along the way maybe.
1911 census shows a Charles Zanardi
b- Jan 1876 in Italy
shown as a Real Estate Broker in Vancouver, right guy?

Phelan Station

Note- seems 2 locations for same name in the history books
in 1911 it was Phelan at mile 37.61, (see below)
Location described here is another one, with the same name?
Latitude- 54º 12' N, Longitude- 130º 16' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1735.4 miles from Winnipeg
10.7 miles from Prince Rupert
It was named after John Theodore Phelan Supt. of the Yukon Telegraph Line
After researching GTP Railway Contractors I thought maybe it was named after a partner in the “Phelan and Shirley Company”
or Edward “Ed” Phelan, but this turned out not to be true.

Inverness Cannery

Latitude- 54º 12' N, Longitude- 130º 16' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1734.7 miles from Winnipeg
11.4 miles from Prince Rupert

Cassiar Cannery

Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1731.1 miles from Winnipeg
15 miles from Prince Rupert

Sockeye Station (in 1911 list)

Latitude- 54º 9' N, Longitude- 130º 8' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1729.4 miles from Winnipeg
16.7 miles from Prince Rupert
(Shown at mile 16.61 in 1911)
North Pacific Cannery located here

Port Edward Station

Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1728.1 miles from Winnipeg
18 miles from Prince Rupert
Latitude- 54º 13' 14“ N, Longitude- 130º 17' 22” W
Subdivision on Porpoise Harbour.

Shirley Mill/ Cannery/ Train stop

aka: Boneyard Creek,
aka: Mile 21
21 mi from Prince Rupert
see EXT link at the bottom for history here)
After researching GTP Railway Contractors I am pretty sure it was named after a partner in the “Phelan and Shirley Company”
or Michael Shirley


23 mi from Prince Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 10' N, Longitude- 130º 0' W
Telegraph Station
opposite Port Essington

Tyee Station (in 1911 list)

Latitude- 54º 12' N, Longitude- 129º 57' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1719.6 miles from Winnipeg
26.5 miles from Prince Rupert
(shown at mile 21.28 in 1911)
Residents of Port Essington applied for the Tyee Station
Rather than using the Haysport Station near Ecstall River
Only station on Skeena Sub on south side of the tracks
Tyee became famous for the location of Canada's Secret No 1, Armoured Train.

Essington Station (in 1911 list)

(Located at mile 26.49 in 1911)

Aberdeen Station

Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1717.3 miles from Winnipeg
28.8 miles from Prince Rupert
Aberdeen / Windsor Cannery located here

One article says the Townsite of Mann was in this area.
between Tyee and Kwinitsa
I can't find a trace of it anywhere.

Skeena Station

became Skeena City Station
(Station #4 on old 1910 map)
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1713.3 miles from Winnipeg
32.8 miles from Prince Rupert
(shown at 32.66 miles in 1911 name list)
Latitude- 54º 14' N, Longitude- 129º 50' W
Unincorporated area.

Telegraph Point

(1910 map shows this as Telegraph station #5, after Skeena City)
Latitude- 54º 11' 29“ N, Longitude- 129º 39' 15” W
Today there is a big rest area, pull out there off of Highway 16.

Phelan Station

(shown 37.61 miles from Prince Rupert in 1911)
Location here shown in a list in 1911.
It was definitely named after John Theodore Phelan Supt. of the Yukon Telegraph Line
After researching GTP Railway Contractors
I thought maybe it was named after a partner in the “Phelan and Shirley Company”
or Edward “Ed” Phelan, but this turned out not true.

Kwinitsa Station

(Shown as Quinitsa Station in 1911)
Kwinitsa Station now located in Prince Rupert
(old 1910 map shows Quin-its-a River here, station #6)
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1699.7 miles from Winnipeg
46.4 miles from Prince Rupert
(shown at mile 46.41 in 1911)
Latitude- 54º 13' N, Longitude- 129º 33' W

Kosiks Station (in 1911 list)

(Located at mile 52.62 in 1911)
There is a Kasiks River, so possibly Kasiks Station here?

Salvus Station (in 1911 list)

Elevation- 40 ft above sea level
1688.0 miles from Winnipeg
58.1 miles from Prince Rupert
(shown at mile 57.99 in 1911)
Definitely named after Contractor Peter Salvus
Latitude- 54º 19' N, Longitude- 129º 20' W
Flag Station


58 mi from Rupert,
Telegraph Station here,
1910 map shows this as station #7 just west of the mouth of the Ex-cham-siks River
At the mouth of Exchamsiks River.
1911 book claims it was named for a break in the Cascade (Coast) Mountain range here.
Only break or “Hole” in the “Wall” of mountains along the Skeena in 60 miles.
C. W. Mitchell Dominion Telegraph Operator ca June 1918

Creek (Water)

Elevation- 55 ft above sea level
1685.7 miles from Winnipeg
60.4 miles from Prince Rupert

Hubert Station (in 1911 list)

(Located at mile 62.14 in 1911)
Assume this is Station #8 on old 1910 map
Note Hubert appears further down the list later on

Exstew Station

Exstews Station (in 1911 list)
old 1910 map shows station #9, near the Exstew's River
Elevation- 71 ft above sea level
1676.2 miles from Winnipeg
69.9 miles from Prince Rupert
(located at mile 69.54 in 1911)
Latitude- 54º 23' 7“' N, Longitude-129º 6' 10” W
Unincorporated area.

Exstew River (Water)

Elevation- 88 ft above sea level
1675.6 miles from Winnipeg


GTPR- 2-Shames to Carnaby

Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad

Overview Map

Shames Station

Shamos Station (in 1911 list) simple typo error?
78 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 103 ft above sea level
1669.2 miles from Winnipeg
(Located at Mile 75.31 in 1911)
Latitude- 54º 25' N, Longitude- 128º 56' W
Flag Station

Native Village shown in this location in 1910 map

Lakelse Station (in 1911 list)

Located at mile 82.30 in 1911

Amsbury Station

85 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 151 ft above sea level
1661.1 miles from Winnipeg
Latitude- 54º 28' N, Longitude- 128º 46' W


Zymagoitz River (Water)
Elevation- 156 ft above sea level
1659.0 miles from Winnipeg

Kitsumgallum River (Kalum River)(Water)

Mouth of the Kalum River

Kitsumkalim - Kitsumkalum - Kitsum

Elevation- 183 ft above sea level
1656.0 miles from Winnipeg
Kitsum Station in 1911 list
(located at mile 88.36 in 1911) Kitsumkalum Originally submitted to be called Kitsumkallum station in 1911, but shortened to Kitsum Station, by the GTP Telegraph staff.

Terrace Station

The first date a train belonging to the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway passed through Terrace from the East arriving in Prince Rupert at 1:15pm April 9, 1914.
Train Station 1913
Photo from a Historical Info stand on Terrace Grand Trunk Pathway

94.6 mi from Prince Rupert
Elevation- 223 ft above sea level
1651.5 miles from Winnipeg

CN Train- July 3, 1982 from Sande Overpass

Little Canyon

Latitude- 54º 31' 0“ N, Longitude- 128º 33'30” W
Little Canyon Note- This was NOT named after George Little.
It is Little as opposite of Large.
It is located where the Old Skeena Bridge is located.
The Government actually blew up some of the rocks in the channel to make it easier for the Sternwheelers to navigate.
Ring bolts exist in the rocks here.

Eddy Station (in 1911 list)

(located at mile 94.32 in 1911)
Strange part this name was moved to a station on the Fraser river, just SE of McBride.
It never became official at this spot.

Stuarts (Stewarts?) / Dobies

Stuart's Landing
Copper River Station (in 1911 list)
located at mile 100.29 in 1911

Vanarsdol (Van Arsdol) Station

108 mi from Rupert
Elevation- 239 ft above sea level
1645.9 miles from Winnipeg

Usk Station

107 mi from Rupert
Latitude- 54º 38' N, Longitude- 128º 25' W
Elevation- 294 ft above sea level
1638.9 miles from Winnipeg

Hanall Point

aka- Hanall Spur
110.5 miles from Rupert
Railway flag stop, 3 1/2 miles from Usk
Name was formed Royal Lumber Company Sawmill owner, Ole Hanso,n and partner Bob Allen

Pitman Station

115 mi from Rupert
Latitude- 54º 42' N, Longitude- 128º 19' W
Elevation- 344 ft above sea level
1632.2 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station
Located at mouth of St. Croix Creek
Unincorporated area
Named after William Pittman Litt Hinton
Vice-President and GM of the GTPR

Pacific Station / Nicholl Station

120 mi from Rupert
Latitude- 54º 46' N, Longitude- 128º 15' W
Elevation- 372 ft above sea level
1626.7 miles from Winnipeg
First Divisional Point on the GTP
Government Telegraph Station.
Railroad Round houses, Machine shops etc.
Originally called Nicholl Station
Nicholl named after the Superintendent at the Pacific Terminus,
George Alexander McNicholl
It was the First Divisional Point

Thunder Creek (Water)

Elevation- 389 ft above sea level
1623.5 miles from Winnipeg

Dorreen Station

125 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 50' 35“ N, Longitude-128º 20' 41” W
Elevation- 412 ft above sea level
1620.6 miles from Winnipeg
Located at mouth of Lorne Creek
Dorreen named after Mr. Ernest James Dorreen, Resident Civil Engineer on the GTP Railway

Fiddler Creek (Water)

Elevation- 437 ft above sea level
1620.0 miles from Winnipeg

Lorne Creek (Water)

Elevation- 461 ft above sea level
1617.2 miles from Winnipeg
Henry McDame discovered gold here in 1884

Giles Stationan

shown between Nicholl, Pitman and Ritchie

Ritchie Station

132 mi from Rupert
Latitude- 54º 55' N, Longitude-128º 23' W
Elevation- 457 ft above sea level
1614.1 miles from Winnipeg
See Ritchie page for 2 suspects for where name came from

Porcupine Creek (Water)

Elevation- 464 ft above sea level
1612.7 miles from Winnipeg

Mosquito Creek (Water)

Elevation- 489 ft above sea level
1608.3 miles from Winnipeg

Meanskinisht / Cedarvale Station

140 mi from Rupert
Latitude- 55º 1' 10“ N, Longitude- 128º 19' 45” W
Elevation- 502 ft above sea level
1605.7 miles from Winnipeg

Hollwood station

shown opposite Meanskinisht, on the Skeena River

Woodcock Station

146 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 55º 4' N, Longitude- 128º 14' W
Elevation- 537 ft above sea level
1600.3 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station

Ksiden Creek (Water)

Elevation- 554 ft above sea level
1598.8 miles from Winnipeg

Getwinskowl River (Water)

Elevation- 561 ft above sea level
1594.7 miles from Winnipeg

Gitwangar / Kitwanga Station

153 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 55º 6' N, Longitude- 128º 4' W
Elevation- 584 ft above sea level
1592.7 miles from Winnipeg
Government Telegraph Station

Andimaul Station

158 mi from Rupert
Latitude- 55º 6' N, Longitude- 127º 57' W
Elevation- 659 ft above sea level
1588.1 miles from Winnipeg

Nash Station

1 1/2 mi west from Skeena Crossing
Elevation- 744 ft above sea level
1583.4 miles from Winnipeg
1921 Steve Bodnar was CNR Section foreman at Nash
b- age 27 in 1921, in Austria
Harry Nubrey was his Section Hand
b- age 54 in 1921 in Austria
both immigrated in 1910

The railroad from Prince Rupert to here is on the North side of the Skeena River
At Skeena Crossing a huge 961 ft long, a steel bridge was built to cross the Skeena here, and after that the rails run on the south side of the Skeena.
Canadian Bridge Company Ltd. of Walkerville, ON built the bridge, the same company that built the Cambie St. Bridge in Vancouver.
2 concrete piers in the river had to be built, plus 2 more of shorter height on the river banks.
J. E. Beauchamp was GTP Agent here in 1912

Skeena Crossing (Mine Spur)

163 mi from Rupert
Latitude- 55º 5' 55“ N, Longitude- 127º 48' 40” W
Elevation- 743 ft above sea level
1582.1 miles from Winnipeg
Oct 1913 made into a Flag Station
located at foot of Rocher De Boule Mountain

Carnaby Station

Latitude- 55º 10' N, Longitude- 127º 46' W
Elevation- 851 ft above sea level
1576.2 miles from Winnipeg


GTPR- 3-Tramville to Topley

Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad

Overview Map

Tramville Station

located about 2-3 miles east of Carnaby
Tramway to Rocher De Boule mine from here

Ellison Station

GTP Townsite named Ellison was in this area
and abandoned for South Hazelton

Sealey-Sealey-Seeley Station

2-3 miles from Hazelton

South Hazelton Station

South Hazelton Elevation- 973 ft above sea level 1569.2 miles from Winnipeg

New Hazelton Station

New Hazelton
Elevation- 1030 ft above sea level
1565.5 miles from Winnipeg

Duncanan Station, (aka-Bulkley Canyon Station)

Duncanan Station changed to Bulkley Canyon Station
Elevation- 1107 ft above sea level
1559.0 miles from Winnipeg
Latitude- 55º 15' N, Longitude-127º 27' W

Beament Station
195 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 1213 ft above sea level
1551.5 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station
Lot 1346 Cassiar Dist.

Seaton Station

Seaton Station
189 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 1289 ft above sea level
1546.9 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station

Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek
Elevation- 1272 ft above sea level
1546.0 miles from Winnipeg

Moricetown Station

Moricetown Station
204 mi from Rupert
Latitude- 55º 2' N, Longitude-127º 20' W
Elevation- 1342 ft above sea level
1541.6 miles from Winnipeg

John Brown Creek

John Brown Creek
Elevation- 1383 ft above sea level
1538.9 miles from Winnipeg

Doughty Station

Doughty Station
Elevation- 1448 ft above sea level
211.1 miles from Rupert
1535.0 miles from Winnipeg
Lot 353 Range 5, Cassiar dist.
named after Sir George Doughty
b- 1854, Grimsby Lincolnshire England
d- Apr 27, 1914, age 60
British ship builder and politician
Member of Parliament for Hull.
He was on a train with Hays, Aug 1910, assume he was behind some money on the line.
he had major interests in fishing trawlers and canneries on the coast and in this area.

Trout Creek

Trout Creek
Elevation- 1483 ft above sea level
1533.1 miles from Winnipeg

Evelyn Station

Evelyn Station
Latitude- 54º 53' 32“ N, Longitude-127º 16' 10” W
Elevation- 1557 ft above sea level
1528.7 miles from Winnipeg
Originally thought named after Alfred Smither's daughter, but he didn't have a daughter Evelyn,
Then BC Gazeteer says it was named after one of William Pitman Litt Hinton's daughters,
who was Vice President and GM of the GTPR
Only problem, he only had one daughter, Kathlyn B. Hinton, and 2 sons, Arthur and Robert.
So now we are back to where did the name Evelyn come from?
Researching the First 2 Investors in the GTPR,
Speyer Bros. and N. M. Rothschild & Son, all Bankers in London, England.
I noticed one of the Rothschild Sons, involved with the Bank at that time,
was Evelyn Achille de Rothschild (B.A.)
b- Jan 6, 1886, London, England
d- Nov 17, 1917, Palestine, during WWI
He is now my guess where this name came from. He would have been well known by Mr. Smithers, and all the Directors in England.
Here we were looking for a female, but found a male named Evelyn?

Lake Kathlyn Station

Lake Kathlyn Station
223 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 49' N, Longitude-127º 13' W
3 mi from Smithers
Elevation- 1653 ft above sea level
1523.2 miles from Winnipeg
Named after William Pitman Litt Hinton's daughter,
Kathlyn Baldwin Hinton
b- June 17, 1895 in Carleton, ON
d- 1974 in Toronto, ON
Hinton was Vice President and GM of the GTPR

Smithers Station

Latitude- 54º 46' 45“ N, Longitude-127º 10' 34” W
Mile 226.5
Lot 5289, Range 5, Coast District.
Became 2nd Divisional Point on the railroad, East of Rupert.
Elevation- 1631 ft above sea level
About 9 miles from Telkwa and Aldermere
1519.6 miles from Winnipeg
named after Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers
MP, Chairman of GTP

tatlow Station

Tatlow Station
Latitude- 54º 42' N, Longitude- 127º 7' W
Elevation- 1598 ft above sea level
1513.8 miles from Winnipeg

Telkwa River

Telkwa River
Elevation- 1664 ft above sea level
1510.7 miles from Winnipeg


Latitude- 54º 41' 48“ N, Longitude-127º 3' 3” W

Hubert Station

Elevation- 1688 ft above sea level
1507.1 miles from Winnipeg

Knockholt Station

Knockholt Station
Latitude- 54º 27' N, Longitude- 126º 34' W
Elevation- 1736 ft above sea level
1501.4 miles from Winnipeg
Named after Knockholt, Kent, England
Where Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers was born.
Around 30 miles from Telkwa

walcott Station

Walcott Station
Elevation- 1804 ft above sea level
1493.3 miles from Winnipeg
Oct 1, 1914, GTP established a station at Walcott, at Lot 716, Range 5, Coast District, BC
Sept 22, 1964, CNR applied to remove the station, and replace it with a freight and passenger shelter.

Morice River

Morice River
Elevation- 1863 ft above sea level
1487.8 miles from Winnipeg

Barrett Station

Barrett Station
260 mi from Rupert,
Latitude-54º 27' N, Longitude-126º 45' W
Elevation- 1872 ft above sea level
1486.0 miles from Winnipeg

Houston Station

266 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 23' 54“ N, Longitude-126º 38' 54” W
Elevation- 1951 ft above sea level
1479.4 miles from Winnipeg

Quick Station

Latitude- 54º 37' N, Longitude- 126º 54' W
Elevation- 1975 ft above sea level
1474.6 miles from Winnipeg

Perow Station

Latitude- 54º 31' 4“ N, Longitude- 126º 26' 36” W
Elevation- 2101 ft above sea level
1467.5 miles from Winnipeg
Named after Mr. William Earle Duperow, The General Agent of GTPR Company's Passenger Dept. in Vancouver
He enlisted in WWI, Nov 3, 1916 in Winnipeg, MB, Reg # 5142
Canadian Artillery, 2nd Batt., Rank- Gunner
father- William Emerson Duperow
mother- Annie M. Duperow, Winnipeg MB
William Earle Duperow
b- Feb 15, 1896, London, ON
d- Oct 9, 1918
buried in British Cemetery, Bucquoy Rd Cemetery., Ficheux,
4 1/2 miles S or Arras. grave 35
brother- Gordon Duperow

Topley Station

285 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 30' N, Longitude-126º 18' W
Elevation- 2196 ft above sea level
1461.5 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station
Named after William James Topley, Photographer.
one source says it was after a GTPR Engineer named Topley.



GTPR- 4-Bulkley Station to Fort Fraser

Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad

Overview Map

Bulkley Station

Bulkley Station
Elevation- 2300 ft above sea level
1453.4 miles from Winnipeg


Latitude- 54º 25' N, Longitude-126º 12' W

Rose Lake Station

Rose Lake Station (Summit)
Latitude- 54º 24' N, Longitude-126º 2' W
Elevation- 2363 ft above sea level
1445.8 miles from Winnipeg

Palling Station

Palling Station
306 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 21' N, Longitude-125º 55' W
Elevation- 2316 ft above sea level
1440.4 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station
in South Bulkley District

Decker Lake Station

Decker Lake Station
Latitude- 54º 18' N, Longitude-125º 50' W
Elevation- 2326 ft above sea level
1434.8 miles from Winnipeg
From Kerry Guenter, Smithers:
Decker Lake was named after
Stephen Decker,
b- Aug 24, 1827 LaGrange Maine, Penobscot, USA
d- May 8, 1911 in Vancouver BC, age 83
Construction Foreman on the Collin's Overland Telegraph in 1866.
He was an early logger in North arm, Burrard Inlet area.
Bedwell Bay was called Decker's Bay after him.
Sad part of this fellow's story, he is buried in an unmarked Pauper's grave in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver.

father- Joshua Decker
b- 1791 in Maine USA
d- 1870 in LaGrange Maine, USA
Lived on a farm very near New Brunswick boundary.

mother- Francis (possibly Piper)
b- ?
d- ?

He had one brother- Henry S. Decker,
b- Aug 29, 1828, La Grange Maine
d- ?

Grandfather- Joshua Decker
b- 1752 York, York, ME, Nabc
d- 1850 in Clinton Maine
Grandmother- Susanna Boston

Great Grandfather- David Decker (1717-1809)
Great Grandmother- Eunice Place (1717-1811)

Decker Lake (Water)

Decker Lake (Water)
Elevation- 2305 ft above sea level
1431.7 miles from Winnipeg

Burns Lake Station

Burns Lake Station
317 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 13' 49“ N, Longitude- 125º 45' 52” W
Elevation- 2312 ft above sea level
1429.6 miles from Winnipeg
Telegraph Station
From Kerry Guenter, Smithers: Burns Lake is named after Michael W.Byrnes,
Scout / Explorer for the Collin's Overland Telegraph in 1866

Tintagel Station

Tintagel Station
Latitude- 54º 12' N, Longitude-125º 36' W
Elevation- 2307 ft above sea level
1421.5 miles from Winnipeg

Sheraton Station

Sheraton Station
Latitude- 54º 10' N, Longitude-125º 28' W
Elevation- 2286 ft above sea level
1415.2 miles from Winnipeg

Endako River (Water)

Endako River (Water)
Elevation- 2285 ft above sea level
1414.0 miles from Winnipeg

Endako River (Water)

Endako River (Water)
Elevation- 2282 ft above sea level
1412.4 miles from Winnipeg

Priestley Station

Priestley Station
337 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 2276 ft above sea level
1409.1 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station

Lake (Water)

Lake (Water)
Elevation- 2274 ft above sea level
1408.1 miles from Winnipeg

Lake Eye (Water)

Lake Eye (Water)
Elevation- 2274 ft above sea level
1407.9 miles from Winnipeg

Savoury Station

Savory Station
Latitude- 54º 6' N, Longitude- 125º 10' W
Elevation- 2258 ft above sea level
1401.1 miles from Winnipeg

Endako Station

Endako Station
351 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 5' 22“ N, Longitude- 125º 1' 41” W
Elevation- 2242 ft above sea level
1395.1 miles from Winnipeg
42 miles east of South Bulkley,
and 20 miles west of Fort Fraser, by road, in 1921
Divisional Point,
Machine Shops, Round Houses, etc.
In 1921- Had GTP and Dominion Government Telegraph Offices, Anglican Church, and Public School.
Hotel Annan, now Endako Pub, still visible on side of Hwy 16
Alexander Greig Annan shown resident in 1916
1921 shown as restaurant man.
b- July 11, 1870 in Burnt Island, Fyfe, Scotland
d- May 12, 1942, age 72
Enlisted in WWI Dec 9, 1915 in Victoria BC, shown as a widower
Postmaster at Endako Sept 7, 1932- May 12, 1942
married Grace Caroline nee ?,
she became Postmaster after her husband died, until Sept 9, 1943
Post Office opened here Sept 1, 1914, George Kerr 1st Postmaster

Gayer and Connelly, had the Endako Inn, and grocery store, in Endako in 1916 and 1921
Irwin D. Gayer, and Marcus M. Connolly, Prop's.

Endako River (Water)

Endako River (Water)
Elevation- 2206 ft above sea level
1388.6 miles from Winnipeg

Fraser Lake Station

Fraser Lake Station
360 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 3' 37“ N, Longitude-124º 50' 38”“ W
Elevation- 2205 ft above sea level
1387.0 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station
Named to honour Simon Fraser, who was here in 1806-07
Named by John Stuart, who Fraser named Stuart Lake after

Fraser Lake (Water)

Fraser Lake (Water)
Elevation- 2204 ft above sea level
1386.6 miles from Winnipeg
Fraser Lake is 17 miles in length

Midlake Station

Midlake Station
Elevation- 2204 ft above sea level
1381.0 miles from Winnipeg
Located on the South Shore of Fraser Lake
renamed Encombe Station by the CNR

Upper Nechako River (Water)

Upper Nechako River (Water)
Elevation- 2231 ft above sea level
1374.7 miles from Winnipeg

Fort Fraser Station

Fort Fraser Station
373 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 4' N, Longitude-124º 33' W
Elevation- 2245 ft above sea level
1373.3 miles from Winnipeg
Dominion Stock and Bond Corporation Ltd., Vancouver, owned the Townsite, under Founder and General Manager George H. Salmon
ca 1909- Fort Fraser had a Telegraph Station, and a Hudson Bay Company Store
George Salmon bought 2,700 acres here for $79,000
He made over 1 million on this deal alone.



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