GTPR- 3-Tramville to Topley

Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad

Overview Map

Tramville Station

located about 2-3 miles east of Carnaby
Tramway to Rocher De Boule mine from here

Ellison Station

GTP Townsite named Ellison was in this area
and abandoned for South Hazelton

Sealey-Sealey-Seeley Station

2-3 miles from Hazelton

South Hazelton Station

South Hazelton Elevation- 973 ft above sea level 1569.2 miles from Winnipeg

New Hazelton Station

New Hazelton
Elevation- 1030 ft above sea level
1565.5 miles from Winnipeg

Duncanan Station, (aka-Bulkley Canyon Station)

Duncanan Station changed to Bulkley Canyon Station
Elevation- 1107 ft above sea level
1559.0 miles from Winnipeg
Latitude- 55º 15' N, Longitude-127º 27' W

Beament Station
195 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 1213 ft above sea level
1551.5 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station
Lot 1346 Cassiar Dist.

Seaton Station

Seaton Station
189 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 1289 ft above sea level
1546.9 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station

Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek
Elevation- 1272 ft above sea level
1546.0 miles from Winnipeg

Moricetown Station

Moricetown Station
204 mi from Rupert
Latitude- 55º 2' N, Longitude-127º 20' W
Elevation- 1342 ft above sea level
1541.6 miles from Winnipeg

John Brown Creek

John Brown Creek
Elevation- 1383 ft above sea level
1538.9 miles from Winnipeg

Doughty Station

Doughty Station
Elevation- 1448 ft above sea level
211.1 miles from Rupert
1535.0 miles from Winnipeg
Lot 353 Range 5, Cassiar dist.
named after Sir George Doughty
b- 1854, Grimsby Lincolnshire England
d- Apr 27, 1914, age 60
British ship builder and politician
Member of Parliament for Hull.
He was on a train with Hays, Aug 1910, assume he was behind some money on the line.
he had major interests in fishing trawlers and canneries on the coast and in this area.

Trout Creek

Trout Creek
Elevation- 1483 ft above sea level
1533.1 miles from Winnipeg

Evelyn Station

Evelyn Station
Latitude- 54º 53' 32“ N, Longitude-127º 16' 10” W
Elevation- 1557 ft above sea level
1528.7 miles from Winnipeg
Originally thought named after Alfred Smither's daughter, but he didn't have a daughter Evelyn,
Then BC Gazeteer says it was named after one of William Pitman Litt Hinton's daughters,
who was Vice President and GM of the GTPR
Only problem, he only had one daughter, Kathlyn B. Hinton, and 2 sons, Arthur and Robert.
So now we are back to where did the name Evelyn come from?
Researching the First 2 Investors in the GTPR,
Speyer Bros. and N. M. Rothschild & Son, all Bankers in London, England.
I noticed one of the Rothschild Sons, involved with the Bank at that time,
was Evelyn Achille de Rothschild (B.A.)
b- Jan 6, 1886, London, England
d- Nov 17, 1917, Palestine, during WWI
He is now my guess where this name came from. He would have been well known by Mr. Smithers, and all the Directors in England.
Here we were looking for a female, but found a male named Evelyn?

Lake Kathlyn Station

Lake Kathlyn Station
223 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 49' N, Longitude-127º 13' W
3 mi from Smithers
Elevation- 1653 ft above sea level
1523.2 miles from Winnipeg
Named after William Pitman Litt Hinton's daughter,
Kathlyn Baldwin Hinton
b- June 17, 1895 in Carleton, ON
d- 1974 in Toronto, ON
Hinton was Vice President and GM of the GTPR

Smithers Station

Latitude- 54º 46' 45“ N, Longitude-127º 10' 34” W
Mile 226.5
Lot 5289, Range 5, Coast District.
Became 2nd Divisional Point on the railroad, East of Rupert.
Elevation- 1631 ft above sea level
About 9 miles from Telkwa and Aldermere
1519.6 miles from Winnipeg
named after Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers
MP, Chairman of GTP

tatlow Station

Tatlow Station
Latitude- 54º 42' N, Longitude- 127º 7' W
Elevation- 1598 ft above sea level
1513.8 miles from Winnipeg

Telkwa River

Telkwa River
Elevation- 1664 ft above sea level
1510.7 miles from Winnipeg


Latitude- 54º 41' 48“ N, Longitude-127º 3' 3” W

Hubert Station

Elevation- 1688 ft above sea level
1507.1 miles from Winnipeg

Knockholt Station

Knockholt Station
Latitude- 54º 27' N, Longitude- 126º 34' W
Elevation- 1736 ft above sea level
1501.4 miles from Winnipeg
Named after Knockholt, Kent, England
Where Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers was born.
Around 30 miles from Telkwa

walcott Station

Walcott Station
Elevation- 1804 ft above sea level
1493.3 miles from Winnipeg
Oct 1, 1914, GTP established a station at Walcott, at Lot 716, Range 5, Coast District, BC
Sept 22, 1964, CNR applied to remove the station, and replace it with a freight and passenger shelter.

Morice River

Morice River
Elevation- 1863 ft above sea level
1487.8 miles from Winnipeg

Barrett Station

Barrett Station
260 mi from Rupert,
Latitude-54º 27' N, Longitude-126º 45' W
Elevation- 1872 ft above sea level
1486.0 miles from Winnipeg

Houston Station

266 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 23' 54“ N, Longitude-126º 38' 54” W
Elevation- 1951 ft above sea level
1479.4 miles from Winnipeg

Quick Station

Latitude- 54º 37' N, Longitude- 126º 54' W
Elevation- 1975 ft above sea level
1474.6 miles from Winnipeg

Perow Station

Latitude- 54º 31' 4“ N, Longitude- 126º 26' 36” W
Elevation- 2101 ft above sea level
1467.5 miles from Winnipeg
Named after Mr. William Earle Duperow, The General Agent of GTPR Company's Passenger Dept. in Vancouver
He enlisted in WWI, Nov 3, 1916 in Winnipeg, MB, Reg # 5142
Canadian Artillery, 2nd Batt., Rank- Gunner
father- William Emerson Duperow
mother- Annie M. Duperow, Winnipeg MB
William Earle Duperow
b- Feb 15, 1896, London, ON
d- Oct 9, 1918
buried in British Cemetery, Bucquoy Rd Cemetery., Ficheux,
4 1/2 miles S or Arras. grave 35
brother- Gordon Duperow

Topley Station

285 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 30' N, Longitude-126º 18' W
Elevation- 2196 ft above sea level
1461.5 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station
Named after William James Topley, Photographer.
one source says it was after a GTPR Engineer named Topley.


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