Houston, British Columbia, Canada

Houston BC

Junction of Bulkley River and Buck Creek, SE of Smithers, Range 5 Coast Land District

266 mi from Prince Rupert BC,

Latitude- 54º 23' 54“ N, Longitude-126º 38' 54” W

Elevation- 1951 ft above sea level

1479.4 miles from Winnipeg

Incorporated as a Village, Mar 4, 1957

Re-incorporated as a District Municipality, Feb 1, 1969, now called District of Houston

Home of the Steelhead Park, One of the best little parks in the area.

Originally called “Pleasant Valley”

Named after John Houston, the First Newspaper man in Prince Rupert, ca 1907, the Empire Newspaper.
John Houston was the First Mayor of Nelson 1897-1905
Name was chosen in 1910 in a newspaper contest.
Firm of Law and Benson chose the name for their Townsite, on the GTP, through Pleasant Valley. Name was suggested by Charles G. Thorne of Prince Rupert.
He won $20 in Gold
Charles G. Thorne shown as a Hardware Clerk in Prince Rupert in 1910

Charles Gilbert Thorne
b- Jan 8, 1880 in Springfield, Kings Co, NB
d- Jan 24, 1955, in Vancouver BC
cremated- buried in Mountainview Cemetery, Vancouver BC
Enlisted in WWI, Reg #77182, Nov 11, 1914 in Victoria BC
son of Thomas Thorne and Mary Jane Jones
Both born in NB
married Ruby Richmond,
b- Grey Co. ON
daughter of Albert E. Richmond and Susan Ramsay

John Houston
b- Nov 1850 in Alton, Caledon Township, ON
d- Mar 8, 1910 in Quesnel BC Hospital
buried in Nelson BC
son of William Houston and Mary Thomas
married to Edith May Keeley, ca 1892

Post Office History

Skeena Electoral District

Office established Apr 1, 1914

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Frank Leslie Mosher 1914-04-01 1918 Death
John Goold 1919-04-08 1926-11-03 Resignation
Mrs. Annie Middleton 1927-01-05 1944-01-08 Death
Miss Dorothy Breem Newgard 1944-01-13 Acting
Mrs. Annie Leonora Newgard 1944-04-15 Acting CSC
Mrs. Annie Leonora Newgard 1944-06-12 1965-04-16 Retirement
Maxwell Clayton McKay 1964-12-03 CSC

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First Postmaster-Frank Leslie Mosher
b- Sept 1865, St. Martins, NB
d- Dec 16, 1918 in Hazelton BC, age 53
married Emma Harriet Marr, Sept 10, 1912, Saint John NB
she was born in St. Martins NB
daughter of John Marr and Sarah Brown
His address was Fort George when he married, Baptist, Merchant
(see both area history links below)

father- James E. Mosher, age 57 in 1871 census
His father was a shipwright / ship carpenter
mother- Gemima (alt- Jemima) S. Mosher, nee ?, age 41 in 1871
brother- Albert E. Mosher, age 17 in 1871
sister- Lillian “Lillie” E. Mosher, age 15 in 1871
sister- Clara M. Mosher, age 13 in 1871
brother- Henry H. Mosher, age 11 in 1871

1871 living in parish of St. Martins, NBi

John Goold
b- Nov 25, 1873, Saint John, NB
d- Aug 12, 1955 in St Paul's Hospital in Vancouver.
father- Thomas Goold, age 41 in 1881, born in NS
mother- Anne Goold, nee ?, age 35 in 1881, in NB
married Hazel Deane Campbell, Oct 10, 1921 in Prince Rupert BC

siblings: all born in NB
brother- William J. Goold
brother- Thomas Goold
sister- Sarah A. Goold
sister- Susan Goold

Annie Middleton, nee ? (Heatherington?) b- Jan 1879 in England
d- Jan 8, 1944
she was married in England,
and came to Canada with a daughter Nora
(see link below for more info)

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