Glenora Landing

Glenora Landing, British Columbia, Canada

Glenora BC

  • aka: Fort Glenora
  • aka: Glenora Landing
  • aka: Glenoraville
  • aka: Glonora

Glenora BC, May 1896

Located in the Tahltan Native Territory
Gold, and Fur trade were the reasons this fort Existed.

835 miles north of Victoria

Hudson's Bay Company Post located here.
according to “The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft” ca 1886.
the Hudson's Bay Co. built 2 Forts on the Stikeen River.
(a few spellings of Stikine, Sticken exist on old maps and archives.)
Fort Mumford, 60 miles from the Mouth, (in Alaska)
and Fort Glenora 140 miles from the Mouth. (in BC)
When the gold miners came they frightened away all the animals, and both posts were closed.
Both Forts were established in 1835.
One source says Fort Glenora was only 20 miles from Mumford.

Maybe Fort Mumford was named after John M. Mumford, a second mate on the Tonquin, He was from Massachusetts.
He just happened to not be on the ship when it was attacked, and destroyed, with all hands killed.

another possibility, a Mr. Mumford a Director of a Telegraph Company, he was in San Francisco ca 1865.

Left- Henry Joseph Woodside, (see below)
Sitting- McChesney,
Right- Findlay,
May 1898, at Glenora BC

Colonel Henry Joseph Woodside,
b- Nov 6, 1858, Arkwright, Bruce Co., ON
d- Nov 8, 1929, Ottawa ON, age 71
buried Non 11, 1929, in Beech Wood Cemetery in Ottawa
He died from accidental poisoning from carbon monoxide in his garage.
Insurance Agent in Ottawa when he died Fought in Northwest Rebellion 1885 and received a medal.
Fought in the Boer War, earned rank of Major, ca 1902.
Fought in WWI, wounded in France in 1916
Veteran of 3 wars

under the command of Colonel T. D. B. Evans

Fort Glenora supposedly was named after the translation of “Golden Valley”
It was located 140 miles from the ocean

Yukon Field Force Camp, May 1898 at Glenora

Glenora Landing was a Steamboat-Sternwheeler Landing on the North side of the Stikine River
10 miles south west of the hamlet of Telegraph Creek BC
Same side of the river as Telegraph Creek.
It had a single row of houses, built along the edge of the river, at the foot of a steep bank.

Stikeen River to Glenora
Navigable by steamer May 10 to Aug 31 and for boats up to Oct 31.

Wagon road from Glenora was 15.2 miles from the junction of Telegraph Creek and the Stikine River.

Oct 1874 Mr. Ralph Watson died at Glenora Landing.
Ralph Watson
b- ca 1820, Newcastle-upon Tyne, (Sunderland?), England
d- Oct 5, 1874 of exposure, 8 miles from Telegraph Creek, age 54
his friends carried his body to Glenora.
He was on his way from Dease Lake.
Buried at Glenora Landing
He was well known miner in the Cariboo region.

Oct 1874
John B. Lovell was the Justice of the Peace at Glenora

John Badcock Lovell, trader at Glenora (see bio below)

J. B. Lovell was an Importer and General Merchandise Dealer at Glenora, Cassiar

John Badcock Lovell
b- 1831, Princes Rislow, Bucks, England
d- July 6, 1915, Victoria BC, age 84
Buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC
He built one of the oldest remaining buildings in historic Gastown in Vancouver
the Lovell Block on Water St.
son of John L. Lovell and Cathrine Stratton
married Margaret Mann Feb 3, 1876 in Victoria BC

Morris Moss had a business here.
Morris Moss
b- May 31, 1842, London England
He came from a well to do, Jewish family in London.
d- May 1896 in Denver CO. in one source,
d- Apr 10, 1897, in San Francisco, USA, age 48, per San Fran paper
Mar 1877, his partnership with Charles T. Millard in Glenora,
in the firm of Millard & Moss was dissolved.
Morris Moss continued his business in Glenora,
under just his name.
He found the Hebrew Mine near Bella Bella.
He was a member of the Pioneer Society,
and the Hebrew Congregation in Victoria.
Apr 1893 he was seen in Denver Colorado,
after disappearing in Victoria.
He was confronted in Denver, and claimed he was a different person.
he was known as a Victoria Capitalist, and he just disappeared.
June 25, 1892 he left, never to return.
Private investigators went looking for him.
He had a wealthy brother in Australia at the time and there was rumours he went there.
Aug 1898, there is an advertisement for claims to his Estate.
J. Stuart Yates was the administrator.
Morris Moss owned the schooner “Mary Ellen”
It sunk on a sealing trip, July 28, 1890, under Captain Daniel McLean.
It left San Francisco Dec 27, 1889.
Morris Moss was a well known seal fur buyer in Victoria.
link below to his bio He was married to Hattie Bornstein, in Mar, 1883 in San Francisco.
b- June 16, 1858 in Germany per 1901 census
b- 1863 in Victoria in other sources
age 22 when she married, makes her born in 1861?
d- 1911 in Vancouver BC
Immigrated in 1870 per 1901 census
she was the daughter of Herman Bornstein.
b- Apr 1824 in Germany
Immigrated in 1876
retired Merchant in Victoria in 1901
and Bertha Bornstein
b- Feb 1827 in Germany
He was another Victoria fur Trader
with interests in San Francisco.
The Bornsteins were a Pioneer Jewish family in Victoria, who came from California.
Morris and Hattie had a son, Alexander Moss,
b- Sept 19, 1884 in Victoria, BC.
d- Feb 26, 1968 in Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 83
He died a bachelor
They had a daughter Annie Moss who died shortly after birth.

Glenora had, 2 Stores, 3 Licensed Liquor Shops, (Saloons?) a number of Native huts, and a potato patch and garden. Garden belonged to J. B. Lovell


  • John J. Ballentine, Trader
  • John B. Lovell, Trader (see above)
  • Kenneth Moss Morris, Saloon Keeper
  • James Mahon Rogers, Saloon Keeper

ca 1897
The CPR were going to build a narrow gauge railroad from Glenora to Teslin. It never happened.

Fall 1897-
Mr. James Herrick McGregor
b- Mar 4, 1869, Côte-des-Neiges near Montreal Quebec
(age 26 when he married in 1896)
d- Apr 21, 1915, During WWI
He was the Provincial Government Surveyor,
for the Glenora Townsite,
as well as Telegraph Creek and Teslin.
He lived in Victoria
son of James and Lavinia McGregor
married Elizabeth Francis Gordon Walker, Jan 2, 1896
b- Berwickshire, Scotland (age 26)
daughter of James and Mary Walker

May 1898
A thousand men were at Glenora, waiting to go into the gold fields.

May 1898
J. Clearihue advertised as a Packer, Warehouseman, Forwarder, and General Dealer
He operated Mule Trains from Glenora landing
He had been operating for 13 years in the Cassiar district.

Joseph Clearihue
b- Dec 12, 1835 in Quebec City, Quebec
d- Jan 8, 1907 in Victoria BC

May 1898
Casca Trading and Transportation Syndicate
also advertised in Glenora
A. W. Jones and Bridgman in Victoria were involved in this incorporation

John C. Callbreath had a store here, and moved it to Telegraph Creek

J. F. Callbreath owned the Diamond B Ranch, 480 acres.
10 miles below Telegraph Creek, opposite the old Glenora landing.
This ranch, across from Glenora, became the famous Glenora Guest Ranch, owned by Bobby Ball and his wife Nancy Ball.
They separated, and Nancy operated this ranch until Sept 2012
This ranch was featured in many TV shows and Movies.
See my Telegraph Creek Page for more info on Callbreath, and the Ball family.

June- 1898-
Cassiar Central Railway Co. bought all the land at Glenora, and laid out a new Townsite, and offered lots for sale.

Nov 1898-
Mr. E. B. Shaw and Mr. Tomlinson were trading here.
They held gold claims on Glacier Creek, 6 miles South from Glenora.
Mr. Shaw described small log houses were being built at Glenora.
It was a typical Mining and Forwarding Camp.

pre 1899
Mr. Charles Hanrotte had a small Drug Store at Glenora, Can't find anything on this man.

Mr. James Porter was Government Agent here.
James Porter
b- Mar 1850 in England
age 61 in 1911 Govt. Agent in Telegraph Creek
living with his wife Georgina Jane Porter, age 49, b- in England

They had a Hospital at Glenora, treating Scurvy and frozen feet. It was closed just after this period.


  • E. L. Booth- Hotel Keeper
  • D. V. Walderon- Druggist


  • F. Matheson- Post Master (see below)
  • William Aikley- farmer
  • J. P. Allen- Miner, McDane's Creek
  • G. P. Arnett, HBC trader, Laketon
  • John Bodell, Miner and Packer

Cassiar Central Railway Co. Townsite Owners-

  • Alex Hamfield, General Manager for Cassiar, Head Office (see below)
  • A. F. Griffiths, Secretary, Victoria BC

Arthur B. Conover- Miner
b- Sept 9, 1863 in USA
1930 he is in Alaska, (with James Allen and his wife)
shown born ca 1866 in 1930 census.
1911 he was in Clearwater BC

Customs House- A. B. Ellis, Sub Collector and Wharfinger (same in 1901)

  • Ira Day, Packer
  • John Fintzen
  • William W. Hill (Stableman in 1901)
  • Hudson's Bay Co. General Store- F. Matheson General Manager (same in 1901)
  • J. M. Jackson

Louis C. Kirk- (Blacksmith in 1901)
Lewis C. Kirk
b- Apr 11, 1849 (1852 in one source?) in ON
d- June 6, 1933 in Prince Rupert, age 94
1911 in Clearwater, age 62 b- April, Canada, Blacksmith, Miner
wife- Catherine Kirk
daughter- Mary A. Kirk
daughter- Florence E. Kirk

Louis Dixon- HBC Clerk (same in 1901)
b- Feb 1866 Canada,
age 55 in 1911 census at Liard, Placer Miner

  • John Mitchell
  • Stuart Smith
  • Christian Albert “Chris” Tervo, Prospector (see below)

Thibert Creek Mining Co.- Alex Hamfield, Manager
It was a Hydraulic mine, near Berry Creek
He lived in Victoria, Mining Engineer
Alexander “Alex” Hamfield
b- Nov 13, 1863 in England
d- Mar 20, 1929 in Cisco, Eastland, Texas
buried in Cisco Cemetery
Immigrated in 1893
1928 he was into oil in Eastland Texas with his wife
wife- Eleanor Hamfield
b- Oct 16, 1876 in USA

Christian Albert “Chris” Tervo, Trader and Customs House Collector
Christian Albert “Chris” Tervo
b- Jan 31, 1875 in Norway
d- Dec 18, 1945 in Victoria BC, age 70
Immigrated in 1898
Rock Miner in 1901 census, shown as married
Mr. Tervo and family might have been the last White Family to leave Glenora
He married Kate Marie Matala
b- abt 1875 in Finland
d- Feb 7, 1949 in Saanich BC

daughter- Martha Winifried Tervo
b- Jan 8, 1906 in Glenora
d- Mar 15, 1995
she married Guy Waddington

daughter - Clara Marie Tervo,
b, June 27, 1903 in Glenora
later taught school in Hazelton then Telegraph Creek

daughter- Esther Tervo, b- May 1900 in USA
son- Albert Tervo, b- Oct 1903 in BC
son Randolph Tervo, b- May 1907 in BC

May 1910 he was instructed to move his Customs Office, to a point on the Stikeen on the boundary of Alaska and BC.
He was to be made a Deputy Game Warden as well. 1911 his family was at Boundry

Post Office History

There is some confusion in the Glenora Post Office History.

Part of the problem is there was a Glenora near Duncan BC

Name of Office: Glenora
Federal Electoral District: Burrard (British Columbia)

Office opened May 1, 1898, closed June 30, 1903

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Ignatius Nickolas Bond (see below) 1898-05-01 1898-12-27 Resignation
Farquhar Alexander Matheson (see below) 1899-10-01 1903-06-30 Closed

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

I also found a Mr. Turner was Post Master at Glenora

Rev John Pringle ca 1908 went and got the mail by dog team for Glenora.

June 1899
George Robert Robson, the HBC Manager was the Post Master.
b- Jan 16, 1866 in North Shields, England
d- July 21, 1936 in Victoria, BC, age 76
1901 he was a buyer for HBC store in Victoria BC
see also Port Simpson page
son of Charles and Eleanor Robson
married to Martha Robson, nee Holloway, Nov 21, 1886 in Victoria BC
b- Apr 14, 1868 in Victoria, BC
daughter of Robert and Margaret Holloway

son- George Bertram Robson
b- May 12, 1889 in Metlakatla, BC

daughter- Eleanor Scott Robson
b- Oct 2, 1893 in Port Simpson, BC

Ignatius Nickolas Bond
b- Aug 8, 1871 in Bootle, England
d- Nov 19, 1950, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster BC, age 79
1901 he was in Richmond, BC
Became a Stock Broker
Immigrated in 1891
son of Nickolas Bond and Mary Elizabeth Duffy
married to Margaret Bond, nee Skillicorn, Feb 11, 1904, New Westminster BC

Farquhar Alexander Matheson
b- Jan 19, 1891 in ON
d- May 16, 1990 Orion Care Home, Vancouver BC, age 99
Matheson Creek probably named after him
He built a boat “Big Chief” used to haul supplies to Telegraph Creek
He was a retired carpenter when he died.
He was the 2nd Post Master in Telegraph Creek, ca 1905-1906

married Helen Johnston MacFarlane

also seen Farquahar as his first name
son of William Matheson, and Mary Taylor
both born in Scotland

Ext Links
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map showing Telegraph Creek and Glenora

Canada Archives

Morris Moss, bio
http://www.ourroots.ca http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morris_Moss http://www.nosracines.ca/e/page.aspx?id=757687


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