Hubert, British Columbia, Canada

Hubert BC

Located in the heart of the Bulkley Valley

Named after Hubert Smithers, the Son of Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers, who Smithers Bc was named after.
Alfred was the Chairman of the GTPR

Elevation- 1688 ft above sea level

1507.1 miles from Winnipeg

Located 3 miles East of Telkwa

Natural Resources Security Co. Ltd., Joint Owners of the Townsite
George J. Hammond, President

ca 1917 there was a schoolhouse at Hubert (see note below)

St. John the Divine Anglican Church was located here, built in 1914.
Jan 1923- The Anglican Church at Hubert, was moved up towards Quick. (see note below)

Additions from Doug Boersema, Telkwa Museum:
“The St. John the Divine Church, is now located on the Quick West Road, about a quarter mile from Highway 16.
The old Hubert School is still standing, on the old Bourgon farm on Bourgon Road. It was just a small cabin”

Located on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad
Railroad ran on south side of Bulkley river, On the north side of the river runs Highway 16
Hubert Rd exits of Highway 16 to the north around George Frontage Rd area.
Woodmere Road also runs from north of Highway and joins up with Hubert rd.

Hubert was located just East of Telkwa, on the opposite side of the Bulkley River.
It was originally chosen to be the Divisional Point for the GTPR, but due to the speculators, it was moved to Smithers.

William Moore built a bridge over the Bulkley River at Hubert.
Apr 1918 the bridge was washed away in a major ice jam, flood.

Correction from Doug Boersema:
“The Interior News reported that it was rebuilt in 1918, but when it washed out again in 1919, it was not rebuilt”

Jan 1915 Mr. H. A. Harris worked for the GTP in Hubert, and was transferred to Endako

Post Office History

Name of Office: Hubert

Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)

Office Opened- July 1, 1914
Office Closed- Oct 15, 1918

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Walter T. Gale 1914-07-01 1918-10-15 Closed

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First and Only Postmaster- Walter Tyers Gale
b- Oct 10, 1864, in Cheltenham, Gloucester, England
d- Jan 3, 1938 in Victoria, BC age 73
Dec 1912 Walter Gale was an Accountant in Telkwa.
He was applying to buy 80 acres of Lot 2175
May 1923 there was a coroner in Terrace named Walter Gale
1924 there was a Walter Gale, shown as a Receiver in Prince Rupert.
son of Charles Francis Gale and Harriete D. Tyers
His parents had a total of 13 children.
married bet Oct-Dec 1897 in Cheltenham, Marion Glassford,
ended in divorce in 1909
Walter re-married Eleanor Margaret Smythe, of Vancouver, Mar 13, 1918 in Telkwa.
they had a son born in 1922

brother- Courtney Robert Morgan Gale
b- June 10, 1885, in Cheltenham, Gloucester, England
d- Jan 3, 1954 in Vancouver BC
enlisted in WWI, Aug 28, 1915 in Vernon BC
Reg # 443805, Army, Canadian Infantry, 54th Batt.
Rank- Lance Corporal, occupation Bankers Clerk
came from New York with his brother Reginald, after a visit in 1913.
His next of kin was Walter, changed to his wife, at Home Hill, London, England
married Beatrice A. Jacobs

brother- Reginald Leake Gale
b- Aug 21, 1879 in Cheltenham, Gloucester, England
d- July 3, 1961 in Ganges BC
occupation, Mining Broker, General Agent,
living in Hubert when he enlisted
shown as JP, and Deputy Mining Recorder,
and Real Estate Agent in Telkwa, Dec 1912
1913 he opened an office in Smithers.
Became a Magistrate Judge in Smithers.
enlisted in WWI, Feb 16, 1916 in Telkwa BC
Reg # 704704, Army, Canadian Infantry, 104th Batt., Private
next of kin brother- Walter T. Gale
He married Edith F. Buss, Mar 7, 1925 in Victoria BC
they had 4 children

There was a Native family named Gale in this area as well.

Joseph Charles “Joe” Bourgon
b- Sept 12, 1879, Prescott ON, age 37 when he married in 1915
d- Oct 26, 1952 Smithers BC, age 73
Buried in Smithers
son of Francois “Francis” Bourgon and Elizabeth DeRacine
There is a Bourgon Rd in this area, named after this man.
Ernest Morin, William Croteau and Joe Bourgon
started the first sawmill in the Bulkley Valley.
1921 at T6, R5, Lot 1229 (see note from D. Boersema below)
married Nan Bourgon, nee Capewell, June 10, 1915 at Aldermere, BC
b- Derby England, age 29 in 1915
d- ?
Immigrated ca 1911
Nan Bourgon wrote history books and articles for this area, name of one below
daughter of Arthur Capewell, and Emily Toone
daughter- Antoinette Bourgon
b- ca 1917 in USA
son- Arthur Joseph Bourgon
b- ca 1919 in BC

Correction from Doug Boersema:
“The first sawmill was started in 1907, before the railroad and the equipment had to be brought in on a pack train.
Location described under 'Aldermere,'. ”

D. Bonyman
David Bonyman
b- May 18, 1857 in USA or May 28, 1857, in NS?
d- Feb 1, 1928 in Telkwa, age 72
living in Telkwa in 1921

E. Barge

J. J. Bakke
John J. Bakke
b- ?
d- bef Aug 27, 1930

T. Brewer

J. Cocks
Nicholas “John” Cocks
b- Aug 3, 1884, Ventongoose, Kea, Cornwall, England
d- Jan 7, 1966, at home near Quick BC, age 81
son of Nicholas Cock, and Harriet Cock, nee Deeble
father/mother married in Truro Reg Dist, Cornwall
1921 at T6, R5, Lot 777A, surname shown as Cox

W. Cocks
William Henry Cocks
b- 1876, Cornwall, England, (Wingate, Co Durham in 1891 census below)
age 37 when married in 1903
d- Bulkley Valley Hospital, Smithers BC, age 81
buried in Telkwa Cemetery
farmer at Aldermere BC when married
1921 at T6, R5, Lot 751, surnname shown as Cox
son of Nicholas Cocks, and Harriet Cocks, nee Deeble
married Henrietta “Hettie” Reynolds, Nov 12, 1903 at Smithers.
b- Portreath, Cornwall, England, age 38 when married
daughter of John Henry Reynolds, and Emma Reynolds, nee ?
son- William Deeble Cox
b- ca 1915 in BC

1891 England Census
Ventongoose,1,Nicholas Cock,Head,M,41,,Farmer,Neither,Kea Cornwall,,
,,,Harriet Cock, Wife,M,,40,,,Kea Cornwall
William Cock,Son,S,13,,Scholar,,Wingate Co. Durham,,
,,,Thomas Cock,Son,S,11,,Scholar,,Kea Cornwall,,
,,,Nicholas J Cock,Son,S,6,,Scholar,,Kea Cornwall,,
,,,Eliza Ann Cock, Dau,S,,17,,,Kea Cornwall,,
,,,Amelia Cock, Dau,S,,4,,,Kea Cornwall,,
,,,Laura Cock, Dau,S,,2,,,Kea Cornwall,,
,,,Sidney Cock, Son,S,1,,,,Kea Cornwall,,
Cocks Road, named after this family

A. Crawford

G. Farrow
John “Guy” Farrow
b- in USA, age 46 in 1921
Immigrated in 1901
wife- Eva Farrow
b- In England, age 40 in 1921
Immigrated in 1921

Addition from D. Boersema:
Guy Farrow had his main farm on Woodmere Road, and later owned a lot of properties as he had the money to buy out others that went broke.
His wife only stayed about a year and then went back to England. They did have a son. Guy did send support.

H. Fink

W. Gale (see above) R. L. Gale (see above)

J. Gray

G. Hazelton
George Patrick Hazelton
b- abt 1882
d- Feb 19, 1919 in Hazelton District, age 37
note- Hazelton was named after hazelnut trees, not this man

Gabriel “Gabe” Lacroix
b- Babine Lake, age 23 when he married Apr 12, 1879.
d- May 11, 1933 in Telkwa BC, age 77
son of Michelle Lacroix, and Catherine (Native, last name unknown)
teamster living at St. Mary's Mission, BC,
when he married Sarah in New Westminster
His wife Sarah, was age 16 when married, b- Douglas BC
daughter of Joshua Willard Wells and Julia (Native, last name unknown)
Gabe was one of the early pioneers in the Bulkley Valley, in early 1900's.
May 1913, Gabe, his wife Sarah Jane Wells,
son and daughter, moved to Hazelton.
1926 they moved back to their Round Lake Ranch.
He owned one of the largest ranches in this area at Round Lake.
He owned a large fruit farm near Vernon as well.
His wife's brothers, Amos and J. D. Wells lived at Usk BC.

Additional info from D. Boersema:
Gabe Lacroix is mentioned as being the first white child born the area, when his father was a factor for the Hudson Bay Company at Fort Babine.
His obituary mentions no children but he may have raised his brothers child, and there were often relatives from his wife living with them.
(I am interested in learning more about his brother)

W. Lashbrook
E. Lemeiux
F. O. Miller
F. Morelli
G. McDonnell
J. McKendrick
F. Norris
F. S. Short
W. Skelhorne
J. Thompson

E. Wakefield
Emmet Wakefield
b-ca 1890, in USA, age 31 in 1921
brother Roy below

R. Wakefield
Roy E. Wakefield
b-ca 1890 in USA, age 31 in 1921
wife- Myrtle Wakefield
b- ca1900 in USA
son- Ray Wakefield
b- ca 1916 in USA
daughter- Bonnie Jean Wakefield
b- ca1918 in BC
Pearl Evelyn Wakefield
b- ca 1919 in BC
daughter Myrtle Wakefield
b- 1921 in BC
family lived at T6, R5, Lot 786 and 787 in 1921
Wakefield Road named after this family

Gustavus Tombermaster
b- ca 1872 in USA
wife- Elizabeth Tombermaster
b- ca 1898 in England
daughter- Patricia Tombermaster
b- ca 1920 in BC

4 men At Hubert Railroad Station

Edward Owen
b- ca 1897 in England
Section Foreman CNR

Andrew Johnson
b- ca 1880 in ON
Railroad Helper

James Fairbairn
b- ca 1886, Scotland
Railroad worker

Peter Goheen
b- ca 1894, in ON
Railroad worker

Additional note on names above from D. Boersema:
“I don't know if all those residents are correct as many of them had pre-emptions or farms around the valley. You did not mention Billy Fidel who had built a hotel in Hubert. p. 55 in The Rubber Boots for Dancing book. I don't know about a Mr. Tombermast but there was a Timmermeister who married the sister of Nan Bourgon Their house in Telkwa still has an historic plaque on it.”

Hubert Smithers
b- 1885, Knockholt, Kent, England, age 26 in 1911
there was a Herbert Smithers born bet Mar-June 1864 in Sevenoaks reg dist, Kent
d- Apr 16, 1953, in Homefield, Knockholt, Kent, England, age 68
Member of the London Stock Exchange, Dealer in 1911
Esq., Received Order of the British Empire in Egypt,
served in WWI, Major
(temp. Lt.-Col.) 2/4 Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regt.
he left his estate to 3 of his brothers, Sir Waldron Smithers, Langley Smithers, and Norman Smithers.
he left over £113,000.
He donated money for the memorial to WWI and WWII soldiers, in Knockholt, and raised funds for it as well.
He was MP of nearby Chiskehurst at the time.

father- Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers
b- Oct 4, 1850, Loughborough Rd., Brixton, Knockholt, Kent, England
d- Aug 22, 1924
from Homefield, Knockholt, Kent, England
He was the Chairman of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad
Smithers BC is named after him
His family home, Homefield, is for sale, ca 2014, for a mere £4,500,000!
10 bedroom home, indoor pool etc etc.
Sir Alfred left over 40,000 pounds to only 3 of his 6 children, Hubert, Eva and Norman, and none to his wife.
he had 6 children, all shown alive in 1911 census, but not with him.
1911 census shows him as married for 31 years, but no wife listed.
but he had 7 house servants.
whole family living at Homefield House, Knockholt, Kent in 1891
Shown as a Stock Dealer in 1891
wife shown as Emma R. Smithers in 1891 census
mother- Emma Roberta Theobald
b- May 7, 1859, High Street, Camden, Middlesex, England, age 31 in 1891
d- Dec 1934, in Bromley, Kent, England

Sister- Eva Smithers
b- Aug 4, 1886, Knockholt, Kent, England, age 24 in 1911
d- Mar 1973, Homefield, Knockholt, Kent, England
not married in 1924

Brother- Norman Smithers
b- Dec 16, 1887, Knockholt, Kent, England, age 23 in 1911
d- Sept 1976, Tonbridge, Kent, England
also a member of the London Stock Exchange, Dealer in 1911
and still in 1953
Esq., M.C., served in WWI, Capt.
2/4 R.W. Kent Regt.

brother- Sir Waldron Smithers
b- Oct 5, 1880, Sidcup, Kent, England, age 10 in 1891
d- Dec 9, 1954, Lambeth, London, England
Member of London Stock Exchange in 1953
Knighted in 1934
He was the organist at St. Katharine's Church, Knockholt, Kent, for over 50 years.
Esq., J. P., M.P. Chislehurst since 1924,
served in WWI, Capt. Remount Service,
married Margery Page-Roberts, 1904,
daughter of Rev. F. Page Roberts
had 4 children, 2 sons, 2 daughters.
Res. — Shelleys, Knockholt, Sevenoaks.

sister- Florence Smithers
b- Sept 1882, Sidcup, Kent, England, age 8 in 1891
she was married to John F. A. Swanston

brother- Langley Smithers
b-Mar 1884, Knockholt, Kent, England, age 7 in 1891
d- Aug 21, 1955, Kensington, London, England
member of London Stock Exchange in 1953
Esq., served in WWI, Lieut.
R.N.V.R.,; married Mabel Bishop, 1909,
daughter of W. R. Bishop,
and had 2 children — 3 sons ; and 2 daughters

grandfather- William Henry Smithers, prominent member of Bank of England
grandmother- Emma Turner

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Telkwa History


CNR map, showing Hubert etc.

History book
Rubber Boots for Dancing and other Memories of Pioneer Life in the Bulkley Valley,
by Nan Bourgon and edited by Marjorie Rosberg. Smithers, B.C.
Tona and Janet Hetherington, 1979. Pp. 138


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