Pitman, British Columbia, Canada


Unincorporated Area.
Railway Point on the GTP Railroad between Usk and Pacific

Named after William_Pitman Lett Hinton
Vice-President and GM of the GTPR
b- Aug 13, 1871, Nepean, Carlton, ON
d- May 6, 1955 in Toronto ON
buried- Saint Johns Anglican Cathedral Cemetery, Winnipeg MB
note Birth Reg shows Pittman, marriage cert, Pitman, headstone, Pittman
son of Robert Joseph Hinton and Eliza “Lila” Hyde
He married Olive Delano Parr
b- Sept 1871, ON
d- Aug 10, 1922 in Winnipeg, age 51
daughter of James A. Parr and Catherine Parr, nee ?

22 miles East of Kitsumkalum
7 miles East of Usk
and 5 miles West of Pacific

Latitude- 54º 42' N,
Longitude- 128º 19' W

Map of Pitman between Hanal and Pacific
Part of whole map on my Kitsumkalum Lake site

James Brown was prospecting and came into Terrace with Copper ore, from claims on St Croix and Leggett claims.
these were opposite Pitman Station

Pitman and mines nearby ca 1914


  • Roy Moore

He was part of the M&M Mine Group at Legate Creek
He had a brother Tom Moore, both were living near Kitwanga 1926

  • Peter Lauzon

b- Nov 1847
d- Aug 31, 1926, Kamloops BC, age 78
son of Thomas Lauzon and L'Clophe Cavien (Caveen?)

  • Michel “Mike” Lauzon

aka: Michael Lauzon
aka: Micheal Lauzon
b- May ca 1855, Roxton Falls, Quebec
d- Aug 10, 1925 in Kitwanga, age 70
He was the First White Settler at Gitwangak / Kitwanga BC
His farm was 3 miles from the Skeena River
son of Thomas Lauzon and L'Clophe Cavien (Caveen?)
married to ?

  • Allen Ross
  • Carmen Ross
  • J. D. Ross
  • Stanley Ross
  • J. Melville
  • James Bell

b- Glasgow Scotland
occupation Telegraph Operator

  • James Brown
  • W. N. O'Neil


St. Anthony and Diamond Mines


Stephen Bura
b- ca 1888 in Poland
Immigrated in 1898
CN section foreman
wife- Annie Bura
b- ca 1901 in AB
son- Frank Bura
b- 1921 in BC

Jeremiah Manuel Morgan
b- ca 1873 in Quebec
Woodsman at logging camp

Charles Widemore
b- ca 1895, in Finland

Daniel Elia Pearson
b- ca 1884, in Sweden

Peter Puport
b- June 2, 1884, age 36 in 1921 in Finland
d- Feb 19, 1955 in Bulkley Valley Memorial Hospital, Smithers BC, age 70
buried in Smithers

Constance Emily Pearson
b- ca 1890 in Norway
Camp Cook
Clara Borghild Pearson
b- ca 1917 in BC
Daniel Clifford Pearson
b- ca 1918, in BC

Duncan Wallace McIntosh
b- ca 1867 in Scotland

James McPherson
b- ca 1872 in NS

Brackenbury- Section Foreman at Pitman
He was previously at Amsbury

Thomas “Tom” Snell
b- Cornwall England
d- Oct 1933 in a mine accident in California
He started at Zinardi Bridge when he came to Canada.
He was a Superintendent for D. A. Rankin in Pitman
He was into prospecting and logging at Pacific, Usk, and Terrace before leaving to CA with his wife.


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