Alice Arm

Alice Arm, British Columbia, Canada

Alice Arm BC

Unincorporated Area

Aerial View of Alice Arm
Photo part of Brooke Hodson, BC Tel Collection

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Cassiar Land District Located on Alice Arm, at the top of Observatory Inlet

Prince Rupert Provincial Electoral District

Prince Rupert BC, Approx 100 miles away

Lat- 55º 29' N,
Long- 129º 28' W

Name came from Rev Robert Tomlinson's wife, “Alice” Mary Tomlinson, nee Woods
She was a Native of Ireland, 2nd daughter of Richard Woods, Registrar of the Supreme Court of BC, at Victoria
It was named by Staff Commander Pender, of the SS Beaver, in 1869

July 1911- John Buckley started a hotel at Alice Arm
He was from Sandon and Phoenix
He ran the Clifton House in Sandon at one time before Alice Arm

John M. Buckley
b- Apr 8, 1852 in Ireland
d- Mar 30, 1927 in Victoria BC, age 74
Immigrated in 1890
1901 he was a hotel keeper in Rossland BC

Mr. F. J. McGrath was a well known prospector at Alice Arm
Francis Joseph “Joe” McGrath
b- Mar 1875 in Ireland
d- Jan 4, 1916 in Oak Bay, BC, age 41
Immigrated in 1900
wife- Annie McGrath
b- Aug 1878, in England,
daughter- Dorothy C. McGrath
b- 1910 in Oak Bay, BC

Charles Gordon- Policeman at Alice Arm
He discovered the Ajax Group of claims on Mt. McGuire

A. E. Wright
- Provincial and Dominion Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer
He was in Prince Rupert as well as Alice Arm
1911 he was married living on 2nd ave in Rupert
Insurance manager when he got married in ON
Alfred Esten Wright
b- Aug 1, 1885, Toronto, York, ON
d- Nov 23, 1927 in Toronto, York, ON, age 42
buried in Westen
son of Alfred Wright and Catherine “Kate” Kennedy
both parents born in ON
married Dora Louise Wright, nee Dennison, Feb 12, 1911 in Toronto, York, ON
b- age 40 in ON, age 30 when she married
daughter of F. C. Dennison, and Julia A. Macklem
son- Charles Edmond Wright
b- ca 1912 in BC
daughter- Katheleen Louise Wright
b- ca 1914 in BC
daughter- Julia Charlotte Wright
b- ca 1917 in BC
son- Gordon Dawson Wright
b- ca 1920 in BC
Close relations:
cousin- Hester Octavia Wright
b- ca 1904 in BC
with the family above in 1921
brother- Adrian Wright
Lived in Ottawa ON in 1927 when his brother died.

W. M. Law, Store
William M. Law He shows up in my Prince Rupert pages as well, part of Law-Butler Co. there.

William M. Law
b- Sept 26, 1863 Provincetown, Barnstable Co., Mass, USA
d- 1934
buried in Gifford Cemetery, Provincetown, Barnstable Co. Mass.
He sailed on the SS Humboldt from Prince Rupert to Seattle, Sept 11, 1909, heading to Portland Oregon, shown as a Merchant, Single.
Came to Canada in 1896
May 1896- to July 1906 in Greenwood BC
1898 he was a General Store Owner in Anaconda in the Boundary District
June 1908 to Oct 1915 he lived in Prince Rupert
His wife was deceased in 1916
Mary Ethel Law died May 28, 1916 in Alice Arm, age 41, wife?
Brother Louis Atwood Law was a next of kin in 1916
His mother, sister and brothers lived in Provincetown, Mass in 1916

siblings in 1870 census:
Emma F. Law
b- Aug 6, 1853 in Provincetown, Mass., age 16
Emma married Edwin Walter Smith, July 29, 1875, Provincetown, Mass

Ida Smith Law
b- Aug 31, 1855 in Nova Scotia, age 14
d- Sept 14, 1878 in Provincetown, Mass.
other records say b- Provincetown, Mass.
Ida married John Edward Jordan, May 23, 1875, Provincetown, Mass

Elizabeth “Lizzy” W. Law,
b- July 24, 1857 in Provincetown, Mass., age 12
married David H. Powers, Jan 15, 1896 in Provincetown, Mass.

William B. Law
b- 1859
d- 1860

*William “Willie” M. Law, (see above)

Anna B. Law
b- ca 1865, in England, age 5
Mammie B. Law born 1866, died Jan 7, 1873, in Provincetown, same father/mother

Female, Infant, Law
b- ca 1870 in Mass., age 1 mo.
can't find her name or more info

more siblings added to family in 1880 census:

Edward “Eddie” Morris Law
b- May 15, 1870, in Barnstable, Mass., age 10
d- Sept 14, 1944 Rockport
member of Ashler Masonic Lodge, occupation- manager
married Mertie Josephine Hopkins Aug 14, 1895 Provincetown, Mass.

Lewis “Louie” Atwood Law
b- Dec 16, 1871 in Provincetwon, Mass,
(shown age 4 in 1880 census?)
d- Oct 4, 1956 in Provincetown, Mass.
buried in Gifford Cemetery
Member of King Hiram's Masonic Lodge, Occupation- Merchant
married Nellie N. Allen, June 16, 1897, Provincetown, Mass.

William remained an American Citizen
He left the US on Mar 1916, arriving in Alice Arm, Apr 1916
where he had a Mercantile business.
He had a small store in Alice Arm, and got his stock from Ketchikan AK
1920 shown living in Seattle WA, shown as a Merchant, Commission

Father- William H. Law
b- 1828, Portland Maine
d- 1886
Shown as a Seaman in 1870

Mother- Methittoble “Hattie” Wett
b- 1831 in Liverpool, Nova Scotia
d- 1919

Allan “Al” Faulkner, Store (see ccorrection below) (Carpenter and Packer in 1922)
Correction came in Aug 14, 2018, The fellow who moved from Stewart and opened a general store in Alice Arm in 1916 was Thomas Wilbert Falconer (my grandfather) not Allan Faulkner, as indicated on your page. There was an “Al” in town, but it was my grandfather's older brother, Allen Falconer, who made his living as a carpenter, teamster and packer. best, Tom Falconer

George Bruggy, Store (also in 1918 Directory)
George Washington Henry Francis Bruggy
b- May 3, 1881 Oakland CA, USA
d- Feb 26, 1965, Victoria BC, age 83
son of George Bruggy and Mary E. Williams
father - b- Australia, mother- b- CA, USA
married Florence Toynbee Bruggy, nee Harmston, Nov 9, 1906 in Vancouver BC
b- Comox BC, age 21 when she married
daughter of William E. Harmston and Margaret Graham

G. J. Frizzell- Butcher
George John Frizzell
b- Oct 25, 1860 in Toronto ON
d- Aug 8, 1950 in Prince Rupert General Hospital, Pr Rupert, BC, age 89
1912 his business ad was in Rupert
1913 he had a meat market in Smithers as well
son of Thomas (John?) Frizzell and Isabella Frizzell, nee ?
widower when he married Sadie Rood, nee Ireland, Aug 27, 1902 in Port Essington
daughter of M. C. Ireland and Lucy
she was also a widow when they married

J. B. Robertson- Rooming House
Owned the Tobacco and Pool Room, ca 1918

Alice Arm Transfer Co., Livery and Packing

J. Hawkinson, Restaurant (Hawkinsen?)

Acme Importers Co. Ltd., Gent's Furnishings

Olaf “Ole” Evindsen, Hotel, Prop.
b- Aug 14, 1881, Olda, Hardanger, Norway, age 34 when he was married in 1915
d- May 30, 1972, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 90
Living in Port Hardy before he died
He owned the Alice Arm Hotel
He was one of 4 Scandinavian Founders of the Dolly Varden claims
father- Evind Olsen and Lasina Samlenes Olson
married Svea Katherine Evindsen, nee Hanson, May 8, 1915 First Lutheran Church, Vancouver BC
b- Sterling Wisconsin, USA

Frank Aker
b- 1881 (1883?) in NS
d- Apr 6, 1936 in Prince Rupert BC, age 55
buried in Prince Rupert
shown as a fisherman in Rupert in 1921 census and 1935 voter's list

C. W. Calhoun
possibly Charles Webster Calhoun
b- Apr 4, 1878 in Lena Illinois, USA
d- Apr 8, 1947, Seattle WA, USA
son of Noah Webster Calhoun, and Mary Parkinson
he married Bertha Ada Wickens, Apr 15, 1920 in Wigwam BC

William J. Crawford
Donald “Don” William Cameron (see below)
Arne Davidson (see below)
Miles Donald
W. Field

J. M. Morrison
John Maddever Morrison
b- June 10, 1887, Rothesay, Bute, Scotland
d- May 13, 1965 in St. Joseph's Hospital, Victoria BC, age 77
enlisted in WWI, Jan 30, 1918 in Victoria BC
Reg # 2138042, military Service Act letter and no- 302061
Occupation- Contractor, single
next of kin- mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Morrison, Toward View, Ordbeg View, Rothesay, Scotland
Horse Trainer when he died
son of Archibald Morrison, and Elizabeth Stevenson
He was living in Alice Arm when he was married
He married Emily Hunter Milne, Apr 25, 1918 in Victoria BC

Al Miner (Al Minor?)

Archie D. McPhail, Mining and Lumberman
b- abt 1866, in ON, age 55 in 1921

William “Billy” McLean- 1922 he is listed as a Prospector with Dog Teams
William “Billy” McLean discovered the molybdenite on Lime Creek in 1911,
He staked the Canadian Girl claim there, and in 1916 re-staked the area as the Cariboo claim
William “Billy” Mclean
b- ca 1882, (age 39 I think it says, in 1921), in Scotland
it could also say age 34 or 37? errors in census are common though.
d- Just too many William McLean's to find him
In 1921 he was at the Wolf Mine with Miles Donald.
Immigrated in 1901
a William McLean, not sure if same guy as above, as birth year differs, but census could be wrong as well.
b- Aug 17, 1877, Hamilton, Scotland
enlisted in WWI, May 9, 1916 in Prince Rupert
shown as a miner, living in Rupert
Next of kin- mother- Mrs. Ellen Bickerton, Chesterton, Staffordshire, England
he had 9 years plus service in South Africa and Egypt

Earnest Moss- (see below)

Walter McDonald
FNU Pigott
FNU Ross

Charles Swanson
Charles Swanson died from the Spanish Influenza epidemic in Nov 1918
He was an old timer in the district, well known miner in BC

Sept 1916- the Dolly Varden Silver Mine was operating.
60 men and 3 diamond drills.
Dolly Varden Group of Mining claim was on the Kitsault River, at the head of Alice Arm
It was operated by Resident Engineer, Richard B. McGinnis of San Francisco
He was sent out in 1914
Sept 3, 1914 he was on the SS Spokane, leaving Prince Rupert Aug 31, arriving in Seattle WA, heading to California

Richard Brodhead McGinnis
b- Oct 11, 1879, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois USA
d- Apr 1, 1964, Marin CA
father Richard Irving McGinnis b- in English Canada,
mother-Alice Adams, b- New York
married Alice Mand McGinnis, nee Adams
b- ca 1880 in Alton Illinois USA
both her parents were born in Maine USA
son- Richard A. McGinnis
b- Dec 16, 1903 in Douglas Arizona USA
son- George C. McGinnis
b- Oct 1, 1909 in Berkeley, CA, USA
1920 family living in Berkeley, Alameda CA
He worked all over the world, Cuba, Panama etc.

Alice Arm Mining and Development Company, Limited
headquarters at Alice Arm, 1916, they had capital of $500,000

Jan 1917- the boarding house at the Dolly Varden mine was destroyed by fire

Reached by CPR and Union Steamship Co's boats from Prince Rupert
They were installing a railroad 18 miles to the Dolly Varden mine

Had a Telegraph Office, Anglican Mission (Once a month)
Population 200

Kergin and Fowler's Launch (Ferry) connected with Anyox
(old Directories show name as Kergen, which is wrong)
Herbert Fredercik Kergin and Robert “Harry” Fowler, owners (Bios below)
Boat name “Awake”, built in 1920, later became “Charkay”
Herbert Frederick Kergin
b- July 5, 1885, in St. Catherines, ON
d- Aug 28, 1954, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, BC, age 69
Transferor in 1911, age 25
MLA for Atlin from 1920-1923
son of William Henry Kergin, b- Ireland, and Margaret Emmett, b- ON
Occupation- Electrician, living in Stewart when he married Frances
married Achsah “Frances” Kergin, nee McCoskrie, Oct 25, 1910 in Prince Rupert BC
b- Sept 1887, in Kenora, ON
son- Herbert Kergin
b- Apr 1911 in BC, 6 mo old in 1911 census
daughter- Achsah Alice Kergin
b- ca 1913 in BC
daughter- Leah Winnifred Midlane, nee Kergin
b- Nov 9, 1919 in Prince Rupert BC
d- Oct 13, 2009 Luther Court, Victoria BC

Robert “Harry” Fowler
b- bet Oct-Dec 1881, Wisbeach Reg Dist. in England
d- Sept 25, 1941 in Victoria BC, age 58
shown as a Captain of the Ferry in 1921 in Alice Arm
both his parents born in England
He immigrated in 1903
1940 he is shown as a Mariner in Victoria

Gust Anderson- Mining
b- in Sweden, age 33 in 1921
wife- Mary Anderson, nee ?
b- in Norway, age 37 in 1921
Daughter- Annetta Anderson
b- in Norway, age 17 in 1921
daughter- Alice Anderson
b- ca 1911 in BC
daughter- Ellen Anderson
b- ca 1918 in BC

Henry H. Carney- Mining, Logging, Postmaster (see below)
His wife Tekla Carney was Sub Recorder, Provincial Mines Department (see below)

Donald William “Don” Cameron- Mining
b- in USA, age 35 in 1921
Immigrated in 1910
He staked the Wolf Claim in 1915
which were optioned to McGinnis & Associates
wife- Gameil Cameron
b- in USA, age 33 in 1921
Immigrated in 1920

M. J. Candon- Roadhouse
H. T. Gordon- Telegraph Operator
G. A. Hunter- School Teacher
Robert Kay (Kaye?) Roadhouse

Rugby Club Ltd, at Alice Arm Hotel

New staff at the Dolly Varden Silver Mine, now operated by the Taylor Mining Co.,
General Manager- Major D. E. Young, from the Provincial Forestry Commission,
Mine Superintendent- Major Angus W. Davis, of the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co. at Trail,
Assistant Mine Superintendent- R. B. McGinnis of San Francisco,
Chief Accountant and Storekeeper- H. B. Browning, formerly office manager for the Canadian Collieries Limited.
The Dolly Varden Mines Company was incorporated in the State of Delaware.
Taylor Engineering Company Ltd. were hired to build the railroad.
Mr. A. J. T. Taylor was President of the Engineering Co, and President of the mining company was a Mr. J. D. Hubbard
see links below for changes in ownership, due to the railroad.

Franklin Riah “Frank” Roundy
see my **Silver City** page

Alice Arm Social Club

Oct 1920- Tenders were issued for a new wharf at Alice Arm

Sept 1920 they had 250 men working at the Dolly Varden Mine


Alice Arm & Anyox Herald, Ernest Moss, Editor, Publisher
Ernest Moss
b- Nov 28, 1884, Old Basing, Hampshire, England, age 30 when he was married
d- Aug 24, 1953, Creston BC, South Trans Prov Highway #3, Car Accident
occupation Carpenter when he married
son of George Moss and Sarah North
married Annie Mary Freeman, Mar 6, 1916, Prince Rupert BC
b- Croydon, England, age 30 when she married
daughter of Joseph Freeman, and Sarah DeMaid

Dominion Telegraph- 1922

Herbert William Butler- Telegraph Operator (see below)
Robert Kay (Kaye?)- Lineman

David Sharpe Cameron- Prov. Constable
b- in Scotland, age 42 in 1921
Immigrated in 1907
wife- Mary Davis Cameron
b- in Scotland, age 44 in 1921
Immigrated in 1908
son- Arthur David Cameron
b- ca 1910 in BC
son- Allen William Cameron
b- ca 1917 in BC

Hotel/ Rooming House 1922

Alice Arm Hotel- Mrs. Maud McCoy, Prop
maybe Elsie Maud McCoy?
b- ca 1887 in Quebec, age 34 in 1921
d- ?
I can't seem to find much about Maud.
Bet would be some interesting stories at that hotel.

Mar 22, 1920 the Alice Arm Hotel was sold for $22,500

Miss B. Crawford- Rooming House

Kitsault House- Stephen “Steve” Dumas and J. B. Robertson

Alice Arm Commercial Club- Thomas Wilbert Falconer, Sec. (see Stewart Page)

Bernhard William Barrett- Gen Store

Mine Index- 1922
La Rose Mining Company Ltd.- La Rose Mine, Miles Donald, Operator
1920 the company had authorized Capital $1,000,000.00
Registered office- Prince Rupert

Esperanza Mine- Edward Elge, Manager
Edward Elge
b- Aug 12, 1866, Warmland, Sweden
d- Nov 28, 1946, Alameda, CA
immigrated Mar 15, 1887
US Citizen, Sept 1894 in Montana
Came to BC Dec 1920

Climax Claims- M. P. Olson, Manager

A A Silver Mining Company, J. McAleenan, Manager North Star Mines- James McAleenan, Manager
James McAleenan
b- Nov 16, 1876 in Ulverston, Lancashire, England
d- ?
Immigrated to US, May 1882, to Philadelphia, on SS Illinois
Silver Mine owner in 1921
Hotel Keeper in Stewart, ca 1928
1891 to 1909 in Beloit Kansas
Lived in Braxton BC, ca 1943
1933 he owned the Austin Hotel, on Granville St., in Vancouver
Father- Patrick McAleenan, b- County Down, Ireland
Mother- Ellen McAleenan, nee Digle, or Dagle?, who lived in Beloit Kansas, in 1928
b- also in County Down, Ireland
2 sisters- Mary and Rose McAleenan
married Molly McAleenan, nee ?
b- ca 1880, in USA, age 31 in 1921
d- Dec 26, 1921 in Vancouver BC
Immigrated in 1905
married 2nd time Annie Horn, May 5, 1933 in Vancouver BC,
who lived in Tacoma WA in 1943

Homestake Mining & Development Co.
- Archibald Cyril Henry Gerhardi- Gen. Manager, Mining Engineer
Arne Davidson of Alice Arm located this claim initially, ca 1914-16. Arne Davidson
b- Nov 1861 (1862?), In Wisconsin, USA, age 59 in 1921
d- Jan 1, 1947 in Prince Rupert General Hospital, Prince Rupert BC, age 86
Immigrated in 1911
both parents born in Norway

Dolly Varden Mine- C. B. North, General Manager
Cyril Burton North
b- in NS, age 34 in 1921
Occupation- Mining Engineer
-Taylor Engineering Company Operators

United Metals Co.- T. C. Nutter

Misc Info- 1922
Dolly Varden Railroad Company- Taylor Engineering Company Operators
New School was built in 1922 for up to 60 students
Government wharf
Royal Bank of Canada- Manager, Michford McDonald Ross
Population 300

Alice Arm Aug 1969
taken from BC Tel's Alice Arm Passive

Alice Arm, Northland Dock
photo courtesy Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith

Post Office History

Name of Office: Alice Arm

Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office Opened- Apr 1, 1916

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Michael “Henry” Harshman Carney
(see below)
1916-04-01 1922-08-17 Resignation
William McDougal Cummings
(see below)
OAS 1923-03-01 1943-10-18 Resignation
Arthur Dickie York
(see below)
1943-11-09 Acting
Mrs Jessie Forsyth Butler, nee Hughan
(see below)
1944-06-03 1950-08-14 Resignation
Arthur Dickey York
(see below)
1950-08-15 Acting
“ ” “ 1954-11-18 1963-03-31
Mrs Margaret Stewart 1963-04-01 1966-07-08 Resignation
Eric Foulds Lee OAS 1966-09-28 Acting
” “ ” 1966-10-17 1967-02-03 Resignation
Mrs Lily Neilson 1967-04-01 Acting
“ ” 1967-05-31

Additional Information: Sup P.M. - Prince Rupert

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster-
Michael “Henry” Harshman Carney
b- ca 1867 in ON, age 54 in 1921
d- July 30, 1953, Hornby Island
wife- Tekla Carney, nee Olson
b- ca 1868 in Sweden
died June 4, 1922 in Alice Arm, age 55
Immigrated in 1901
son- Henry Frederick Carney
b- 1908, Bellingham, WA, USA, age 12 in 1921
Immigrated in 1909

William McDougal “Bill” Cummings
b- Aug 7, 1878, in Truro, NS
Occupation- Carpenter, Sept 1915
He was on his way from Seattle to Alaska
married Lillian Cummings, nee Hutchison, Apr 22, 1915 in Victoria BC
b- age 37, in USA
Sept 12, 1916 he enlisted in WWI, Carpenter and mechanic
Reg # 1015843
His wife Lillian was next of kin, who lived in Vancouver in 1916

son of J. Ross Cummings,
b- Nov 15, 1846, age 54 in 1901, Truro, NS
and Jessie Cummings, nee ?,
b- Apr 16, 1854, age 47 in 1901, in NS

Lizzie D. Cummings- Apr 16, 1875, age 26 in 1901, in NS
Mariam B. Cummings- Oct 11, 1885, age 15 in 1901, in NS
Bertha G. Cummings- Mar or Nov, 7, 1890, age 11 in 1901, in NS
James Parker Cummings- Apr 1, 1894, age 7, in 1901, in NS

Arthur Dickie York
b- Jan 31, 1882 in Rabun Co., Georgia, USA
d- May 28, 1972 in Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, Pr. Rupert, BC, age 90
father -William Hillyer York, b- In Rabun Co., Georgia, USA
and mother Sarah Melinda Dickerson, b- in Rabun co., Georgia, USA
1921 Arthur was in Alice Arm
single when he died
buried in Clayton, Georgia

Jessie Forsyth Butler, nee Hughan
b- Nov 6, 1901 Whithorn, Scotland
d- Aug 2, 1986 in Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, age 84
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert BC
daughter of Peter Hughan and Elizabeth Harper
married Herbert William Butler Sr.
b- P.E.I.
son- Herbert William Butler Jr.
b- Apr 12, 1937 in Prince Rupert BC
d- Aug 23, 1949 at Alice Arm, age 12

Others listed are not researched due to privacy concerns

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