Silver City

Silver City, BC, Canada

Mining Camp
Headquarters of the mines for the Illiance River, shown in map above (traditional native name- Kshailalishumus)
Located on south side of Alice Arm, the abandoned site of this Mining camp became the Kitsault Town Site
North of Lime Creek shown in map above

Had a Government Wharf and many cottages

Apr 16, 1922 - for 6 weeks prior to that date, Logging took place here, J. M. Morrison (see below) was taking timber out for the **Georgetown Mill**.
800,000 ft of logs was taken out.
5-6 men were working and O. M. Watson (see below) was in charge

Abbotsford Lumber Company were ready to log off 2,000,000 ft of logs

No sign of this camp in any of the old directories, but it did exist, so have listed it here.

John M. Morrison
John Murdoch Morrison
b- Feb 11, 1872, Pictou, NS
d- Dec 24, 1940 in Prince Rupert, age 69
buried in Fairview cemetery, Prince Rupert BC
shown as a fisherman when he was married in 1906
Contractor and Freighter in the Alice Arm area in 1925, reason I am pretty sure I have the right guy here.
Part owner of the La Rose Mine
1927 Alderman in Prince Rupert
married Lillias Miller, nee McNaughton, a widow, Aug 29, 1906 in Vancouver BC
b- 1878
d- 1947
daughter of William McNaughton and Annie Murray

O. M. Watson
Oliver Morton Watson
b- Mar 22, 1883 in Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
d- Oct 17, 1966 Seattle WA
served in WWI, enlisted Sept 30, 1915 in Prince Rupert
Regimental Number: 503345
1921 owned O.M.Watson Contracting Company, working on the Government road from Alice Arm to the wharf
Apr 15, 1923 married, returning home to Anyox from a holiday in Seattle area.
son of Daniel M. Watson and Annie Mcauley
married Helen Carol McClure, nee Zeek Apr 16, 1920 in Vancouver
daughter of Mark Zeek
Jan 27, 1930 shown divorced going to Seattle, shown as a railroad track foreman, last address Anyox BC

Another creek in this area Roundy Creek
named after another old Prospector in the area
Roundy found the Esperanza mine, part of the Alice Arm Group
It was located in 1909 by “Old Roundy” (in October 1903 by another article)
It was bought by Capt. John Irvine and Associates, who couldn't pay wages in the end, and it went to a sheriffs sale.
It was taken over by the Salinas brothers. (see below)
The mine property was located one mile from Alice Arm, it had lots of water power and timber.
It comprised 16 claims.

Franklin Riah “Frank” Roundy
Frank Roundy
aka: Old Roundy
b- Mar 23, 1845 in Bartonsville, Rockingham Tsp., Windham Co., Vermont, USA
d- Apr 15, 1921 Vermont, USA from burns he acquired in an accident, (Chronic Nephritis for 6 mo. on death reg), age 73
buried in Rockingham Meeting House Cemetery, Rockingham Vermont
Dec 7, 1863 enlisted in Civil War, age 18, farmer, Company L, Massachusetts 3rd Cavalry Regiment
Immigrated from US in 1873 per 1901 Canada census, came to Sooke
married Jane Tupyoake, Mar 26, 1877 in Victoria BC
shown age 55 in 1901 Canada census in Port Simpson, Nass area
1911 he was at the Arrandale Cannery, not in census it shows as Arandale
He applied at Prince Rupert consulate in 1917 claiming born Mar 24, 1846 in Bartonsville, Vt., USA, age 70, 5ft 8“ tall
He had a stroke in Nov 1918, and was in the Jubilee Hospital when he wrote his will In Jan 1919, which was contested by his sister Rose.
He left an estate at roughly $60,000.00 in 1921 money
He lived with the natives and had a son with one of the native women. (see Pedro salinas story below)
father- Ralph G. Roundy, b- Rockingham Township, VT, USA, surveyor in 1850 US census, age 44
mother- Attanta Roundy nee Gilson, age 47 in 1850 census, born in Vermont USA
siblings as of 1850 census:
Charles Roundy
Arabella Roundy
John Roundy
Sawa Roundy
George Roundy
Ralph Roundy Jr.
Ann S. Roundy
Rosalinda “Rose” Roundy, Mrs Glynn
His sister Mrs.Rose Glynn, came to Victoria, while he was at the Hotel Brunswick, when he was ill in 1917, and took him back to Mass, USA
His address was Naas harbour at that time.

also in map above, Riel's Camp about 1 mile south of Alice Arm
named after C. P. Riel
Clifton Philip Riel
b- 1878 in USA
d- June 22, 1945 in Vancouver BC, age 66
Free Miner's Certificate No. 47418-C
1921 census- sawmill owner on the Nass river
Managing Director of the Reward Mining Company in 1934
He was interested in mining since 1906
father- Clifton Riel, lived in Alberta in 1915, born in USA
mother- born in Quebec
wife- Myrtle Mercedes Riel, nee Moore, born in MB, married Aug 31, 1907 in Winnipeg MB
His wife died age 85 in Vancouver BC
daughter- Virginia Riel b- ca 1919 in BC

Salinas Brothers

Pedro Salinas
Pedro Salinas Arregui b- Oct 22, 1887, in the town of Galarreta, Spain
d- 1962 in Spain

sons of Jacinto Salinas López de Guereñu and Leuteria Arregui.

Both were from Spain in many newspaper accounts, which turned out to be true
They owned the Esperanza Mines, 3 claims, known locally as the Spanish Group of claims approx 1.5 mile north of Alice Arm, with A. G. Lothgren (see below)

Per Pedro's story, link below, he arrived in Winnipeg Apr 7, 1907 via Paris and then London England.
He did go down and work in the US
Feb 1, 1908 he arrives in Vancouver BC
He went north to Prince Rupert and actually worked on the GTP railroad in October 1908
In May 1911 he became a Canadian subject
June 1916 after a judge rules the mine is his, he goes to this mine but Roundy, who ended up owning the mine after the Capt. Irving couldn't pay the wages, has left instructions not to let him in. He confronted Roundy who eventually gave in to him.
In his letter he claims he got less than $20,000 for his mine.

One article in 1920 said Pedro came from Mexico, via California a couple years earlier than 1920, with nothing but a pick and shovel to his name, and worked for Capt Irving, who ended up they couldn't pay his wages of $200, so the sheriff sold the claim at auction and Pedro acquired the claim for wages owing. He got a job to keep food on the table, and worked his claim when he could. Just before he was about to quit the claim, he found valuable silver ore at the end of the shaft he was digging. He sold his claim in Nov 1920 for $75,000 in one article and $15,000 in a couple others. Sold to Edward Elge and Associates.
in Spanish his story- Pedro's story in spanish

Baldomero “Baldy” Salinas
alt spelling in some articles: Baldereno Salinas
b- ca 1891, (4 years younger than Pedro)
d- Baldy disappeared in Apr 1920 and no one knew where he went or what happened to him
In Pedro's letter he found out he was mauled by a black bear.
He came to Prince Rupert and was under Doctor care for the flu. Left there, and no one seen him after that.
They found his bank book by the railway grade on the waterfront, near the entrance to the harbour
He had $4000 in his account. Plus numerous sacks of valuable silver ore at the mine
Later articles said he died.

Third partner of the Esperanza Mine
A. G. Lothgren
Arthur Glessner Lothgren
b- Oct 31, 1891 in Chicago IL, USA, (age 25 in 1916)
d- Nov 14, 1952 Portland, Oregon, USA
son of Karl A. Lothgren and Elizabeth Endstrand
Married Florence Marks, July 3, 1916 in New Westminster
b- May 8, 1877, at Delaware, Ohio, USA
d- Nov 6, 1955 at Long Beach CA
Carl Albin Lothgren was his brother. Carl fought in WWI. 1933 Stabbed to death in home of Arthur, in Vancouver, age 39, suicide was predicted.


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