Barrett Lake

Barrett Lake, BC, Canada

Barrett Lake BC

Flag Station, 260 mi from Rupert on GTP Railroad

Latitude-54º 27' N, Longitude-126º 45' W

Elevation 1,875 ft

Named after Charles Barrett (see below)
He set up the Barrett Ranch here ca 1900
Diamond D Ranch

Post Office History

Name of Office: Barrett Lake
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office Opened- Feb 1, 1915
Office closed- Mar 23, 1957

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Charles Barrett 1915-02-01 1943-05-28 Resignation
Mrs Henrietta Prins 1943-07-12 Acting
Mrs Henrietta Prins 1943-07-28 1957-01-22 Resignation, closed

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First Postmaster- Charles Barrett
b- Aug 30, 1866 in Minety Wiltshire, England
d- Oct 16, 1946 Bulkey Valley District Hospital, Smithers BC, age 80
buried in Smithers Cemetery
Immigrated in 1886 (1896?)
He was in BC for 50 years before he died
1901 shown as a Packer, age 34
1911 shown in Pleasant Valley, South Bulkley, Farmer, age 45
son of Richard Barrett, b- in England (first name John?)
and Rose Pitt
Charles married age 46
Charles married Helen Lehrman, Mar 3, 1919 in Vancouver BC
b- Woodstock ON
she was living in Chilliwack when they married
daughter of Charles Lehrman and Louise Bolse


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