Kwinitsa Station

Kwinitsa, British Columbia, Canada

Kwinitsa BC

Kwinitsa Station
Moved to Prince Rupert at former location of GTP wharf

Elevation- 19 ft above sea level

1699.7 miles from Winnipeg
46.4 miles from Prince Rupert

Latitude- 54º 13' N,
Longitude- 129º 33' W

Kwinitsa Station and Foreman's Residence
Photos from Historical Info stands on Terrace Grand Trunk Pathway

Kwinitsa Station moved to the harbour in Prince Rupert.
Station built in 1911, 100-152 Station Plan.
later referred to as Type “E”

Salt Works existed here at Kwinitsa Creek.
The water was boiled down, and Salt for Commercial Purposes was the result.
Mr. D. C. Whiteford discovered the salt brine, 1910-1911.
Have also seen D. C. Whitford as the spelling.
He built a Salt evaporator plant in 1910 here.
British Columbia Salt Works Ltd.,
D. Whiteford, Manager, shown in old directory
F. H. Mobley (Moberly?) was involved in the testing
A Frank H. Mobley was in Rupert, Wholesale Merchant in 1911
There was a Daniel George Whiteford on Lower Skeena in 1911
I am thinking this was the guy, but he is shown as a farmer only and middle initial would be G, not C?
b- Jan 1866 in ON, age 45 in 1911
wife- Ella Stewart Whiteford b- June 1878 in USA

1881 shows Daniel with 3 siblings, no father or mother.
Albert, John and Ana Elizabeth

link below to a picture and map of this salt works

Robert McLean
b- age 37 in Scotland
CNR Watchman
Immigrated in 1910

Peter Kady
b- Feb 27, 1894 in Poland (Galicia)
d- Sept 19, 1971 in Peace Arch Hospital, White Rock, BC, age 77
buried in New Westminster BC, single
CNR Watchman in 1921
Immigrated in 1912
Ironic and sad, he was killed crossing train tracks

Archibald Campbell
b- age 48 in Scotland
CNR Pumpman
Immigrated in 1909

Thomas Grey McManamon
b- 1868, age 53 in Ireland
d- Sept 26, 1931 in Prince Rupert, age 63
buried in Prince Rupert Fairview Cemetery, Masonic section
CNR Section Foreman
Immigrated in 1889

Charles Robinson
b- ca 1900, age 21 in England
CNR Section Hand
Immigrated in 1914

Thomas Archibald Hall
b- age 43 in Australia
CNR Section Hand
Immigrated in 1907
wife- Rose (Rosa?) May Hall
b- age 47 in England
Immigrated in 1920

Raymond Auriol
b- age 27 in Algiers
d- Mar 25, 1943 in Salvus BC, age 49
CNR Watchman
Immigrated in 1902
both parents born in France

Telegraph Mountain at Kwinitsa BC
Darren Rieberger Postcard

Near Kwinitsa there was a terrible Snow slide that destroyed a Highway Contractor's camp in 1943
here is my page for that disaster, which was easily preventable.
Kwinitsa Slide

Ext Links

Kwinitsa British Columbia Salt Works ltd.

Map of area plus drilling results


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