BC Tel- Plant- Terrace- I&R

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

When I started in Terrace in 1969, I&R worked out of an Atco trailer, located in an old Army Drill hall at 4400 Birch Ave.
up on the Bench, off the east end of Park Ave. The trailer was on the left of the main big doors.
Later Radio moved a trailer in on the right of the doors. Both looking from the outside front of the building.
After the barn fire, the trucks were kept at the Chevron Gas station, which was located on the SW corner of Atwood St. and Lakelse Ave.
Today it is an empty lot, across the street from old Kondolas furniture building. (2017) Here they stayed until the new Plant Center at 5215 Keith Ave. was built, where they still are situated in 2017.

Butt-In display Located at Prince George Railway and Forest Industry Museum

  • Terry Brandon (ca early 1970's) (deceased, committed suicide)
  • Leon Parker (ca early 1970's)
  • Harry Simpson
  • William (Bill) Lamb (passed away in Terrace) (hired in 1980)
  • Mel Anderson (went to CO in 1980, now retired in Terrace)
  • Ken Blanes (went to Facility dept, now retired in Terrace)
  • Hans Peter Kurth (Deceased Mar 1, 2010, age 54)
  • Kevin Maki
  • Greg Harris (came in 1981) (deceased)
  • Dave Ziegler (retired in Terrace)
  • Ken Gordon
  • La-Verne “Vern” Fredericks (Deceased 2015, Kelowna area)
    Motel in Houston BC
    Age 18 Fishing in Stewart 1975
    Photos courtesy Alison Fredericks daughter of Vern

  • Fred Jones (left for Golden, Deceased Nov 2015)
  • Arnold (Arnie) Goodwin (1981- left in 1990 to Fort St John as Supv)
  • Grant Shrimpton
  • Terry Prinz (lived in Terrace, moved to the Okanagan, passed away in 2008)
  • Pierre LeRoss (moved to Sp Svcs, resigned, lives in Terrace)
  • Vida Carson (quit. works for Terrace Credit Union)
  • Allan (Al) Groat (hired in 1981)
  • Darrell Kormandy
  • Jim Holland
  • Kim Beaupre (Woodd)
  • Reg Roy
  • Dave Borden
  • Mike Stewart (ca1979) (retired in Victoria since 1991)
  • Bill Lawrie (quit in 1979)
  • Arthur DeCoste (hired in 1979)
  • Ron Strumecki (retired in Armstrong BC, now near Parksville BC)
  • John Stinson (was stores, left to Quesnel, then on to Duncan BC)
  • Brian Allen (came in 1980, went to BTE, then Sales)
  • Vince DeCoste (resigned in 1980) same guy as Arthur above?
  • Earl Henry ( left to Vancouver 1980)
  • Trevor Wells (hired in 1981)
  • Rob Todd (hired in 1981, moved to BTE, then CO) (retired)
  • Terry Paton (hired in 1981, went to test desk, now in Vanderhoof BC)
  • Terry Goddard (hired in 1981)
  • Herb Matthews (ca 1969)
  • Jim Duffy (quit and went into real estate Sales in Terrace)
  • Jim Miller (one of 3 Jim Millers in the district-retired in Squamish 2005
  • Dave Carey,
  • Bill Reynolds (deceased)
  • Jack Greaves (deceased)
  • Gord Jakubec (came in Feb, 1980)
  • Robert (Bob) Kelly (came in 1990)
  • Bob Pegg (came from QC Islands in 1987)
  • Bruce McRae (came in 1991)
  • and more I am sure.

Fred Jones was the Brother in Law to Ron Strumecki and George Normandeau.
Fred was always in trouble with the Supervisors, for having his little dog with him during working hours.
Every day he would get a warning, and every day that little Pekinese dog would be on his lap in the van.
In those days, only the supervisors could have radios in their vehicles, but Fred always had a big transistor radio,
hooked to a huge 6v battery, propped up on the dash of his van. At every safety meeting he was told to remove it.
Funny thing, a few days later, the radio and the dog, were back!!
Sad to report Fred passed away late Nov 2015, after a hospital stay.

Leon Parker actually lived in a trailer next to me, in what was called Riverside Trailer court.
Today there is a memorial for Pioneer Tom Thornhill at this spot.
I believe he was selling Real Estate in Prince George.


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