BC Tel Warehouse Fire

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

This major fire in Terrace, occured on May 8, 1975 @ 9:30 AM
Old Army Drill Hall located on Birch Drive, on Birch Hill above the Aquatic Centre
I would hazard a guess it was the most expensive fire in the history of Terrace.
Possibly the TPA hanger at the airport was costlier, but would be close.

Article from the Terrace Herald after the fire, May 8, 1975 @ 9:30 AM

Picture from the Terrace Herald during the fire

The City of Terrace Garbage truck that started the fire

Headline photo of the fire, May 1976

Picture of the barn fire taken by Mel Anderson

Photos below submitted by Alison Fredericks, daughter of photographer La-Verne Fredericks, Jan 2021

La_Verne Fredericks lost his beautiful old GMC Truck
Before and after above

Tom Coxon lost his old International Pickup

Skip Hollands, Supervisor, looking on in shock at the new Line Truck parked in front

L/R- Carl Lofroth, Jack Greaves, someone standing behind Jack, Don McRobb's? back,and I think Bill Born on right
City Garbage Truck in behind the men. Cause of the fire.
International Garbage Truck making the first pickup. Leaking hydraulic connection caused the fire.

Employees coming back to find warehouse gone.


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