BC Tel- Plant- Terrace- Engineering, Technicians

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

The Engineering Department has had many locations in Terrace.
Originally the work was done from Prince George. Eventually moving to an Atco type trailer next to the Plant Center.
In this trailer were Fraser Sutherland and Fred McRae.
They did the job for many years, until new growth, demanded more Technicians as they were called.
They were once in the building across from the old Terrace Co-op where the Doctor's offices once were.
From there they moved into the old Satt room, after a dividing wall and offices were built to separate them from what was left of the original Toll Office.
When the Service Center was closed, the Technicians were moved to the top floor, Original Operator room, in the Primary Center, to join facilities.
With each move, the drafting department went with them. Now the work is done by one Tech and rest from Prince George, same way it was done back in late 60's,
when Fred McRae arrived on the scene.

Their job was to design all the new outside plant, come up with a work order, and once approved it went to Drafting, then Construction and Facility Departments, to have the work completed as designed by them.

  • Fred McRae (moved to Kelowna in 1981)
  • Fraser Sutherland (retired in Terrace) moved down south -Deceased Feb 11, 2018
  • Brian E. Wolfe (came from radio in 1981- moved to Abbotsford, then Ladysmith)
  • Eric Tycho (retired in Terrace)
  • Martin McCabe (came from satt in 1980) (retired in Terrace)
  • Scott MacKenzie (moved to Victoria)
  • Cory Wardrop (retired, living in Terrace)
  • Larry Sippel (last heard from in Atikokan Ontario)
    Larry was the first permanent Electrician for CT&S Electrical in Terrace.
    He moved to Terrace in 1976.
    He Transferred to the test desk, year unknown, then to Engineering in 1981.
    He moved to Kelowna in 1997 then to Burnaby in 2003 and retired on October 1, 2006

  • John Ricketts (transferred in 1980) (BA for Nurses Union in Lower Mainland, now retired)
  • Bill Spearn
  • Parker Okano
  • Doug Watt
  • Dave McNeice
  • Dave Deleenheer
  • and others.

After Dave McNeice, all Supervisors were based in Prince George.

  • Date Town Building
  • May-70 Aiyansh First Coin Phone
  • Mar-77 Aiyansh Initial Exchange service
  • Nov-82 Aiyansh Lava lake PSRT
  • Mar-77 Canyon city Initial Service
  • Feb-82 Greenville Toll Service
  • Dec-82 Greenville Ishkeenickh radio
  • Mar-82 Kincolith Initial Service to the Village
  • Jan-70 Kitimat Eurocan Cable
  • Apr-70 Kitimat Fire Hall
  • Aug-73 Kitimat Hirsch Creek golf course
  • Aug-74 Kitimat Cable TV
  • Oct-71 Kitsault Initial Exchange Service
  • Feb-73 Kitwancool Buried cable service
  • Jan-81 Kitwancool DM32S concentrator installed
  • Aug-77 Kitwanga Service to Kitwanga Shake mill
  • Apr-72 Stewart King Edward Hotel (Original burnt down and was blamed on BC Tel Switchboard)
  • Dec-82 Telkwa GTD 5 RSU digital switch conversion
  • Jan-76 Terace BC Tel Plant Center at 5215 Keith Ave
  • Jan-70 Terrace Kalum Trailer Court
  • Dec-70 Terrace Graham Trailer Court
  • Feb-71 Terrace New Overwaitea Store (now the BC Access Center)
  • Feb-71 Terrace Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Mar-71 Terrace Totem TV Center Ltd. building, 4554 Lakelse Ave
  • Aug-71 Terrace Bank of Nova Scotia
  • May-72 Terrace New Terrace Hotel
  • Dec-72 Terrace Terrace Arena (Stan Patterson was on the Arena board at the time of const.)
  • Apr-73 Terrace Finning Tractor building on Keith Ave
  • May-73 Terrace Shan Yan Restaurant (remember the Old Silver Tip Cafe? this replaced it, in a different location)
  • Aug-73 Terrace Skoglund Subdivision off Halliwell
  • Oct-73 Terrace Sacred Heart Catholic Church (original Church was where the Skeena Mall parking lot is today)
  • Apr-74 Terrace Bavarian Inn
  • Aug-74 Terrace Swimming Pool
  • Feb-75 Terrace Doc's Cartage on Keith Ave (we used 2 bays in Doc's Cartage for Mechanics and the Radio Department after the barn burnt down on Birch Ave.
  • Mar-75 Terrace Emco Plumbing Supplies 5015 Park
  • Apr-76 Terrace 5555 Taxi
  • May-76 Terrace Phase 1 Franks field Subdivision, became Mount Vista Dr
  • Apr-78 Terrace BC Hydro complex on Keith ave across from BC Tel
  • Aug-78 Terrace Skeena Mall
  • Aug-70 Terrace / Thornhill Jackpine Flats Cable
  • Oct-70 Terrace / Thornhill Skeena Trailer Court
  • Dec-71 Terrace / Thornhill Neisner's Trailer Court
  • May-73 Terrace / Thornhill Cable TV cable placed in Thornhill
  • Nov-73 Terrace / Thornhill Woodlawn Heights Trailer Court
  • Feb-74 Terrace / Thornhill L&D Motors- sold Datsun cars, became the Garden Shed in 90's
  • Jun-74 Terrace / Thornhill New Thornhill School
  • Feb-76 Terrace / Thornhill Thornhill Fire Department


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