Seaton Station

Seaton Station, British Columbia, Canada

Seaton Station

189 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 1289 ft above sea level
1546.9 miles from Winnipeg

Flag Station

Between Hazelton and Smithers
between Beament Station and Boulder Creek Station

27 miles North West of Smithers, 19 miles South East of New Hazelton
New Hazelton was the location of the nearest Post Office

Mount Seaton located in this same area.

Seaton Station ca 1936

Photos above, sent to me Feb 4, 2016, by Peter Daykin, Norfolk, UK.
Photos taken by his mother, Norah Daykin, nee Diggles.
Norah passed away in 2015, age 96
More Diggles family history in Exstew Station History

Photos taken with a Kodak Box Camera,
All children, age 12, in 1930, living in North America, were given a camera in celebration of Kodak's 50 Anniv. (see EXT Link below for more info.)

Fred Labelle- Rancher
James Wright- Section Foreman (see below)

William Brown- Farmer

Fred Labelle- Farmer
alt sp- Fred Lebelle
b- ca 1865, age 56 in 1921 in Quebec
both parents born in Quebec
shown as a settler on land

Daniel McDonald- Farmer
alt sp- Danial MacDonald
b- ca 1875, age 46 in 1921 in PEI
shown as a Gold Prospector in 1921
both parents born in Scotland

Edward Valentine Oster (Sr)- Section Foreman in 1921
b- ca 1878, age 43, in ON per 1921 census
b- Mar 5, 1876, Woodbridge, York, ON, per attestation form
d- Feb 9, 1937 in South Fort George, BC, age 69
enlisted in WWI in Smithers, Jan 13, 1916, Reg #703529
shown as a widower, rank=Private, Canadian Infantry, 102nd Batt.
brother- Thomas Oster was next of kin, Carleton Junction
sons of Valentine and Samantha Oster, both parents born in ON
wife- Mina Oster, nee ?
b- ca 1883, age 38 in 1921, in ON
d- bef Jan 1916
both parents born in England
daughter- Viola Oster
b- ca 1900 in USA
immigrated in 1902
son Edward Oster (Jr)
b- ca 1906 in ON
daughter Francis Oster
b- ca 1911 in ON
daughter Marion Oster
b- ca 1920 (doubt if this date is true, unless different mother)

Edward and Thomas had another 2 brothers, John and William Oster
both married while living in Vaughn township, ON

Coal Seam in this area adjacent to the Railway Tracks, owned by a James Wright.

James Wright and family in Lake Kathlyn Section House in 1921
shown as Foreman, Railroad, Section Gang
James Wright
b- ca 1860 in ON
both parents born in Scotland

Wife- Edith Wright, nee ?
b- ca 1871 in USA
immigrated to Canada in 1903
both parents born in England

Stepson- Frank Baumeister
b- age 28 in USA
immigrated in 1904

Capt H. M. Seaton gave a lecture in New Hazelton
Was this area named after him?
He served 18 years in the Imperial forces, and had served in India, South Africa and Egypt.
He apprenticed at sea at age 12
He had visited every country in the world, and could speak 7 languages.
b- Apr 30, 1867 Ross-shire, Scotland
d- Mar 1, 1935 in Smithers, age 67
buried in Smithers Cemetery, Smithers BC
son of Harry Massey Seaton and Catherine Atter

Captain Henry Massey Seaton “that was my Grand Father he worked on that rail road until he took ill. What was written about him is true, he died in Smithers 1935. My uncle Francis Henry Seaton lived in Terrace, on Seaton Road he had a Trap line. Henry's Son Johann Bruno Seaton, my Father was born Francois Lake.” George E Seaton Aug 14, 2021

or was it after Lord Seaton, of Beechwood Devon England?

More I read about Lord Seaton, more I think it was named after him.
Yonge St, in Toronto was named after the Yonge shown.
Seaton Lake and Seaton Creek in the south of BC probably named after them as well.

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