Exstew, BC, Canada

Exstew BC

Unincorporated Area

Railway Point

Lat- 54 deg, 23 min, 7 sec N
Long- 129 deg, 6 min, 10 sec W

Elevation- 71 ft above sea level

1676.2 miles from Winnipeg
69.9 miles from Prince Rupert on the GTP/CNR
24 miles west of Terrace

Nearest Gov't Telegraph at Grave Yard Point, 9 miles East.


Section Crew Only here

George Hudyma- Section Foreman
b- Sept 25, 1882 in Austria
d- May 15, 1957, Prov. Mental Hospital, Essondale, BC. age 74
Immigrated July 1902
shown as a farmer at Dome Creek BC

1921 Residents

George Hudyme (Hudyma see above)
b- Sept 25, 1882 in Ukraine
Immigrated in 1910
CNR Section Foreman

William Lowdell
b- ca 1901, in England
Immigrated in 1903
CNR Section Hand

Roy Pack
b- ca 1887 in USA
Immigrated in 1921
CNR Section Hand

Jack Moroz
b- ca 1897 in Ukraine
Immigrated in 1912
CNR Section Hand

John Richardson
b- ca 1863 in Ireland
Immigrated in 1880
CNR Watchman

Exstew Station
Norah, Rosa and Audrey Diggles, are in the photo
with one of the railway employees

Exstew Station in the Winter

Photos above, and those below sent to me Jan 31, 2016 by Peter Daykin, Norfolk, UK.
Photos taken by his mother, Norah Daykin, nee Diggles.
Norah passed away in 2015, age 96
Photos taken with a Kodak Box Camera,
All children, age 12, in 1930, living in North America,
were given a camera in celebration of Kodak's 50 Anniv.
(see EXT Link below for more info.)

Fred, Frances, Audrey, and Rosa Diggles

Fred Diggles (Jr)
b- Sept 10, 1892, Wombwell, Yorkshire, England
d- 1971 in Yorkshire, age 78, Selby area of Yorkshire, England

Fred Diggles enlisted in WWI in Victoria BC, Nov 10, 1914
Reg #77703

WWI Christmas Card Fred sent to his parents.
Occupation shown as a Fireman, not married.
Next of kin- his father, Fred Diggles (Sr)
who lived at Station Rd, Wombwell, Yorks, England
(His father Frederick Diggles b- 1866 d- 1955, aged 89 in the Barnsley area ( Wombwell)

Fred Diggles (Jr) immigrated to Canada in 1912,
Leaving Liverpool England, Mar 7, 1912, arriving in Halifax, Mar 16, 1912,

on the RMS Corsican.

Married Frances Hance in 1916 in Yorkshire

1921 he was a Farm labourer in Kindersley SK

From Peter “Fred and his younger brother Archie, enlisted in the Canadian 48th Highlanders both fighting on the front lines in Europe. I have the Christmas cards that Fred sent to his parents, and to Frances during the war. Fred did indeed spend his final years back in the UK. Audrey married a Canadian soldier in the 1940s and spent the rest of her life back in Canada in Vancouver. My mother and her sister Rosa spent the rest of their lives in Yorkshire.”

Exstew, 1932
Audrey, Frances, Norah, and Rosa Diggles

Peter Daykin had this to add to the history:
“In 1926 at the age of 8 his mother (Norah) emigrated to Canada, with her mother Frances, and younger sister Audrey. They were reunited with my Grandfather, Fred Diggles, who was working on the CNR in the Terrace area. They were originally living in Dorreen before spending a few years in Exstew Station and Terrace.
A third sister, Rosa Dorreen Diggles, was born in 1927.
In 1934 after 8 difficult years in the wilderness of BC, the family split up once more and my Grandmother returned to her old family home of Stocksbridge in South Yorkshire with her 3 daughters”

Family on a Handcart

brother to Fred- Archibald “Archie” Diggles
Enlisted in Edmonton AB, May 6, 1915, Reg #503260
b- Aug 13, 1893 in Wombwell, Yorkshire, England
d- 1977, age 83

Walk along the frozen Skeena River in 1934
before the girls returned to England

Snowfall at Exstew, Jan 1932

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