GTPR- 4-Bulkley Station to Fort Fraser

Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad

Overview Map

Bulkley Station

Bulkley Station
Elevation- 2300 ft above sea level
1453.4 miles from Winnipeg


Latitude- 54º 25' N, Longitude-126º 12' W

Rose Lake Station

Rose Lake Station (Summit)
Latitude- 54º 24' N, Longitude-126º 2' W
Elevation- 2363 ft above sea level
1445.8 miles from Winnipeg

Palling Station

Palling Station
306 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 21' N, Longitude-125º 55' W
Elevation- 2316 ft above sea level
1440.4 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station
in South Bulkley District

Decker Lake Station

Decker Lake Station
Latitude- 54º 18' N, Longitude-125º 50' W
Elevation- 2326 ft above sea level
1434.8 miles from Winnipeg
From Kerry Guenter, Smithers:
Decker Lake was named after
Stephen Decker,
b- Aug 24, 1827 LaGrange Maine, Penobscot, USA
d- May 8, 1911 in Vancouver BC, age 83
Construction Foreman on the Collin's Overland Telegraph in 1866.
He was an early logger in North arm, Burrard Inlet area.
Bedwell Bay was called Decker's Bay after him.
Sad part of this fellow's story, he is buried in an unmarked Pauper's grave in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver.

father- Joshua Decker
b- 1791 in Maine USA
d- 1870 in LaGrange Maine, USA
Lived on a farm very near New Brunswick boundary.

mother- Francis (possibly Piper)
b- ?
d- ?

He had one brother- Henry S. Decker,
b- Aug 29, 1828, La Grange Maine
d- ?

Grandfather- Joshua Decker
b- 1752 York, York, ME, Nabc
d- 1850 in Clinton Maine
Grandmother- Susanna Boston

Great Grandfather- David Decker (1717-1809)
Great Grandmother- Eunice Place (1717-1811)

Decker Lake (Water)

Decker Lake (Water)
Elevation- 2305 ft above sea level
1431.7 miles from Winnipeg

Burns Lake Station

Burns Lake Station
317 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 13' 49“ N, Longitude- 125º 45' 52” W
Elevation- 2312 ft above sea level
1429.6 miles from Winnipeg
Telegraph Station
From Kerry Guenter, Smithers: Burns Lake is named after Michael W.Byrnes,
Scout / Explorer for the Collin's Overland Telegraph in 1866

Tintagel Station

Tintagel Station
Latitude- 54º 12' N, Longitude-125º 36' W
Elevation- 2307 ft above sea level
1421.5 miles from Winnipeg

Sheraton Station

Sheraton Station
Latitude- 54º 10' N, Longitude-125º 28' W
Elevation- 2286 ft above sea level
1415.2 miles from Winnipeg

Endako River (Water)

Endako River (Water)
Elevation- 2285 ft above sea level
1414.0 miles from Winnipeg

Endako River (Water)

Endako River (Water)
Elevation- 2282 ft above sea level
1412.4 miles from Winnipeg

Priestley Station

Priestley Station
337 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 2276 ft above sea level
1409.1 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station

Lake (Water)

Lake (Water)
Elevation- 2274 ft above sea level
1408.1 miles from Winnipeg

Lake Eye (Water)

Lake Eye (Water)
Elevation- 2274 ft above sea level
1407.9 miles from Winnipeg

Savoury Station

Savory Station
Latitude- 54º 6' N, Longitude- 125º 10' W
Elevation- 2258 ft above sea level
1401.1 miles from Winnipeg

Endako Station

Endako Station
351 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 5' 22“ N, Longitude- 125º 1' 41” W
Elevation- 2242 ft above sea level
1395.1 miles from Winnipeg
42 miles east of South Bulkley,
and 20 miles west of Fort Fraser, by road, in 1921
Divisional Point,
Machine Shops, Round Houses, etc.
In 1921- Had GTP and Dominion Government Telegraph Offices, Anglican Church, and Public School.
Hotel Annan, now Endako Pub, still visible on side of Hwy 16
Alexander Greig Annan shown resident in 1916
1921 shown as restaurant man.
b- July 11, 1870 in Burnt Island, Fyfe, Scotland
d- May 12, 1942, age 72
Enlisted in WWI Dec 9, 1915 in Victoria BC, shown as a widower
Postmaster at Endako Sept 7, 1932- May 12, 1942
married Grace Caroline nee ?,
she became Postmaster after her husband died, until Sept 9, 1943
Post Office opened here Sept 1, 1914, George Kerr 1st Postmaster

Gayer and Connelly, had the Endako Inn, and grocery store, in Endako in 1916 and 1921
Irwin D. Gayer, and Marcus M. Connolly, Prop's.

Endako River (Water)

Endako River (Water)
Elevation- 2206 ft above sea level
1388.6 miles from Winnipeg

Fraser Lake Station

Fraser Lake Station
360 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 3' 37“ N, Longitude-124º 50' 38”“ W
Elevation- 2205 ft above sea level
1387.0 miles from Winnipeg
Flag Station
Named to honour Simon Fraser, who was here in 1806-07
Named by John Stuart, who Fraser named Stuart Lake after

Fraser Lake (Water)

Fraser Lake (Water)
Elevation- 2204 ft above sea level
1386.6 miles from Winnipeg
Fraser Lake is 17 miles in length

Midlake Station

Midlake Station
Elevation- 2204 ft above sea level
1381.0 miles from Winnipeg
Located on the South Shore of Fraser Lake
renamed Encombe Station by the CNR

Upper Nechako River (Water)

Upper Nechako River (Water)
Elevation- 2231 ft above sea level
1374.7 miles from Winnipeg

Fort Fraser Station

Fort Fraser Station
373 mi from Rupert,
Latitude- 54º 4' N, Longitude-124º 33' W
Elevation- 2245 ft above sea level
1373.3 miles from Winnipeg
Dominion Stock and Bond Corporation Ltd., Vancouver, owned the Townsite, under Founder and General Manager George H. Salmon
ca 1909- Fort Fraser had a Telegraph Station, and a Hudson Bay Company Store
George Salmon bought 2,700 acres here for $79,000
He made over 1 million on this deal alone.


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