GTPR- Medical Service

Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad Medical Service

Doing the Prairie Section of this railroad, the GTP handled all the Medical Services.
They called it an experiment, as other transcontinental Lines assigned this duty to their contractors, who obviously didn't handle it well.
But when it came to the Mountain Section, they went back to the Contractors, because the progress would be slow, and the men strung over large distances.

Dr. Hutchison (see Bio and Genealogy below)
Chief Surgeon for the Grand Trunk Railway

Doing the Mountain Section, McLeod to the Yellowhead Pass, and eventually all the way to Prince Rupert,
Foley, Welch and Stewart handled the Medical Service
and not the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company itself.

Dr. Richardson (see Bio and Genealogy below)
He was was sent out to look over the work.

Dr. John Anderson Hislop (see Bio and Genealogy below)
He was the Divisional Medical Officer in Edmonton

Foley, Welch and Stewart
would have been the employers, of all these doctors.

Chief Medical Officer for Foley, Welch and Stewart, Dr. Ewing, who lived in Vancouver, and occasionally visited the worksite.
Around 27 mile at one of Bostrum & Kullonder's Camps
(alt spellings- Bostrom & Kullander, which I think is correct)
was the location of a Hospital for the Railroad Construction workmen.

Foley, Welch & Stewart collected $1 from each man hired, per month, for medical services.
This included Contractor and sub Contractor's men.
More than 8,000 men were working on this project.
This would have been big $'s in those days.
Of course today, that will not even buy a coffee.
Most men only cleared $15 to $20 in a 2 month period so that $1 was a big deal.
Contractors paid their transportation into camp, no money for the time they were being transported, but if they quit, they had to walk out on their own hook.

Most were paid wages by cheques, which to cash out, they had to walk miles to the nearest bank, where they were charged a 10% commission!
Everybody was using them. They worked, they died, or they left with virtually nothing.
Because of the working conditions, and the living conditions, there were many injuries, and lots of deaths, that most didn't even get recorded.
when men died, they were just buried in the bush, and the gang moved on.

Dr. Ewing,
Chief Surgeon, was the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital Marine Services for the Foley Bros. Dr. Ewing
He was in charge of Wolf Creek to Tete Jaune Cache.

His 3 Medical Assistants:
Dr. Kearney (see Bio and Genealogy below)
He was at mile 23 East of Hazelton, with a 6 bed hospital.
He covered 50 miles of scattered work, with a saddle horse.
he arrived in Fort George in 1912

Dr. Sproule
He took charge of Mile 56 to 102, with a 8 bed hospital at mile 74.
He had a team of horses, and covered 46 miles.
Can't locate more on Dr. Sproule sad to say.
Aug 9, 1912 the Omineca Herald reported Dr. Sproule and Dr. Park arrived at Sealey Wed Night (Aug 7),
And will be connected with the hospital and medical service on the GTP they reported.

Dr. Webb
He covered Mile 114 to 154, with a 24 bed hospital.
He covered 40 miles with a saddle horse.
Apr 1913 he was relieved in Burns Lake by Dr. George Ferguson
Oct 18, 1912 he arrived in Burns Lake with his assistant Mr. Sheard, from New Hazelton, to look after the GTP Hospital there.
Can't locate more on Dr. Webb sad to say.

They had a telephone throughout the line, and calls were responded to promptly.

Hospitals in 1913 were at mile 53, 114, 160, and 217

Dr. Stone (see Bio and Genealogy below)
He took over as Medical Assistant at Endako
leaving the hospital in New Hazelton, starting June 1, 1914
He later moved from Endako to Vanderhoof

Dr. Wallace (see Bio and Genealogy below)
Physician and Surgeon
Worked in Telkwa area as early as 1910.
1913 he was to build a private hospital in Smithers.

Dr. Evans (see Bio and Genealogy below)
June 1912 he was in South Fort George, GTP physician
He was with the first survey crews as well, 7 years earlier.
He was in Winnipeg in 1913
Also known as a Prospector
Owned 200,000 acres in the Nechaco Valley, with other 3 other associates
Native of the State of Iowa, USA

2 other direct contracts:
A. McDougall with 100 men extending the yard room in Prince Rupert.
Bates and Rogers, had 2 camps, 190 men lining tunnels along the Skeena River.
Dr. Tremayne of Prince Rupert is in charge of both
His patients were taken to the Prince Rupert Hospital.
On the whole west end, there was 1,716 employees.

Mile 57 was the Peter Salvus Work Camp
Location of another Hospital during construction.

At Bateman's Landing, Mile 85 was the location
of the 4th Hospital during construction of the railroad.

Dr. Traynor

Dr. Rhycard
Graduated in 1909 from University of Western Ontario.
Originally GTP Railway Doctor, later CNR, based for years in McBride BC
He medically passed a number of men enlisting in WWI in McBride.

Dr. McSorley (see Bio and Genealogy below)
based in Fort George, ca 1913
Surgeon and Physician
July 1913, located on Central Ave, opposite the Post Office

Dr. Ewert, BA (see Bio and Genealogy below)
alt- Dr. Ewart
He worked in Fort George BC,
until he retired in 1946 in Prince George.

Dr. Swenerton (see Bio and Genealogy below)
Physician and Surgeon, based in Fort George
Office Prince George Drug Store, George St, near the Union Bank

Dr. Blakesley
alt- Dr. Blakesly
alt- Dr. Blakeslee
alt- Dr. Blakslee
with Dr. Richardson, the first 2 Doctors at the First Hospital, in Fort George
Located on the Island, where the Nechako Meets the Fraser river,
It was known at that time as Foley's Cache, which became Cottonwood Island.
Can't find Dr. Blakeslee so that tells me spelling is wrong on this fellow.
Need a clue on first name one day.

Dr. Lazier (see Bio and Genealogy below)
1911 he built a 3 bed hospital in Fort George

Dr. George Ferguson
Located at Beaumont, Fraser lake area in 1911
Apr 1913 he came to Burns Lake and relieved Dr. Webb
he was building a new house near the hospital.
another Doctor that disappears in history
even though we know his first name.

b- June 12, 1863 Montreal, Quebec
d- June 30, 1929, at his home in Montreal, age 65
buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, July 2, 1929
Graduated in medicine, at McGill University in 1884
Chief Surgeon for the Grand Trunk Railway
Professor of Surgery at McGill University
Enlisted in WWI, Canadian Army Medical Corps, Feb 1916
Chief Surgeon of No1 Canadian General Hospital July 1907, the Chief Surgeon of the GTR, from Montreal, Quebec, made a 320 mile tour of the line, from Saskatoon to Edmonton.
Appointed Chairman of the the Pensions Medical Board
2nd Vice_President- Montreal Medico-Chirurgical Society
Dr. Hutchison Memorial trophy, given to CNR First Aid Team competition, by Dr, Hutchison's children. 2 I know became doctors as well.
son of Matthew Hutchison and Helen Ogilvie
He was married twice.
married (1) Jessie Caverhill (1866-1899)
He married (2) Florence Jane Purdy, Sept 1922, in Leeds Village, Quebec.

b- Aug 12, 1860, in Toronto, ON (shown age 9, 1871)
d- Mar 14, 1946 in St. Joseph Hospital, Victoria BC, age 85
buried in Royal Oak burial Park, Victoria BC
Veteran of the Riel Rebellion, Queens Own Rifles, 1885
Present at the Battle of Batoche.
Came to BC in 1888, as surgeon at Donald BC for the CPR
Retired in 1944 and was the oldest practicing Physician at that time in all of BC
Appointed Medical Superintendent of the Jubilee Hospital in Victoria in 1890
went north to the Klondike for 7 years.
First Doctor to practice in Dawson City Yukon
1901 census shown in Dawson City Yukon, age 40, shown as single?
Became Medical Superintendent of the Foley, Welch, Stewart co,
in the Tete Jaune Cache to Fort George Section
Had his headquarters in Tete Jaune Cache.
Nov 1912 they were building a new headquarters in Fort George
Had a practice in Prince George after the railroad construction.
Served in WWI, Royal Army Medical Corps, returned as rank of Major.
Received North West Rebellion Medal, Great War Medal, Victory Medal, and O.B.E
Moved to Victoria, and was Medical Superintendent in charge of the Jubilee Hospital there.
Richardson St in Victoria named after him.
1922 he was an Imperial Oil Medical Officer at Norman NWT
He was from United Empire Loyalist Stock
He was the Hays Family personal physician

His Father- Dr. James Henry Richardson, MD, MRCS
b- Oct 16, 1823
d- Jan 16, 1910, at Clover Hill, Toronto, ON
was also a doctor, surgeon at the Toronto jail for 50 years.
He was one of the first graduates of the Medical School, University of Toronto.

Mother- Mary Matheson Skirving
b- 25 Mar 25, 1825 in Scotland (shown age 46 in 1871)
d- Mar 14, 1907

brother- Robert Dennis Richardson,
b- Apr 16, 1854 (age 16 in 1871), Toronto ON,
d- Jan 12, 1946 in Winnipeg

brother- Charles Skirving Richardson,
b- ca 1864, Toronto ON (age 6 in 1871)
d- Jan 22, 1946, in Winnipeg, age 82

brother- George Hy Richardson,
b- ca 1869, in ON, age 2 in 1871
was a Civil Engineer on the GTPR

one of 2 sisters below became- Mrs W. Freelund, of Toronto
sister- Jane E. Richardson, ca 1860, age 11 in 1871
sister- Mary Isabel Richardson, b- ca 1859, age 12 in 1871

sister- Martha Anna Richardson
b- ca 1867 (age 4 in 1871) in Toronto
married Roderick Ross Sutherland, lived in Winnipeg MB

Grandfather- Rev. Bishop Richardson, moved to Toronto in 1826
Grandmother- Rebecca Dennis

Great Grandfather- Captain James Richardson
Great Grandmother- Sarah Ashmore

William Richardson married Caroline Watson, in 1888
b- England
d- Mar 14, 1944 in Vancouver, age 76
He lived in Campbell River, before he died in Hospital in Victoria
he was a doctor for over 60 years.

William and Caroline had 3 children:
daughter- Gwen Richardson

son- Major William Augustus Richardson (Jr)
b-1890 in Victoria BC
d- Aug 29, 1945, age 54
Honoured at Halifax Memorial, NS
Army, Royal Canadian Artillery, Received the Military Cross

daughter- Helen Mary Richardson
b- Mar 14, 1893 in Victoria BC

b- Sept 6, 1873 in Wilton, ON (alt Sept 15, 1874?)
d- July 3, 1942, Kelowna BC, age 68
Buried in Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery

First Doctor in Prince Rupert
attended Upper Canada College
University of Toronto, 1895
Family came to Metlakatla BC from ON in 1905/6,
and into Prince Rupert in 1906.
appointed Medical Officer of Quarantine at Prince Rupert, Dodge- Hospital Island
Served in the Canadian Army
Jan 1924 he was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Prince Rupert
Oct 1924 he was visiting R. L. McIntosh, at the “Crossways”
he is shown with wife and 2 daughters.
1927 travelled with a regiment of soldiers to Terrace,
he was shown as one of the officers, as Major H. E. Tremayne, Medical Officer.
Apr 9, 1928?, 1934?, appointed to the William Head Quarantine station
wife- Ann (Annie) “Evelyn” Tremayne, nee Fletcher
b- Aug 1, 1877, in Frey? ON
d- Apr 11, 1950 in Vancouver BC
Buried in Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery
First “White” woman to step foot in Prince Rupert
daughter of Robert E. Fletcher, b- ca 1850, Ireland, d- 1911
and Jane Ronald, b- ca 1850, Scotland, d- 1932

daughter- Dorothy Emily Tremayne
b- Mar 24, 1904 in Toronto Junction, ON
d- July 20, 1989 in Vancouver BC
married William Henry Hamilton

daughter- Ethel Marion “Roberta” Tremayne
b- Jan 24, 1906 in Metlakatla, BC
graduate nurse
married Richard A. Stiefel

son- Trevor Tremayne
b- Jan 1911 in BC
1911 family living on Center St, Prince Rupert

daughter- Francis I. “Frankie” Tremayne
b- Feb 3, 1913 in Prince Rupert
d- Jan 7, 2009
married a Goepel?

daughter- Audrey J. R. “Audie” Tremayne
b- Apr 14, 1916
d- Sept 28, 2000

brother- Rev. Herbert Ogilvie Tremayne
b- May 9, 1864
d- Nov 23, 1934
Buried in Christ Church Mimico Cemetery, Etobicoke, ON
attended University of Trinity College in Toronto, B.A. 1886, M.A. 1888
Rev. C of E, in Islington ON, ca 1893
He came to Christ Church in York, in 1907
brother's wife- Helen Alexander Webster,
b- May 17, 1862 Yarmouth, NS
d, Aug 13 1942
brother's daughter- Helen Isabel Tremayne
b- Mar 13, 1893
d- Dec 29, 1971

Herbert shown as a Clergyman in York ON in 1901
with his brother Henry living with him, single

Father- Rev. Canon Francis Tremayne, M.A.
b- 1829 in Sandwich, Kent, England
d- 1919, in Mimico, ON, age 90
Buried in Christ Church Mimico Cemetery, Etobicoke, ON
Attended University of Trinity College in toronto in 1852
became Rector of Christ Church, York in 1877

Mother- Emily Jane Kelly Geddes
b- Sept 10, 1836
d- Mar 24, 1896

b- Mar 4, 1871 (age 45 in 1916), Nottawasaga, Stayner Co., Simcoe Co., ON
d- 1944 in Edmonton AB
(1944 on headstone, 1942 in book link below)
He was the Divisional Medical Officer in Edmonton
He married Harriet Oliver in Aug 1905
father- Charles Hislop, Mother- Mary Anderson buried in Edmonton Municipal Cemetery
Graduated in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1901
Moved to Edmonton in 1902
Registered in NWT in 1902
1904 he was working in the Edmonton Public Hospital.
Registered in Alberta in 1906
He enlisted in WWI in 1919, Canadian Army Medical Corps, Rank of Major
He worked in the Strathcona Military Hospital
1924, In Edmonton, charged with manslaughter, and for performing an illegal operation,
following the death of a Pattie Thelma Burnup, (1904-1924)
in a nursing home in Edmonton, Oct 22, 1924.
He claimed she died under chloroform, as he began his examination.
he was sentenced to 3 years, but released on bail,
Jan 23, 1925, awaiting his appeal.
July 1925 he was in trial on his appeal,
1925 reported in papers his conviction was overturned.

He married Inga “Harriet” Oliver
b- 1882, (age 35 in 1916), in AB
d- 1936
buried in Edmonton Municipal Cemetery
She was actually one of the persons that started the
Historical Society of Alberta in 1907.
father- Honourable Frank Oliver, member of the Alberta Government
mother- Harriet Dunlop

they had a son, John Oliver Hislop,
b- ca 1907 (age 9 in 1916), in AB

and a daughter- M. Inga Hislop,
b- ca 1909, (age 7 in 1916) in AB

father- Charles Hislop,
b- 1841, Scotland
a lumber merchant in 1870
mother- Mary Anderson,
b- 1846 in York, ON
daughter of John and Marion Anderson
they were married May 6, 1870 at house of Anderson, Township of Oro

sister- Ellen Hislop
sister- Marion Hislop

brother- Charles Anderson Hislop,
b- Oct 13, 1878 in Stayner, Simcoe, ON
He also served in WWI, Canadian Infantry
He was married,
occupation- Mail Superintendent in Moose Jaw SK when he enlisted.
1899 he was Temporary Railway Mail Clerk in Winnipeg District.

sister- Alice Hislop

Hislop family shown in Sunnidale, Simcoe Co, ON in 1881

grandfather- Robert Hislop
grandmother- Helen Hislop
(see EXT book link below)

b- Aug 13, 1886, in Brandon MB
d- Jan 15, 1921, 6pm, Sat evening, Car Accident, at Granite, 4 miles west of Nelson BC
buried in Nelson Memorial Park, Nelson BC
Physician and Surgeon
Worked in Telkwa area as early as 1910.
1913 he was to build a private hospital in Smithers.
enlisted in Victoria in WWI, Apr 15, 1916
Canadian Army Medical Corps
Captain, 3rd Field Ambulance, served in Europe
awarded the Military Cross

father- James Henderson Wallace
b- 1860
d- 1931
buried in Nelson Memorial Park, Nelson BC
mother- Ellen “Ella” Augusta Taylor
b- 1861
d- 1959
buried in Nelson Memorial Park, Nelson BC

He married Anna Louise Lehrman, Sept 30, 1911 in Vancouver BC
b- Sept 7, 1885, Leipsic Germany (age 25 in 1911)
d- Mar 8, 1969 in Vancouver BC, age 83
daughter of Charles Lehrman
and Anna Louise Bolza, both born in Germany,
Father and Mother lived in Vancouver in 1911
Anna remarried Robert John Hewitt, Sept 11, 1937 in Vancouver BC

b- Apr 25, 1888 in Cartwright, Derby, MB
d- Jan 27, 1946 in Vanderhoof Hospital
buried in Vanderhoof Cemetery
son of Levi Webster Stone and Mary Anne Connell
married Susan Viola MacDonald

alt- Leo Erwin Evens (his marriage lic. looks like Evens?
b- Dec 1873 in MN, USA (age 26 in 1900)(age 38, in 1910)
d- a mystery? aft 1913 is all I know
1900 census, living in Osage City, Osage Township, Mitchell Co., Iowa
1905 census, in Iowa, shown in Iowa for 10 years, married, age 32
1910 census, living in East Waterloo township, Black Hawk Co, Iowa
both parents born in Iowa per 1910 census
but in 1900 census, father in Norway, and mother in PA, USA
1905 they are shown born in Ohio?
June 11, 1913, He applied for a water licence
as Leo Erwin Evans, from South Fort George.
he wanted to use water for Industrial power purposes from Tsinkut Creek.

married Mary DeWitt Evans, nee Bailey, Nov 21, 1900, at Hennepin, MN, USA
b- Dec 19, 1880, (age 29, in 1910), in IL, USA
d- May 7, 1977
Mary remarried Franklin “Frank” Hamilton Crouse, Nov 15, 1914, in Los Angeles CA
doesn't say widow or divorced, so not sure what happened to Leo.
she is buried in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN
her father William C. Bailey, b- Maine
mother Phoebe L. Dewitt, b- in ON Canada

daughter- Carrol Phoebe Evans (Evens on headstone)
she became Carrol Phoebe Crouse,
so we know she was adopted by Frank Crouse.
b- July 28, 1908 in Waterloo, Blackhawk Co., Iowa (b- July 29, 1908 on headstone)
d- Aug 25, 2000
She married a Mr. Oliver
her last residence was Hopkins, Hennepin, MN

alt Dr. Hugh Somerlea McSorley
b- July 7, 1870 in Edmonton Reg dist.
came to Canada ca 1887
Graduated McGill University in 1900
1900 he was living in Enderby BC
1901 in Trail looking for a job as doctor in the Smelter there.
1901 Census in Trail, single age 31.
1903 he was in Michel BC where his wife died.
based in Fort George, ca 1913
Surgeon and Physician
July 1913, located on Central Ave, opposite the Post Office
2 years Resident and Head Assistant, Surgical Dept, London Hospital, Whitechapel England
one year Chief Assistant Surgical Department, Edinburg Infirmary,
One half year resident at Children's Hospital, Great ormand St. London England
One half year Resident and Chief Assistant at Queen Charlotte Lying in Hospital
for women, and children, London, England
His specialties diseases of Women and Children, and surgery of the Bladder and Kidneys
Served in WWI, rank, LT
son of Hugh McSorley
married 1- Mildred Emily McSorley, nee ?
b- England
d- Nov 7, 1903 in Michel, BC, age 27
He married 2- Dorothy Jean “Jennie” MacFarlane, Mar 21, 1908 in Winnipeg
b- Toronto
Mrs. McSorley came to join him in Fort George, Oct 1913.
He might have married again in 1918 back in England, but only a guess
found one note that said they moved to New York
and he worked at the Bellvue Hospital there, but nothing to verify this
he possibly died there, reason I can't find him.
One note said he was in Victoria and then Regina SK
1943 his son? Alexander Somerled Candits
married Marion Patricia Driscoll in Ormstown Quebec
He was the son of Mrs. J. D. Candits of Regina
and Doctor Hugh McSorley of London England

born- Cecil Wilbur Swenerton
died- Dr. Wilbert “Cecil” Swenerton
his estate showed Wilbert Cecil Swenerton as his name
headstone- Dr. Wilbert Cecil Swenerton
b- Feb 5, 1886 in Exeter, Huron Township, ON (age 28 in 1915)
(b- Mar 5, 1886 in another source)
d- Oct 24, 1918 in Vancouver, age 32,
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC
He died from the Spanish Flu Epidemic.
Graduate of the University of Toronto in 1911
Spent a year in Army work in England and was sent to France
He returned to Vancouver in 1914
Member of the Masons, buried in Masonic Cemetery, Vancouver
Practiced for 3 years in Fort George,
He operated the Fort George Hospital with a Victorian Order Nurse in 1911

father- Wilson Swenerton
b- June 10, 1855 in ON
d- Oct 11, 1926 in Vancouver BC, age 72
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC
Father's Occupation- Vet Surgeon

Mother- Rebecca Robertson
b- Sept 13, 1851 in ON
d- Apr 22, 1930 in Vancouver BC, age 78
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC

brother- Lorne Daniel Swenerton
b- Oct 14, 1882, Exeter, ON
d- Oct 22, 1958 in Vancouver BC, age 76
He became a Vet Surgeon like his father

married #1- Gertie Blanche Johnston
b- Apr 14, 1886
d- Mar 6, 1914 in Fort George BC, age 27
remains sent to Carberry MB
Actually buried in Brandon MB
daughter of Captain James Johnston (alt Johnson)
b- 1849 or 48?
d- 1934
buried in Brandon MB
and Jemima Hayes
b- 1852
d- 1942
buried in Brandon MB

Gertie and Cecil had a baby girl,
Vera Gertrude Swenerton
b- 1913 probably in Fort George BC
d- ? see her story below, her outcome not known.
she was age 10 mo when her mother died
she was alive in 1918 when her father died.
and age 7 in 1919 when a custody battle erupted.
1919 she was under the maintenance of Rev R. G. Stewart
and his wife Mrs. Lena Stewart, who was her aunt.
Cecil left her $5,000, and the Stewart's wanted a maintenance allowance
out of that money. They lived in Winnipeg at this time.
In 1919 there was a battle for custody of the then 7 year old girl.
Mr. H. O. Alexander was administrating the estate of $6,000.
Paternal grandfather Wilson Swenerton,
who lived in Vancouver, was trying to gain custody of Vera from her aunt, Mrs R. G. Stewart in Winnipeg.
When Cecil returned from the war, his father Wilson was appointed guardian, and $5,000 was placed in his hands for this purpose.
Vera though was in the custody of her aunt, and she would not yield custody.
Apr 1919 the court appointed Wilson as the guardian, but he never got the child.
Sept 1919 Rev Stewart, now showing from Edmonton, but now living in Vancouver,
was cited to appear in BC Supreme Court to show cause why he should still have custody of Vera.
it appears Rev. Dr. Rupert G. Stewart won, since she shows up in Aug 29, 1941 as Vera Gertrude Stewart,
engaged to a Dr. Gordon Parker, son of H. A. Parker, in Elgin Co, ON
Rev Rupert Gregg Parker died Aug 8, 1955 in Fenelon Falls
he shows married to Lena Johnson in 1908 in Brandon, (1886-1976) sister to Gertie
Lena died in Beamsville, Niagara, ON
Shows they had 3 children, none shown are Vera.
So I assume Vera lived her life in ON.

married #2- Lillian Henrietta Sanburg, July 11, 1915, in Vernon BC
b- ca 1890, Boulder CO, USA, age 25, in 1915 (1888?)
d- 1983
Occupation- Nurse
daughter of Charles M. Sanburg and Annie Smith

b- Oct 4, 1877, Belleville ON
d- Aug 3, 1931 Fraser Lake BC
May 1, 1909, appointed Resident Physician at Princeton BC
also appointed Medical Health Officer for the Similkameen
also Coroner for the province.
1911 he built a 3 bed hospital in Fort George
served in WWI, Captain

Father- Stephen A. Lazier
b- Hastings Co, ON

mother- Marion Brownlee
b- Edinborough, Scotland

married 1- Jean Mabee, Sept 1, 1913, Victoria BC
b- Hampton NB
d- bef 1926
Father- J. G. Mabee
Mother- Bella Cook

married 2- Susan Moffitt, Jan 21, 1926 in Burns Lake BC
Father- John William Moffitt
b- Scotland
Mother- Susanna Manistre
b- England

alt- Dr. Carl Ewart
b- Aug 10, 1886 in Halstead, Kansas, USA
d- Dec 21, 1954 in New Westminster BC
buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, New Westminster BC

He worked in Fort George BC, until he retired in 1946 in Prince George.
He was a Doctor for 35 years.

married #1- Marion Ruth Wade Sept 6, 1919, Vancouver BC
b- ca 1896, Vancouver BC (age 23 in 1919)
d- bef Sept 1923
She was a Teacher when she married
daughter of Philip Wade, a Railroad Contractor, and Elizabeth Dunoon

married #2- born name- Dora Jean Natannia
married name- Dorothy Jean Netannis “Tannis” Reid, Sept 5, 1923, New Westminster
b- Aug 12, 1890, Neepawa MB (age 33 in 1923)
Teacher in New Westminster when she married
daughter of William Thomas Reid
b- Brockville ON,
and Alice May Walker
b- Medina, WI, USA

father- Henry H. Ewert
b- near Thorn, Eastern Germany

mother- Elizabeth K. Baer
b- Summerfield, IL, USA

Carl at least one daughter- Kathleen Ewert

other members of his family, went by Ewert
all newspaper articles etc say Ewart,
but his death cert says Ewert like the rest of the family.
brother- Dr. Paul Baer Ewert,
b- Newton Kansas,
d- Feb 4, 1940, Golden BC, age 56
resided in Gretna MB
and Golden BC where he died
Dr. William Ewert, Altona MB, in 1940
Prof. Albert Ewert, Oxford England
sister- Elma Ewert nurse at Port Chester, NY in 1940
Uncle Rev. Benjamin Ewert, Winnipeg MB, in 1940

b- Jan 18, 1860 in ON
d- Apr 26, 1944, London, ON
buried in St. Thomas Cemetery, London ON
1901 shown with his dad and sister in London ON
His occupation shown as a Tailor Cutter, in 1891 and 1901 census,
Graduated in 1909 from University of Western Ontario.
Doctor based for years in McBride BC
He medically passed a number of men enlisting in WWI in McBride.
moved from McBride to Edmonton, then to London ON, ca 1940

Father- Sylvester Rhycard (alt- Sylvistor)
b- Sept 11, 1808 in Quebec
d- aft 1901 census, shown age 92 in London ON
Sylvester's parents both born in USA

Mother- Lydia Rhycard, nee ?
b- Quebec, (age 67 in 1891)
d- bef 1901
her parents both born in USA

Sister- Harriet Rhycard
b- Mar 21, 1863 in ON

b- Mar 3, 1884 Renfrew, Renfrew, ON
d- Oct 20, 1971 in Veteran's Hospital, Victoria BC, age 87
buried in Ft. St. John Cemetery, Ft. St. John BC
entered medicine in 1905
graduated from McGill University in 1911
He was at mile 23 East of Hazelton, with a 6 bed hospital.
He covered 50 miles of scattered work, with a saddle horse.
married, he was a native of Renfrew ON
he arrived in Fort George in 1912
Served in WWI, LT., attached to No 20, Field Ambulance
appointed lieutenant in Royal Army Medical Corps, Jan 1916
Served in France as Medical Officer in various units.
Promoted to Rank of Captain
he was wounded while at the front in May 1917
Dr. Garnet Harvey Kearney went to Ft St John, in 1935
He was assigned as Coroner in Ft. St. John Apr 15, 1947
he resigned as Coroner, June 28, 1957
Dr. Kearney Junior Secondary School in Ft. St. John named in his honour.

Father- William Henry Kearney
b- 1855
d- 1914
Mother- Eleanora Anna Francis
b- 1860
d- 1900

married 1-Marjorie Van Volkingburgh in 1944
d- 1954

married 2- Marjorie Anne Peel
b- June 2, 1904 Ellerslie, AB
d- Dec 22, 1960 at home, in Ft. St. John, age 56
buried in Ft. St. John Cemetery, Ft. St. John BC
daughter of Charles Peel,
b- Scotland
and Anne Goudie,
b- Labrador

As you can see, no initials, so very hard to pin these fellows down.
Any clues, please send them to me.

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After I researched John Anderson Hislop above, I found this book
Nellie Hislop, John's sister, wrote her story, and John and his family had quite the life.


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