Kemano- Morrison Knudsen

Kemano, British Columbia, Canada

Morrison-Knudsen Company of Canada Ltd. (MK)

Subsidiary of American Parent Company, Morrison-Knudsen Corporation Inc.

Incorporated in 1923, Knudsen was President, Morrison Vice-President
1932, they and 5 other construction companies, built the Hoover (Boulder) Dam.

March 1912, In Idaho's Boise Valley, Morris Hans Knudsen and Harry Winford Morrison joined forces, and created this Company.

This company built numerous Dams, and other Huge Mega Projects, all over the World.

Morris Hans Knudsen
b- July 4,1862, in Denmark
d- Nov 14,1943, in San Diego, CA, age 80
(one source says Nov 15, 1942)
Buried Nov 22, 1942,
in Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise Idaho, per cemetery transcript
spouse- Emma E. Knudsen, nee Peterson, married Feb 11, 1892, at ?, Platte Co, Nebraska

Knudsen immigrated from Denmark, came to Idaho with his wife Emma, in 1905
1920 living in Ada Idaho, age 57, Emma age 52

Father- H. C. Knudsen

Harry Winford Morrison
(middle name possibly Wenford?)
b- Feb 23, 1885, Kenney Illinois
d- July 19, 1971, in Boise, Idaho, age 83
Buried July 22, 1971, in Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise, Idaho.
married 1st wife-
Anna “Ann” Morrison, nee Daly, Dec 12, 1914 in Ada, Idaho.
b- Apr 26, 1885, Centerville, Idaho.
d- Friday, Oct 25, 1957, St. Luke's Hospital, Boise, Idaho, age 72
of a cerebral hemorrage
nicknamed “First Lady of Construction”
Daughter of an early day Gold Miner
graduated from a one room school at Quartsburg, Idaho.
Attended business school in Boise
She was one of the last to leave Wake Island
when it was captured by the Japanese in WWII.
MK was working for the military, and many men were captured.
1953 awarded honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Pepperdine College, LA
Secretary in the State House when she married Harry Morrison.
2nd wife- Velma Shannon, married in 1959

Morrison was a farm boy native of Illinois,
He moved to Idaho in 1904.
1900, family living in Aetna Township, Logan, IL
1920 living in Ada, Idaho

Father- George Wilson Morrison,
another source says George B. Morrison
b- Nov 16, 1857, Dewitt Co, IL, Stationary Engineer in 1900
d- Apr 23, 1939, Decatur, Macon, IL, age 81
Buried Apr 26, 1939, at Tunbridge Cemetery
Occupation- Grain Dealer in Decatur when he died

Mother- Amey “Alice” Maria Hawkins,
b- Jan 11, 1856, Lafeyette, Madison, OH
married May 25, 1877, Lafeyette, Madison, OH

sister- Edna May Morrison, b- Oct 10, 1882, Kenney, IL

Grandfather- John Morrison, born in Ohio
Grandmother- Angeline Morrison, nee Barngrover, born in Ohio

Company shares went public in 1946

Company now called “Washington Group International”, changed ca 1996

A M-K Company of Canada Ltd. Christmas card
sent from Lionel “Al” Brown, his wife Lois Brown, and 2 sons, to the Bud Walker family.
Front of card has a picture from Powell Peak of Kemano/Camp 5 area.
Inside the card is a picture of the Powerhouse, with 2 generators in place.

I received an email from Russ Hamilton Oct 2012 with a picture of his father, a young Professional Engineer,
with Morrison-Knudson company of Canada, Employee Number 1481
His work badge is in the photo below

William George Hamilton
“My Dad worked at the site for Morrison-Knudsen helping to build the dam, as one of his first jobs as a young Civil Engineer from UBC,
from the Fall of 1951 to Spring of 1952. At the time the camp was rather rustic from what he said, and very cold over that winter.”

Per Russ, William went on to join the Water Board, and later the BC Government, heading up a fledgling Pollution Control Branch,
of the BC Environment Ministry in the 1970's.


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