Kemano- Men That Died

Kemano, British Columbia, Canada

Men from around the World Lived, and Sad to Say, some Died in Kemano, while it was being constructed.

I hope this simple list, will remind everyone, it was not just the Banks, Alcan, or the Managers, that built this Project.

It was Workers sweat, and sometimes blood too.
Men died in Kitimat and Kemano.

Problem is, for those in Kitimat, I can't find just the Alcan Project Worker's List.
Those that died in Kemano, should be correct.
Some listed, died of heart attacks as well.
Unknown if this was due to work stress or not.

16 men died between Nov 1951 and May 1952.
Here is a list of 13 names I have found so far, that died in Kemano, 1951-52, plus those in 1953/54
Note- 1 more added below+, total 14 now, still missing 2.

John Cubzey
b- July 27, 1919 in Winnipeg, MB
d- Dec 18, 1951, age 31
Killed by a falling tree
shown as a Ukrainian Miner
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert
Father- Peter Chobzey
Mother- Mary
Spouse- Elizabeth Anne Byzinski

Herbert Walter Green
b- June 23, 1915
d- Dec 31, 1951, age 37
Married- name unknown
fell from a rock in the water tunnel
body was taken to Prince Rupert on Jan 2, 1952.
Lived at 3128 Euclid in Vancouver.
He was employed by Morrison-Knudsen Contractors

Raymond George Angus
b- Dec 6, 1923 in Manitoba
d- July 20, 1952, age 28
Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Burnaby
Father- Clarence Melvin Angus
Mother- Jean Laurel Fleming
Spouse- Leona Noddfa Edwards
Drowned from an airplane crash from Kemano to Kitimat
His Stamp collection was seen floating in the water of the Channel
Shown as a Wireman, Electrical
He is far side of table, against the wall, not a great photo of him

Michael Thomas Collins
b- Jan 12, 1916, ON
d- Oct 7, 1952, age 35
Father- Michael Collins,
Mother- Frances Keeley
Spouse- Eleanor Crawford

Martin Enns
b- Feb 9, 1920 in Altona, Manitoba
d- Apr 29, 1952, age 31
Father- William Enns
Mother- Katharina Nickol
Spouse- Alvina Hiebert

Gerald Gingras
b- Apr 22, 1918 at Parry Sound, ON
d- Oct 7, 1952, age 33
Father- George Gingras
Mother- Fabina Fabien
Spouse- Rita Lozier

George Alexander Hunter
b- Jan 27, 1898 in Vancouver, BC
d- May 10, 1952, age 54, in Kemano Bay
Father- Douglas McDonald Hunter
Mother- Eliza Jane Elson
Spouse- Pearl Victoria Wall

Eric Jofs
b- Dec 26, 1910, in Finland
d- June 5, 1952, age 41
Buried Ocean View Cemetery, Burnaby
Powder man with Selby & Boyles Ltd., Boyles Drilling Co.

Demetrios Kollias
b- Feb 6, 1908 in Greece
d- Dec 7, 1952, age 43
Kitchen Porter, Construction Camp.
Father- Kostanten Kollias
Mother- Pauline Karacastanes
Spouse- Constanina Kollias

Robert Gamble Luster
b- Jan 8, 1902 in Duluth MN, USA
d- Apr 21, 1952, age 49, at Kemano Bay
Father- Carl Andreas Luster
Mother- Isabelle Gamble
Spouse- Clare Fowler

Simon Damazy Rosa
b- Dec 11, 1912, in France
d- Aug 19, 1952, Age 39, from Internal Injuries,
Body Crushed while riding on mobile crane.
Rigger, buried in Ocean View Burial Park, Vancouver
Father- Frank Rosa
Mother- Mary
Spouse- E. Rosa

Robert Eric Ross
b- July 22, 1909, Calgary AB
d- May 29, 1952, age 42
Father- James Wilfred Ross
Mother- Bertha Edith Poole
Spouse- Margaret Souther

Herbert Skorzitza
b- Jan 14, 1925 in Germany
d- July 24, 1952, age 26
Buried Mountainview Cemetery, Vancouver
occupation- Rock Miner
Died from crushing injuries to both his legs
mother- Lena Stokowe

+———-+ Additional name below, brought to my attention, Dec 5, 2015,
for a man that died at Horetsky Creek, in 1952.
Info from a group in ON doing a study,
on Italians, from ON, that have died at work.
See their web page info below, to contact them.

+ Mario Possamai
b- Feb 02, 1925 in Italy.
  d- April 7, 1952 in the Tunnel Adit, Horetsky Creek, 27 years old.
buried Apr 22, 1952, in Ocean View Burial Park in Burnaby BC
His father's name was Antonio Possamai. Possamai had worked for the Company in BC for only 3 months
and he had been in Canada for only 15 months,
by the time he died in Kemano area.
He immigrated to Canada from Italy ca Jan. 1951
He lived in Kirkland Lake, ON before coming to Kemano.
Occupation Tunnel man, Single.
He was on the job for approx 3 months.
He was run over by a Muck Car in the Tunnel
Coroner from Prince Rupert investigated.

Kenneth Edward Doran
b- ca 1916 in Millerton, Northumberland, NB
d- June 23, 1953, age 37
Hit by flying tree stump, fell 65 ft., multiple fractures.
permanent residence was Newcastle NB
Father- Arthur Patrick Doran, Newcastle NB, died Mar 14, 1956 in Northumberland
Mother- Beatrice Cecelia Wheldin, alt- Wedden (*see below), alt- Wayden
*His parents were married Oct 20, 1909 in Northumberland, her maiden name was Wedden in that document. Kenneth married Edith Jardine, in Newcastle Parish, Northumberland, Aug 29, 1938.

Victor Fufin
b- Mar 14, 1903, in Poland
d- Apr 14, 1953, age 49
buried in Mountainview Cemetery, Vancouver
Mechanic's Helper,
father- Vasil Fufin
mother- Helena Sherstevina
married- wife- Olga Zhohovskja

Paolo Giacomazza
b- ca 1921
d- Nov 27, 1953, age 32
I believe his widow was
Alfonza Maria Giacomazza, nee Bruno
she died ca Apr 10, 2002 in BC
they had a son, Salvatore Giacomazza

Herbert Klimt
b- May 9, 1926 in Vienna Austria
d- Oct 11, 1953, in Kemano Hospital, age 26
Fell from 100ft to rocks below
Severe multiple injuries to the whole body.
Buried in Toronto ON
Lineman, 2 weeks on the job.
married, Herta Seitz
father- Emia Klimt
mother- Kinda Brougger Emmanuel Krivitsakis
b- Oct 4, 1932
d- Mar 28, 1953, age 20
Single, Kitchen Porter
Crushed between a heavy truck and a steel wall.

Charles Edward Lauzon
b-  Apr 14, 1905, ON
d- Jan 22, 1953, age 47, coronary thrombosis
buried in Toronto, ON
Heavy Duty Mechanic
father- Charles Edward Lauzon, b- in Quebec
mother- Margaretta Davies, b- in Wales

Douglas Ferguson Macdonald
b- July 17, 1907, Nova Scotia
d- Nov 4, 1953, age 45, Cardiac Failure, Cremated
Heavy Duty Mechanic, Mechanical Engineer
father- Norman MacDonald
mother- Cora Ferguson

Augustine Mainz
b- July 23, 1925, Austria
d- Nov 10, 1953, age 27, Accident, severe crushing injury
buried in Ocean view Cemetery, Vancouver
Motorman, General Contractors
father- Augustine Mainz

Hugh McDowall
b- Sept 29, 1888 in Scotland
d- Mar 4, 1953, age 64, Coronary Thrombosis, Cremated
Payroll Auditor
wife- Jessie Murray
father- Hugh McDowall
mother- Jane Morton

Harold George Meek
b- Jan 16, 1931 in Haney BC
d- June 5, 1953, age 21
buried in Maple Ridge Cemetery, Fraser Valley, BC
Cat Driver, Logging, Crushed from falling trees.
Father- Thomas McQueen Meek
b. 16 Aug 1890, d. 7 May 1943
 Paternal Grandparents-Thomas Meek and Jean McQueen
Mother- Jane “Jean” Robertson
b. 30 Mar 1892, d. 28 Sep 1975
Maternal Grandparents- John Robertson and Jane Reid

Frank Joseph Sintich
b- Feb 28, 1927, Yugo-Slavia
Oct 19, 1953, age 25, Accident, Asphixia and Shock
Buried Prince George City Cemetery
single, Electrical worker, Morrison & Knudsen Co
father- Frank Sintich
mother- Anna Markusich

Jacob Daniel Warkentin
b- July 24, 1919 in Russia
d- Sept 24, 1953, age 33, from drowning
buried in St. Catherines
married, Agnes Bishop
father- Jacob Warkentin

Hugh Mark Laurie
b- May 28, 1932 in Saskatchewan
d- July 22, 1954, age 21
Accident, Cable snapped on cable tower and whipped back, striking emplyee
Buried in Prince Albert SK
single, Lineman Electrician, Morrison-Knudsen

Adrianus Rykes
b- Jan 14, 1923 in Holland
d- Feb 25, 1954, age 30
Labourer, accident, Severe Crushing injuries, caught in snow slide
father- Dirk Rykes
mother- Gree Loos

Peter Simmer
b- June 20, 1917 in Saskatchewan
d- Feb 22, age 36
Accident, Fell on head from about 20ft
Buried in Regina SK
Boilermarker, Iron Works
father- Frank Simmer, b- USA
mother- Ida Freise, b- in Russia

Albert Patrick “Al” Gorman
Assistant to the Manager of Sagenay-Kitimat Co.
died in a PWA Mallard Airplane crash, Aug 3, 1955
see the Kemano Beach page

George Alexander “Alex” Hunter
b- Jan 27, 1898 in Vancouver
d- May 10, 1952, age 53
Managing Editor of the Prince Rupert Daily News
died from a 29 ft fall from a collapsed ramp,
to the float plane base at Kemano Bay Workers Seriously Injured

George Anderson, Don Denonne, both shown from Kemano,
James Pleshak, shown from Cloverdale.
All injured when they drilled into an unexploded charge
of blasting powder.

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