Kemano- Boy Scouts

Kemano, British Columbia, Canada

1st Kemano Boy Scout Troop

Colin Herbert Bain Finlayson
Is credited with starting the Boy Scouts in Kemano.
b- Jan 24, 1903 in Australia,
d- Mar 11, 1955, in Kemano, age 51
He was a Canadian Rower, won a silver medal in the 1924 summer Olympics as a crew member in the Coxless Fours, in Paris France,
Trained at the Vancouver Rowing Club.
In 1911 he was living at 1248 Wilson, Van BC,
Family came to Canada in 1905
Father- Donald Finlayson, Merchant in 1911,
Mother- Rita Finlayson
wife- Hester Finlayson
daughter- Sheila Finlayson
son- Ian Finlayson
Colin came to Kemano in 1951
working for BC International Engineering.

Jeff Watts took over from Colin when he died.

Probable Bruce Moss Photo
Christmas 1955
1st Kemano Boy Scout Troop, in front of the Camp 5 Grocery Store

  • 2nd row, 3rd from left, Dick Guild, Senior Patrol Leader
  • 2nd row, 2nd from left, Ken Erickson*
  • 2nd row, 4th from left, Jeff Watts, Scoutmaster (picture contributor)
  • Front row, 5th from left, Arnold Erickson * Patrol Leader (* cousins)
  • Front row, 2nd from left ? Forbes
  • 2nd row, with finger on nose, ? Smith
  • 2nd row, 2nd from right with hooded coat, ? Seminyek (sp)
  • Rear row, far right, Bobby McFarland
  • Front row 2nd from right, Billy McFarland (last 2 were brothers)

Scouts on Kemano River, 7 in background
Left / Right-
Arnold Erickson, ? , Jeff Watts, Forbes, ?, ? ,Dick Gould, Ken Erickson, Jim McPhalen
probable Bruce Moss Photo

Scout's Pathfinding Lessons, on the Kemano River
Probable Bruce Moss Photo

2 Wolf Cubs sorting empty beer bottles

left-right- Bob Forbes, Jeff Watts, Ken Erickson,
Scout Leaders

Jeff Watts at Scouts winter camp along Kemano River, ca 1955

Scout's Military Jeep, “The Flying Flea” It was used for drivers education
It was donated by MK for one dollar

Some of the Boy Scouts in order to qualify for a proficiency badge, and led by their Senior Patrol Leader, Dick Guild, left one Saturday on an overnight hike up Wachwas Creek and failed to return at the prescribed time on Sunday afternoon due to a sudden heavy snow storm. At dusk a search party of volunteers was organized and later that evening they returned without the scouts but quickly explained that the boys were bedded down by the creek with a good fire going. The searchers had not wanted to risk sliding down from their trail vantage point above. The boys explained that they had been trained not to travel after sunset. Needless to say, they missed school the next day.

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