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Kemano, British Columbia, Canada

All the External Links on this web page, are NOT my web pages
they are only placed here for your interest in Kitimat-Kemano history and pictures

The Kitimat Museum and Archives, has numerous pictures, Information, and Stories, on Kitimat and Kemano.
This is an add on to their stuff, not designed or created to replace it.
I encourage you to view their site,
Click here

The newspaper of the Saguenay-Kitimat Construction Co. was called “The Sagimat”
Company newspaper for Alcan, “The Ingot”

Also Royal BC Museum has some info and pictures, check them out here

Kemano is built on Haisla First Nation Traditional Territory, here is their web site
Kemano is located at the site of the Henaksiala village. on Kemano Indian Reserve No. 17.
Most of the Haisla today live at Kitimaat Village, located across the Bay from Alcan's Smelter.
They still fish Oolichan at the mouth of the Kemano River, near the Kemano Beach area.

Union History of Kitimat and Kemano
great photos and history of this project

Oct 13, 1952, Life Magazine, Page 73-77

Aug 23, 1954, Life Magazine, Page 48-50, 52, and 54

Nov 1951- Popular Science
Page 98-101, 259

Kemano and Kitimat were highlighted in a Sept 1956 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
Haven't found this issue yet to read for myself.

See my Jim Hanna photo section for a brief bio on the author and photographer
in this sept 1056 issue of NG

Dec 1953, Popular Mechanics contained an article called Building Canada's Colossus, written by Richard F. Dempewolff
the most detailed article I have found and now you can read it yourself online.
Click here

A bit of Kemano info can be found in the June 1952 issue of Popular Mechanics

You can read it online here
Page 104-107 & 246

A real good article on Okanagan Helicopters, Copter King, Carl Agar, was printed in Popular Mechanics, Feb 1957, of all places.

You can read it online here
start at page 137, 140, then 278, 280, 282, & 284
there is some neat stuff about Kemano in there as well

Building the Nechako Reservoir-
link to a short CBC Radio show

BC Archives has a few photos of the Kemano river, and the building of the road from the beach to Kemano

Mr. Steven “Steve” Butte's story
sorry to write he passed away Nov 11, 2010 in Australia

Alcan 1959 report
great photo on front, loading ingots at Kitimat dock
view it here

You tube video helicopter landing on aerial transmission helicopter pad
view it here

Book your room on the “Delta King

Book of Kitimat/Kemano
“Three Towns: A History of Kitimat”
by Janice Beck
photos from Kitimat Museum and Archives
printed in 1983, 4th edition 2009.

note- because these are NOT my pictures/Web sites the links can move, change etc, and I have no control over any of them.

Mr. Thomas Raymond "Bud" Walker


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