Kemano- Crawley-McCracken Co Ltd.

Kemano, British Columbia, Canada

Crawley & McCracken Co. Ltd.

Given their nickname “Canada's Biggest Cooks” in 1918

Head Office is at:
774 St. Paul St. West, in Montreal Quebec
One record says they were Incorporated May 22, 1984.
known as Lodging Contractors,
They were the contracted caterers for the camps.
This company started the “Murray's Restaurant” chain in 1924, with a sandwich shop in Toronto.
They were operating in the 1930's, with over 2 million in sales.
There is only one left on Lucerne St., Montreal.

Per a newspaper article, 1937 Crawley & McCracken celebrated their silver jubilee, 25 years in business.
Started in 1912, by Fred C. McCracken, a young American engineering student.
Joined in business by Murray Crawley, also an American.
Came to Montreal area, to start a seasonal catering business,
expanding to keep their workers busy in the winter months.
In 1937 they had 1500 workers.
Fred died, age 53, in June 1940, in an obit printed on him, it stated, in 1913 he became Canadian manager for the Consolidated Boarding Supply Co.
5 years later, 1918 he founded Crawley & McCracken Co. contradicting the silver jubilee article above.
Fred was once President of the Montreal Kiwanis club
the company published their own employee newspaper, called “The Skillet”, starting in Dec 1934

Inside a Kemano Camp Cook House, at the time of construction, early 1950's.
Notice upside down “Milk” can on table and Windsor salt box on right side.


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