BC Tel, Radio & CO Site Photos

North-West British Columbia, Canada

I have now decided to add my Radio Site information from my Radio History CD, to these pages. Rather than having 2 sets of photos and info for some of the sites.
Some of these pages will have my personal Radio Stories applicable to them added as well.

Brooke Hodson donated the first huge collection of Radio Site, CO, Village, Town, City, and other misc photos,
From the Northern BC Tel District.
Brooke now resides on lower Vancouver Island.
After receiving the shoe box full of photos, videos etc,
I finally found some time to scan and upload some (over 500 so far) and I am only about half way done.

Note- I am not sure if Brooke was the photographer in all of these, or just added them to his collection from others,
if not, and you are the photographer,
please send me the web page address, and picture number(s) on that page,
and I will give you credit for it if applicable.

Ron Anderson delivered a big bag of prints in Jan 2013. They are now online here in this collection.

Brian Wolfe's Collection will be seen in this section as well.

So Hope you enjoy this combined history collection.

Note - Re- The First Nation Villages listed here, I have used the name we used, when I was working, Most have now been changed to their traditional Native names.


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