Don Parr's Retirement Party, 1988

Held at the Meziadin Radio Site, before Don's official retirement party, held at the Terrace Hotel,
we held the “unofficial party” at what we called “The Meziadin Hilton”, with at that time, the present Radio Crew guys in 1988,
Past Radio Crew guys, like myself, Mechanics, were invited as well.

Brian Wolfe's Photos in first section below

Chuck Lequereux gave me the photos below

L-R- George Normandeau, Kelly Anderson , Robert Parr, Ken Rowe, Harry Simpson, Ray Homeniuk, Brian Wolfe , Carl Lofroth, John Donohoe, Doug Gent,
Art Kerr, Murray Trudeau, Ron Strumecki, & Don Parr

Our Parking Lot Attendant was a pretty busy guy!

This was one hell of a party. In the morning guys were sleeping in every possible place, and lots of hangovers the next day!

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