BC Tel- Aircraft Used

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Over the years many helicopters have been used by the radio crews in the area. One of the first was the Bell 47 bubble front, then came the Bell 206 Jet Rangers, 205, 204, & 212 for the heavier stuff, Sikorsky S58, S61, Alouette AStar, Hughes 500, and more that I have forgot. In the 70’s we leased a helicopter from Okanagan Helicopters (became Canadian), a 206, and used this machine to go everywhere. It became our taxi, and sure nicer than driving.

We had pilots like Dave Newman, Pat Casey, Les Hanberg, Ian Swan, and Dev Anderson, to name a few.

We also flew with Northern Mountain helicopters in Terrace and Stewart to name a few places.

Fixed wing, we used outfits like Trans Provincial Airlines (TPA), & North Coast Airlines- Planes like Beavers, Goose, Otters, Twin Otters,Cessna’s, DC3, etc. were used.
We even used Max Neubacher and Terrace Air’s Cessna a few times. Some on floats, some on wheels.

TPA Grumman Goose

Grumman Goose

The DeHaviland Beaver
Picture of a model from the internet

Old DC3 and Trans-Provincial's Otter taken Apr 1972, at the Terrace Airport,
from the Okanagan Helicopter Hangar.
Building on the right was the TPA hangar burnt to the ground early 1990’s

Okanagan Bell Jet Ranger 206
taken at Lava Lake, clearing land for the site

Carl Lofroth retrieving parts from the Northern Mountain Bell 206
Looks like the teflon track runner from the Tucker?

Canadian Alouette Astar 350 At Noble mountain
taken by Glen Olver


Okanagan 204 Helicopter

Okanagan Helicopter, C-FOKB, S61L, c/n 61-266, built in 1965 see Zymoetz link below for more
Photos by Brian Wolfe

QUANTUM 206 JET RANGER AT TRUTCH Pictures taken by Glen Olver

Landing at Noble Mountain Mar 2000

NEW BELL LONG RANGER Apr 2000 At Lava Lake

Brooke Hodson photos below:

Misc Aircraft Used

BC Tel Citation Jet

BC Tel Turbo Beaver, at unknown dock

BC Tel Beaver C-FASA at Terrace Airport
Time of Brown Bear Fire

4, 5

6, 7
Equipment to replace radio equipment burnt up in Brown Bear fire

8, 9

10, 11

12, 13
Telus C-FASA Dehavilland Turbo Beaver,
DHC-2 MK. III built in 1966, sn 1640TB2

C-FEBX, on unknown lake
owned by Western Straits Air out of Campbell River
Crashed Sept 27, 1995, killing the pilot and 7 passengers

16, 17
Northern Mountain Bell Jet Ranger 206

C-GGRG, c/n 1951, Bell 206, Northern Mountain Helicopters,
Photo ca Dec 1989
This machine rented for $450/hr plus $22.90/hr Fuel/oil charge in 1982
It was built in 1976, Model S code- C05641
As of 2002 located in Airdrie AB

C-GJZK Erickson Helicopter Crane

Photos from Ron Anderson below:

20, 21
C-GNMJ, Bell 205A-1, Northern Mountain Helicopters
Long Line Fuelling at Nine Mile Mountain, ca July 1988
in 1980 this machine was operated by Maple Leaf Helicopters ltd.
and rented out at $950.00 per hour plus a Fuel/Oil Surcharge
It wasn't cheap to bring in these big machines.

More photos in my BC Aircraft Section

also Zymoetz fueling page and Bell Irving page has more helicopter photos.


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