Meziadin Junction

Meziadin, British Columbia, Canada

I have the Meziadin site log book from early 1971 to mid 80’s, so much of the history is contained in the log.
Of course some other stories, like trips to Armand’s, and Hyder, for refreshments, (water, that is?), are not in there.

Armand LeBlond ran the “Meziadin Junction” Service station, Restaurant and Motel on the Stewart /Cassiar Highway corner.
He had a Liquor license and could serve booze if you were eating.
We spent many a night listening about his wife Blanche's travels, and other wonderful stories, with someone else’s dirty dinner plate in front of us!
We actually did get drinking water at Armands on many occasions. His water supply was across the highway, from a creek
near where the Stewart Tourist Board or chamber of Commerce? built a Log Cabin
Not sure how he got the pipe across the highway?

“Meziadin Junction”
Photos courtesy Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC


Armand LeBlond, ca 1988

Armand talking to Chuck Lequereux, ca 1988

Joseph Welly “Armand” LeBlond
b- Nov 9, 1928 Palmarolle, Abitibi-Ouest, Quebec
d- July 17, 2008

Father- Louis LeBlond
Mother- Marie Louise Boucher

Armand moved from Quebec to BC in 1949.
1959 he moved to Terrace.
He was a faller for many years, before opening this business.
He had 5 sons, 2 daughters.

We used to hire Armand to clear the snow from the highway to our garage at Meziadin, for a parking spot off the highway.

It was a big deal when he opened this gas station. Next gas stop was Stewart or Bell II.
For us it was a place to go for company, especially in the winter.
I even remember taking some roofing cement from the site, and patching his roof in the restaurant one day.

It was not uncommon to drive down the highway, in our snowcat, to visit Armand, or to get water. Nobody ever bothered us.

When Armand first built the station, his first request was a pay phone. It took a long time before this was achieved.
No cell phones in those days. Top photo, no pay phone, 2nd one it is there.
When it was finally delivered, the window got broke on the way up there.
Armand was not impressed.

He was always battling with the Dept of Highways.

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