BC Tel- Summer Students

Summer Students?
Yes in the good old days, the Company actually had a social conscience, and hired Local University Kids for the summer.
We had some great kids, and some I could have throttled.
Those bad ones gave me practice, on how to deal with my own kids!!
The best guys we had were: (in no particular order)
Don Parr’s boys, Carl Lofroth’s boys, and Richard Kline.
Some of the worst were relatives, or friends of the 2nd lines.
I remember one little bugger, refused to get up from the table at Meziadin, after lunch, and get out to work.
His partner was a local kid, who was just about as bad.
They were playing crib and wouldn’t go back to work. I am not sure if that crib board was ever found!!!
His Dad was some 2nd line down south, and he thought he didn’t have to work, By the end of the day, he was working,
and I made sure he got every dirty job there was, for the rest of the summer.
I became the leader of the pack most summers, and enjoyed most of the guys.
I still get a nice hello from the ones I see.
In 2000 my daughter had Geoff Parr as a teacher, God I am getting old! But so is he!!!


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