Nass Camp

Aiynash, British Columbia, Canada


Aerial View, Nass Camp Apr 1972

Back in the 60’s and 70’s the place to stay at Aiyansh, was Nass Camp, operated by Columbia Cellulose Co.
When you stayed there, you shared a room with an unknown logger, who depending on the fire season, would get up at 3-4 in the morning,
and put his cork boots on, while you were trying to sleep!
The meals were served cafeteria style, and breakfast ended at 7AM. So if you wanted to eat, you got up at 6.
Food was good, and steak night was Wednesday night, and one night was Ice Cream night, forget which one, but these were a special deal for the loggers!
No bars, or lounges, until the Kinsmen set up a small bar in the camp area, opened very short hours, every so often. (not enough!!)
The bunkhouses in the wintertime, had the sweet fragrance of stove oil and wet clothes, mixed together!

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