Nass Camp

Nass Camp, British Columbia, Canada

Nass Camp

Unincorporated area
Cassiar Land District

Latitude- 55° 17' 0“ N
Longitude-128° 59' 0” W

Nass Camp was, and is, Private Property, not an official Village, Town etc., but became a Logging Camp Settlement, occupied and used for many years.

It was located north of Aiyansh BC

In the middle of the camp was a huge Community Center.
It was started in May 1971, by the Nass Valley Centennial Committee, The Lions Club operated the bar inside.
It was opened in Dec 1971 after 2 years planning.

Prior to this, dances and parties had to be held in the large dining hall.

Main employer and owner of the Camp was Columbia Cellulose.

Later Skeena Cellulose became the company name.

It was a 115.6 acre camp

Bill Young, from Terrace, bought this property at one point, and operated the Bil-Nor Tillicum Lodge there.

It was all sold in Nov 30, 2010 to the Nisga'a Nation.

Grass Airport Runway was built north of the camp, behind the main cookhouse and bunkhouses.
We used to fuel up helicopters in that area.

Local fishing lake and swimming hole, was Dragon Lake, just a bit north of the camp turnoff.

Nass Camp Post Office

There was a Post Office in Nass Camp
Opened in Sept 16, 1976 by Judith “Judi” Appler

When Judith Appler resigned in 1978, Ida Prosser took over.

First Post Office was located just outside the Rec. Centre, In the center of camp.

For some reason this Official Post Office, isn't in the Canada Archives List.
Maybe because it was on private property.

My little BC Tel History page for the camp and area

Mount Priestley near Nass Camp
My guess for the name- after a Mr. Priestley who drowned in a canoe with a Mr. Parr, near Aiyansh in the Naas River. on Wed. July 30, 1913
Priestley was one of Major K. C. C. Taylor's survey party
Mr. Parr was a pre-emptor.

Major Kenneth Churchill Craigie Taylor DSO, BCLS, was doing surveys in this area, when he enlisted in WWI,
b- Mar 20, 1888 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
d-Sept 11, 1916, Pozières, Somme, France, killed in Action
Occupation land surveyor
Enlisted Nov 16, 1914, in Vancouver BC
Fought with the 29th BC Battalion, Tobin's Tigers, He was the Grenade Officer of the Brigade.
On a night raid, as a Captain, in Feb 1916, he shot three Germans with his revolver, and when that jammed, killed another with his bayonet, then he returned to the trenches with 9 wounds.
Won a promotion and the DSO for Gallantry
He was returned to Lady redley's Hospital in London England
son of Mr. Archibald Dunbar Taylor, of Taylor & Hulme, Barristers, in Vancouver BC at that time.
Mother- Isobel Churchill Craigie
He graduated Royal Military College in Kingston ON in 1908
He was a partner of Lt. Peter Bell-Irving killed earlier in the war.
Previous to WWI he was a Lt in the 11th Regiment, (Irish Fusiliers of Canada)

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