BC Tel- Zymoetz Radio Fueling

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Sikorsky S58 Fueling at Zymoetz -ca 1980

Zymoetz, as well as our other sites required Diesel Fuel to operate the Generators.
This picture shows a Sikorsky S58 helicopter hauling the large transfer diesel fuel tanks, to the top of the mountain
from there the fuel was pumped to the large permanent tanks.
Which had to be done quickly, so the machine could fly the empty tank down the hill, to be filled for the next trip.
The only break we got, was when the helicopter was stopped for fueling.
It was a dirty job, and long hours.
This machine rented for lots of money per hour, and therefore the work had to be completed in one day.
We worked usually from Dawn to Dusk to complete it.
The S58 was a 2 engine machine, and riding in it one would wonder why all the rattling and shaking would make the thing fall apart.
Working under this machine on a short line, as above, it provided a pretty good gravel and wind wash.
Those big blades could really throw the air!
You had to brace your legs when it approached, or it would blow you backwards.
Being always a gravel and rock area we worked near, it would pick up all the fines rocks, and dirt, and fire them at you, just to make the whole experience a little more fun!

Zymoetz is located on Treasure Mountain shown by a red dot on this map
The Copper River is also called the Zymoetz River
It is through this valley, “the Telkwa Pass”, that the 500KV high voltage line passes,
as well as the PNG natural gas pipeline.
Years ago, the natives used this valley as a grease trail, for the Oolichan Grease, they would trade with interior natives.

Zymoetz location from the Tram
Zymoetz or Copper River in foreground

South end (Town end) of the Tramway
This scene above, shows the fuel truck pumping diesel fuel across the river, in a large plastic hose. (identified with a red arrow)
On the north side of the river, we would pump into a fuel tank, which we kept on the other side of the river.
This method was used until the tramway was washed out.
After that, Helicopter fueling was used.
Also in this picture you will see the original bridge abutments, before the tramway.
The plastic hose would be strung across the river just at fueling time, suspended by Telephone messenger cable, by snap clips.
I shudder to think of the Environmental hazard we were causing in those days, but it was not even considered in those days.
Luckily the hose never broke, and we never really spilled any major, or minor amounts.
Still a poor practice!

Copper or Zymoetz River Aerial View
This is an Aerial view of the Scene above taken from the access road, actually the same place that drifts real bad as described in the Zymoetz Access Road Page.

Fuelling pictures courtesy Brian Wolfe Collection

We used the Sikorsky S61L to lift a large Diesel Tank across Copper River. A fuel truck from town would then come and pump fuel in a hose we placed across the river, into this tank. From there we used an old fuel truck to haul it up the mountain.

Photos above courtesy Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC

Zymoetz Fuel Truck
This picture shows our Company Cat hauling the small fuel truck across the river so fuel can be pumped into it, and driven up the hill to the site.


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