BC Tel- Plant- Smithers- Central Office

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Smithers Central Office

The Smithers Central Office has always been located in the read of the old Phone Mart Building, on 4th Ave. across from the Smithers Fire Hall and directly behind the Bulkley Hotel.

  • Ralph (Breezy) Ayers (retired in 1984 after 36 yrs+ service)*
  • Brian Wolfe (the Smithers one!) (left to Kamloops) (was Local 28 Conv Delegate)
  • Dick Konschuh
  • Bob Haslett
  • Andrew (Andy) Stalker
  • Al Coupe
  • Graig Pearen
  • Chuck Lequereux*
  • Chuck Harmon
  • Glen Burns (quit in 1979)
  • Chris Desjardins (left to Smtr Const in 1988)

*Chuck Lequereux transferred to Terrace Radio, after close to 25 years in Smithers he never had enough seniority to get Summer Holidays. He was top man in Terrace Radio.
See the Terrace District Radio Section for his story.

*Breezy Ayers was the TWU Local 33 Convention Delegate when I started in 1969, and held that position for many years.

After Breezy Ayers, and Doug Bateson retired, It seemed like a lifetime that Andy Stalker was King of the Terrace District Plant Seniority list.


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