Roger Sherman Greene Jr.

  • b-Sept 29, 1870 in East Berlin, Hartford Co., Conn, USA
  • d-Sept 19, 1945, Alameda CA, USA (buried in Lake View Cemetery, Seattle King Co., WA)
    • Surveyor in Terrace
    • 1889 living in King County, WA, USA
    • 1902/03 shows Roger Sherman Greene Jr, A. B., B. P., Dawson, NWT, in a Washington University Alumni list, for 1894 Not sure what the A.B, B.P. stands for?
    • Aug 4, 1895 he climbed Columbia Crest , Mt. Rainier, with Albert C. Durham
    • 1907 shown age 36, occupation Real Estate when he got married
    • Apr 1908 a Roger S. Greene was a Seattle lawyer involved in a land dispute, at Kitsum Kalum, near the Skeena River, over 1280 acres. Hon. Mr. Fulton the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works decided in favour of the resident claimant, Mr. Durham. (C or A.D.?) Mr. Greene presented the interests of the claimants. No names of claimants shown.
    • 1934 he was living in Oakland CA when his son RSG III married
    • He applied for membership in “The US Sons of the American Revolution”, ca1936 Descendant - Hon. Roger Greene. His Father was the Great Grandson of Roger Greene,One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, The articles of Confederation, and the US Constitution.

Edith Janette Jones

  • b- Apr 8, 1874, near Beloit, Rock Co., Wisconsin, USA
  • d- July 27, 1933 in Seattle, King Co., WA (buried in Lake View Cemetery, Seattle King Co., WA)
  • m- Sept 6, 1907 at 337 16th Ave. N, in Seattle, WA
    • daughter of Halsey M. Jones and Hattie DeEtte Gage

Roger Sherman Greene III

  • b- July 6, 1908 in Seattle WA
  • d- Apr 22, 1963 in Sacramento, CA

David Monroe Greene

  • b- Sept 27, 1911 in Seattle WA
  • d- Mar 16, 1989 in Costa Mesa, Orange, CA

Roger Sherman Greene Sr.

  • b- Dec 14, 1840 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Mass, USA
  • d- Feb 17, 1930 in Seattle King Co., WA, age 90
    • Appointed June 18, 1870 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Washington Territory.
    • Served for 16 years as Chief Justice.shown as a lawyer age 48 in King Co, WA
    • He served with the Union Army in the American Revolution Senior member of the law firm of Greene, McNaught, Hanford, and McGraw.
    • 1888 he quit the law, and devoted his life to the Baptist Church. In 1907 he married his son, shown as a Baptist Minister, Seattle WA
    • Prior to Roger jr, mother below Roger Sr was married to May Collins Kimball and had a daughter Grace Green

Grace Estelle Greene, nee Wooster

  • b- May 2, 1833, Naugatuck, New Haven, Conn, USA
  • d- Sept 4, 1917 in Seattle, King Co. WA

Agnes Margaret Greene

  • b- Oct 18, 1868, in IL, USA
  • d- 1963

Grace Evarts Greene

  • b- Jan 15, 1875, Washington, USA
  • d- 1971

Mary Rhoda Greene

  • b- July 27, 1876, Washington, USA
  • d- 1971
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