Bateman's Landing

Bateman's Landing, British Columbia, Canada

Bateman's Landing
Located 5 miles West of Terrace

“From Riverboats to Railways” This booklet was produced by the Regional Museum Society
(Sorry I do not have a copy of this)
It included history written by Emma Bateman Lindstrom with photos by Dr. W. P. Johns, a physician with the GTP.
The history of Bateman's Landing (1905-1948) located just west of the Zymachord River.
Emma's family pre empted the land here in 1905
There was a hospital located here at Bateman's Landing.
Dr. William Percy Johns
The Bateman's came up from Oregon

James Edward “Jim” “Long” Bateman
b- Nov 29, 1859, Blackville, New Brunswick, Canada
d- Aug 2, 1938 in Prince George BC
son of Edward Bateman and Anna Sturgeon

He was 6 ft 5“ tall with wide shoulders, so his nickname was “Long Bateman”
He was a Prospector of great record.
May 1912 he was at the Hotel Vancouver, on his way up to Fort George to look for minerals.

June 7, 1907 J. Batemn was on the SS Northwest heading to Kitsumgallum, where he had a contract to supply Cordwood for the boat.
He was also going to stake a bunch of timber limits in the area. He is shown as an old resident of the section at that time.
He was bragging up the land in the Lakelse Valley

Jim married Wilhelmina Bateman, nee Hubbard
b- Jan 6, 1867, in Nelson, New Brunswick, Canada
d- July 1, 1963, in Prince George, BC
daughter of Albert Hubbard, and Ellen Stewart Milbank

They had 2 daughters:

daughter- Emma Adeline Bateman
b- Oct 24, 1890, Hayward, Wisconsin, USA
(age 18 when she married)
d- Feb 9, 1978, Skeenaview Lodge, Terrace BC, age 87
married Charles Victor Lindstrom, May 22, 1909, at Kitsumkalum, Skeena River, BC
b- Feb 1, 1879 in Blaking, Sweden
(28 years old when he married)
d- Jan 13, 1977 at Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace, age 97
son of Nelson Lindstrom and ?,
Charlie came from the Yukon in 1907 to work on the railroad as a blacksmith. He later was a farmer and logger.
Charlie and Emma were the First “White” Couple to be married in the Anglican Mission in Terrace
they had 6 children
see Remo Page and Remo Ferry Page

daughter- Beatrice Annie Bateman
b- Apr 1893, Wisconsin, USA
d- Oct 23, 1918 in Prince Rupert, BC
she was a witness for sister Emma's wedding
address shown -Bateman's landing
She married James Hunter, Dec 15, 1910 in Prince Rupert, BC
she had 3 daughters

There was a W. M. Bateman in Kitselas.
not known if he was related to these Batemans

Remo History

Dominion Telegraph Station here in 1910
J. D. McIntosh- Operator

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