Remo, British Columbia, Canada


aka: Breckenridge Landing on South side of the Skeena (Old Remo)
aka: Batemans Landing on the North side of the Skeena (New Remo)

In Range 5, Coast Land District

Latitude- 54º 29' N
Longitude- 128º 43' W

Remo shown between Shames and Terrace, also Remo Ferry location shown
portion of original map on Kitsumkalum Lake site

Now Old Remo is on South Side of the Skeena River, and New Remo is on the North Side.
The River, CNR tracks, and Highway 16, divide the area.

Government Reaction Ferry see Remo Ferry Page

Northern Brick and Tile Co.
1918 directory shows a Brick Plant at Remo, but it wasn't working at that time.
Company was formed in Prince Rupert in 1913
Their office at Williams and Manson,
William E. Williams and Alex M. Manson were Barristers.

John Neidhart
- Fruits, Ferryman (see PO history Below)

Kitsum Kalum Timber Co. Ltd.
Manager- W. H. Ludgate (Wallace Harvey Ludgate?)

Frederick William “Fred” Beard
- Small Fruits and Manager of Skeena Co-op Assn. Ltd.
b- ca 1864
d- Jan 5, 1939, Terrace BC, age 75

William Brackenbury- Fruits
Richard Carr- Fruits and Stock (see below)

Jens Eriandson- Small Fruits (Erlandson below)

H. Evans- Small Fruits

H. L. Hulbert- Small Fruits (see below)

Martin Kroeger- Small Fruits

Thomas Davidis Laird- Small Fruits (see below)
(Davidis or Davidson, middle name?)

Joseph Lappel- Small Fruits
see below, shown as Lapple

S. Lindstrom- Small Fruits

J. A. D. Sellin- Post Master (see below, note initials wrong here)

Thomas Davidson Laird
b- ca 1869 in Scotland
d- Apr 4, 1942 in New Westminster BC, age 73
- Farmer
Immigrated in 1898
He was member #3 of the Terrace Farmer's Institute

John Anthony
b- Feb 6, 1887 in Ukraine
d- Nov 25, 1967 St. Paul's Hospital Vancouver BC, age 80
- CNR Section Foreman
Immigrated in 1918
son of Andrew Antonysry and Anna Poluka
John married Tekla Pankewicz

Wong You
b- ca 1871 in China
- CNR Section Hand
Immigrated in 1910

Wong Fun
b- ca 1891 in China
- CNR Section Hand
Immigrated in 1910

Arthur Young Wilson
b- ca 1862 in ON
- Sawmill Superintendent (see PO history below)
wife- Amelia L. Wilson, nee ?
b- ca 1881 in USA
Immigrated in 1910
daughter- Mary Elizabeth Wilson
b- ca 1910 in BC

Charles Victor “Carl” Lidstrom
- clearing his own land in 1921
wife- Emma Adeline Lidstrom, nee Bateman
son- Charles Edward Lidstrom
son- Otto Aldrich (Aldrick?) Lidstrom
daughter- Claire Bell Lidstrom
(see Lidstrom bio below and Remo Ferry Page)

Jens Erlandson (Eriandson?)
b- ca 1889 in Norway
- Clearing land- Homestead
immigrated in 1911

Elof Ahlner Olson
b- Mar 15, 1884 in Malmo, Sweden
d- Apr 21, 1945 in Prince Rupert, age 71
- Clearing own land
Immigrated in 1904
enlisted in WWI in Jan 24, 1918 in Vancouver BC
occupation Canneryman in Ladner BC
Reg # 2021232
brother- Anders Olson

Havelock Lincoln Hulbert
birth record shows name as George Havelock Hulbert
b- Mar 7, 1866 in Lochaber, Antigonish County, NS
d- Nov 7, 1945 in Kamloops BC, age 79
- Building Carpenter
He was a member of the Masons
Joined the Masons in Amesbury Massachusetts in 1891
1901 he was in Dawson City, Yukon
ca 1931 he was in Remo growing strawberries to sell
son of Alexander Hulbert, Occupation Miller in 1871
and Isabella Murray
Parents married 1844 in Lochaber, Antigonish Co., NS
He had a nephew in Vancouver ca 1925, H. D. Hulbert

Ernest Woodward
b- ca 1880 in NS
- Bridge Carpenter
He was Bridge man for the Public Works Department

David “Dave” McWhinney
b- ca 1885 in USA
d- aft 1966
- Bridge Carpenter
Immigrated in 1887

Robert Rae
b- ca 1868 in Scotland
d- Oct 11, 1941 in Prince Rupert BC, age 74
- Bridge Carpenter
Immigrated in 1876

Andrew Peter Hagen
b- ca 1878 in MB
- Bridge Carpenter

William Stowers Hillman
b- ca 1895 in ON
Sawmill Bookkeeper
(see PO history below)

Arthur Patrick King
b- ca 1877 in Ireland
d- Oct 16, 1959 in Vancouver, BC, age 81
- Ferryman 1921, see Remo Ferry Page
Immigrated in 1889

John Neidhart
b- ca 1873 in Germany
- Farmer
Immigrated in 1891
(see Bio below and Remo Ferry Page)

Catherine Effenberger
b- ca 1873 in Switzerland
Immigrated in 1901
Housekeeper for John Neidhart
Martha Effenberger
b- ca 1903 in USA
Immigrated in 1905
Max Effenberger
b- ca 1903 in AB

Reginald Rowland Bonner
b- ca 1893 in MB
- Chauffeur

Richard Carr
b- ca 1869 in England
d- Nov 29, 1932, in Prince Rupert Hospital, Prince Rupert, BC, age 64
Immigrated in 1900
- Farmer
He shipped fruit and vegetables to Rupert
He was one of the First settlers in Remo area.
He came in the spring of 1908.
He served overseas in WWI with the CEF
He was a veteran of other wars as well.

Emil Jopp
b- Aug 22, 1889 in Roy, Washington, USA
d- June 12, 1980 in Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC, age 90
buried in Terrace Cemetery
- Clearing own land
Immigrated in 1914, he was one of 10 children
son of August Jopp, b- in Germany
mother- Amelia Zimmerman, b- in Poland

Joseph Lapple
b- ca 1850 in Germany
- Clearing land- Pre-Emption
immigrated in 1899

Oswald Ferdinand Dannhauer
b- Feb 3, 1881 in Petawawa, ON
d- Jan 12, 1954 in Allco Infirmary, Haney BC
Permanent residence in Barkerville BC before he died,
- Sawmill labourer
later occupation- carpenter
wife- Barbara Dannhauer, nee Ulmer
b- Aug 28, 1890 in Austria (death cert says 1889)
d- Oct 31, 1970 in Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, age 81
She lived in Saanich before she died
she immigrated in 1891
Daughter of Martin G. Ulmer and Barbara G. Armbruster
(Web Editor note- I am a shirt tail relation to Barbara Dannhauer nee Ulmer
and have more of her family tree for direct relatives only)
3 children I know of:

son- Paul Sidney “Sid” Dannhauer
b- Jan 30, 1911 in Vancouver, BC
d- June 11, 1992, Penticton Regional Hospital, Penticton BC, age 81
Sid had a trapline up the Copper River
He married Mildred Halvorson
she died before Sid did.
In 1970 he lived in Wells BC
He had 2 sons

daughter- Elsie Lucille Dannhauer
b- ca 1914 in AB

daughter- Lorna Ophelia Dannhauer
b- ca 1916 in AB

Bateman's Landing

Dr. William Percy Johns

Post Office History

Name of Office: Remo
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office Opened- May 1, 1910
Apr 1, 1920- Location - 1 mile north of C. N. Railway, Lot No.3990 Coast Dist.
Nature of premises - Dwelling
Closed- July 11, 1960
Former name- Breckenridge Landing

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Harry Clarke Breckenridge 1910-05-01 1911-09-25 Resignation
Harvey D. Lenhart 1911-12-01 1912-08-01 Resignation
John Neidhart 1912-09-01 1920-03-31 Change of location
Richard D. Sellin 1920-04-01 1920-09-28 Resignation
William George Stowers Hillman 1921-01-29 1921-09-20 Resignation
Arthur Young Wilson 1921-11-15 1934-04-05 Resignation
Patrick James Murphy 1879-03-02 1934-06-16 1942-07-02 Resignation
Mrs Emma Adeline Lindstrom 1890-10-24 1942-03-07 Acting
Mrs Emma Adeline Lindstrom 1890-10-24 1942-03-11 1960-07-11 Closed

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Post Master Harry Clarke “Henry” Breckenridge
b- Jan 14, 1878 in Norwood ON, Canada
d- Mar 20, 1951 in Alameda CA
from article below we know he came from Marshfield, Oregon USA
He wrote from Port Esslngton, BC, June 1, 1908.
“I take this means of letting you all know that I have arrived
at this port after a very pleasant and uneventful trip.
We came via steamer Breakwater, Marshfleld to Portland;
via Northern Pacific railway, Portland to Tacoma;
via steamer Indianapolis, Tacoma to Seattle;
via steamer Iroquois, Seattle to Vancouver, B.C.,
and via steamer Vadso, Vancouver to this port.”
Feb 1, 1917 he travelled from Prince Rupert with his family
back to Marshfield Oregon.
son of ? Breckenridge, and ? Holmes
Living in Oakland Alameda Ca when he was drafted in WWII, age 64.

wife- Dessie Starr Breckenridge, nee Linder?
b- Feb 20, 1884 in Oregon, USA
d- Dec 22, 1974 in Vallejo, Solano, CA

son- Henry “Harry” L. Breckenridge
b- May 23, 1907 in Oregon USA
d- Dec 28, 1978 in San Diego USA

son- Fredrick Starr Breckenridge
b- Sept 26, 1909 in Canada
d- Jan 25, 1975, Alameda CA

son- George Meredith Breckenridge
b- July 13, 1911 in Canada
d- Mar 20, 1997 in Oakland, Alameda, USA

son- Charles Raymond Breckenridge
b- Mar 27, 1914, in Canada
d- May 18, 1989 Contra Costa CA

son- Ernest Arthur Breckenridge
b- Apr 18, 1916, (9m old, Feb 1, 1917)
d- Oct 6, 1986, in San Francisco, CA
married Margaret Hagen, Nov 3, 1951 in Klamath, Oregon, USA

son- Kenneth Lee Breckenridge
b- Aug 19, 1917 in Pennsylvania
d- Dec 3, 1976, San Bernardino, CA
Buried- Colton, San Bernardino County, California, USA

Harvey D. Lenhart b- Oct 10, 1867 in Bakersville, PA, USA d- Dec 17, 1937 in Quesnel BC, age 70 immigrated in 1909, farmer in 1911, in Lakelse Valley son of Jonathan Lenhart and Lea Lenhart

John Neidhart
Responsible for naming Remo, after his German hometown
b- ca 1873 in Germany
d- June 6, 1925, Hazelton Hospital, Hazelton BC,
shown age 65 in paper, but 52 in death records
Buried in Hazelton Cemetery, Hazelton BC
he owned Lot 1103, Range 5, Coast District, at Remo
117.78 acres, Residence, Barn and Sheds.
Known for his great Strawberries.
aka: the Strawberry King of Remo
Mar 1924, he was selling Magoon and Rennie's Perfection plants
One of the earliest European Settlers along the Skeena.
Remo Ferryman Remo Ferry Page

Richard D. Sellin
b- Dec 1880 in Germany
In Stewart in 1911, immigrated in 1910, labourer

William George Stowers Hillman
b- Feb 5, 1895, in Stratford, North Easthope Twp, Perth, ON
son of John Hillman and Caroline Martin
Insurance Agent age 30 when he married
married Alice Eileen Dore Aug 8, 1925 at Wingham, ON
she was age 26 when she married
b- ca 1899 in Wingham ON
daughter of William S. Dore and Alice Edna Campbell
enlisted in WWI in London ON, Apr 15, 1916
Reg # 528773

Arthur Young Wilson
b- ca 1862 in ON
d- Apr 11, 1937, Vancouver BC, age 79
- Sawmill Superintendent in Remo in 1921
1930 Directory shows him as the Manager, of Kitsumkallum Timber Co. Ltd. in Remo
wife- Amelia Lawrason Wilson, nee Lawrason
b- Jan 25, 1874, Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
d- Aug 19, 1946 Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 72
daughter of George Mortimer, Lawrason and Mary Rosebrugh
both parents born in ON
Immigrated in 1910
daughter- Mary Elizabeth Wilson
b- ca 1910 in BC
she married a Mr. Williams

Patrick James Murphy
b- Mar 2, 1879 in St. John's NB
d- July 23, 1950 Brown Rd in Surrey BC, age 71
buried in Ocean View Burial Park, New Westminster BC
father- John Wallace Murphy,
mother- Mary Rebecca Kenny (Hochstettler?)
both parents born in St. John's NB
- shown as a Farmer when he died
(logger in Remo area, when he got married)
married to Constance Finlayson Anne Toombs, Sept 28, 1927, in Remo
she was a dressmaker in Terrace, age 42 when she married
b- Apr 20, 1885, London England
d- Oct 3, 1971, Burnaby General Hospital, Burnaby BC, age 86
daughter of Walter Ernest Toombs,
b- Bedford England
mother- Caroline Barclay, b- Enfield, England

Mrs Emma Adeline Lindstrom, nee Bateman
b- Oct 24, 1890 Hayward Wisconsin, USA
(age 18 when she married)
d- Feb 9, 1978, Skeenaview Lodge, Terrace BC, age 87
see Bateman's Landing page
she married Charles Victor Lindstrom, May 22, 1909,
at Kitsumkalum, Skeena River, BC
b- Feb 1, 1879 in Blaking, Sweden
(28 years old when he married) (see picture above)
d- Jan 13, 1977 at Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace, age 97
son of Nelson Lindstrom and ?, see Remo Ferry Page
Charlie came from the Yukon in 1907 to work on the railroad
as a blacksmith. He later was a farmer and logger.
Charlie and Emma were the First “White” Couple
to be married in the Anglican Mission in Terrace
they had 6 children:

son- Charles Edward “Charlie” Lindstrom
b- ca 1910 in BC

son- Otto Aldrich (Aldrick?) Lindstrom
b- ca 1917 in BC
d- Nov 23, 2012, Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC, age 96
married wife Fran, in 1949
(see Terrace Area War Memorial)

daughter- Claire Belle Lindstrom
b- ca 1919 in BC
she married Cecil “Sandy” O'Brien

daughter- Helen Lindstrom

William “Bill” Lindstrom - see Remo Ferry Page

Marie Lindstrom

Mr. Charles Lindstrom with school desk, (bio above)
Remo School House, after the flood, 1936
Courtesy- McRae Collection, Terrace

Remo School, 1940
courtesy N. Wiens, Mar 5, 2016

Charles Fredrick “Charlie” Swanson
b- ca 1884-85, Sandwich Islands (age 40 when he married in 1925)
from his daughter, a major correction, as I had the wrong Charles Swanson's info
“He was the only survivor of a shipwreck in Alaskan waters in 1942.
He made shore only to die of exposure.
Event was newsworthy in Vancouver.
He is buried in Ketchican. Age 58.”

MV Edward Schenk, an American owned, 18 ton, 43 ft wooden tug, sank with all hands, Oct 14, 1942, near Three Tree Point, between Ketchikan and Prince Rupert.
Charles F. Swanson was the cook, He managed to reach shore, 5 miles north of Three Tree Point, but died of hypothermia. His body was the only one recovered.

Label off C.F. Swanson's, Strawberry Shipping Box
Remo Ferryman, ca mid 1920's
see Remo Ferry Page

John George Raven
Remo Ferryman ca 1929
see Remo Ferry Page

David Luther Atkinson
shown as Remo Ferryman in 1934, 1935, and 1936 Directories.
see Remo Ferry Page

My Karl Marki Old Remo, Story and Picture page

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Remo History

I know there are other books written about this area, I don't intend to repeat history, but only to add to it.
I add the genealogy info in case there is a relative out there, that had no clue their ancestor was in this area.
I hope anyone reading this, respects these areas.
I don't have to re write history on the native population in this area. It goes without writing it, they were here first.
My pages try and connect old history with the new. My names and dates above are as close as I can find.
Please use these as clues in your own research.


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